How to hire the dedicated iOS developer for your project

When picking a platform to build an app for you have only two options: iOS or Android. These two take up almost the entire mobile OS market share and 86% of it belongs to Android. Why do you even need to hire an dedicated iOS developer with iOS developer portfolio? The thing is, the remaining 14% still represents a tremendous army of users which developers and businesses simply cannot ignore. Apart from that, iOS generates more profit despite a smaller market share.


Hiring an iOS programmer should be a difficult task. After all, if you Google “hire dedicated iOS developer”, there are millions of search results. Millions of advertisers and websites that have developers for hire is the problem that you may find when you want to hire a professional in your iOS-related project. So now, we would like to guide you with the tips on how to hire the best iOS guy for your mobile app development project. Let’s go!

Tip #1: Check their areas of experience and hands-on expertise

Hire the dedicated iOS developer with all the appropriate experience, and you will have hit the jackpot. Experience may include working in similar-sized projects, in your market area, or on the same type of product you need to build. You should check the number of years that your chosen employee has spent practicing their profession. The number of projects, their complexity, and dedicated iOS developer skillset progression should also be taken into consideration.

Check the developers’ areas of experience and hands-on expertise

Sometimes, remote iOS programmers will require specific expertise to become productive within your project. Expertise is about practical knowledge gained by an employee while working on projects of a certain type (like eBanking or eHealth) or executing advanced tech tasks such as AI algorithm integration. Be proficient with Swift and Objective-C programming languages should also be taken into consideration.

Tip #2: Check the iOS developer portfolio

iOS developer portfolio is a chance for you to check the real level of their skills, knowledge, and experience. During the interview, ask your potentially dedicated iOS developer for hire for details about their last three projects’ duties and responsibilities, learn more about the style of work they prefer and personal tech achievements. That way, you can see their reliability and expertise through the interview for a double-check on iOS developer portfolio

iOS developer portfolio
Check iOS developer portfolio

Remember, that you may also check apps developed by the candidate with your iPhone, or search for reviews of their work on the Internet. This is one of the easiest ways to check and verify if the iOS developer portfolio you choose is reliable or not. Also, by checking their apps online, you can see the interface, downtime, functions, features… then, you can judge on accepting the developer on your project.

Tip #3: Check the communication and other soft skills

Find the dedicated iOS developer with similar cultural backgrounds, share the same values, professional work attitude and you are sure of success. This approach will help you avoid management misunderstandings and speed up the development process. Soft skill sets involve a candidate’s ability to plan their work, work in a team, be respectful and open-minded to colleagues, be proactive, and overcome challenges.
The statistics in 2019 said that iPhone app developers are mostly chosen by strong soft skills. So, in this breed of this developer, you would often find them to be able to collaborate effectively, raise flags in very early stages to mitigate risks, work effectively with cross-functional teams to ensure that your product quality remains high.

Tip #4: Consider the hiring options of the dedicated iOS developer you choose

There are three main options to find dedicated iOS developers for hire. We suppose that each of them is well-known to you. They are:

  • Hire a freelance developer;
  • Form an in-house team of developers;
  • Hire a software outsourcing company.

Choosing the most appropriate options will affect a lot on your iOS project. If you do this right, you and your business will be much more flourished than ever before. For instance, if you want to hire the ones that can complete a project with set requirements and time frames, then a freelancer will be your choice. If you’re a startup company, it’s a more balanced solution for you to outsource. It’s your call.

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Tip #5: Check the salary requirements of your chosen dedicated iOS developer

The dedicated iOS developer hourly rate is one of the decisive factors for most customers. Those rates vary depending on a hiring option you choose as well as the region you’re intended to form an in-house team in or hire remote developers from. So, you need to be careful when you set a price for them. One wrong step and your project won’t be able to bring enough profits to your business, even failure is possible.

Final words

That should conclude some basic tips on how to choose the most dedicated iOS developer for your eCommerce project. All in all, you may choose an appropriate specialist without limiting yourself with a local talent pool. Outsourcing vendors and credible online platforms for hiring freelancers are now available for everyone. As a result, finding and hiring a great, dedicated iOS programmer does not have to be a complicated task if you do it the right way.

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