Vietnam software outsourcing company: The excellent choice to get successful projects with a limited budget

Companies have an object of reducing their operating costs but increasing revenue. That is the reason the outsourcing company was born. Outsourcing allows businesses to access more affordable and diversified labor. Despite the fact that India has been known as an outsourcing destination for a long time, the Indian market is reaching saturation. Thus, corporations are seeking other South-East Asian countries such as Vietnam. For that reason, Vietnam also has an opportunity to become the new India. Moreover, it has the potential to do so much more effectively. So in this article, ArrowHiTech will show the reasons why Vietnam software outsourcing companies will become the excellent choice to get successful projects with limited budgets. Get started right now. 

Reasons to choose the outsourcing company

Improving data analysis

One of the most important characteristics of Software project outsourcing company is data management flexibility. Because it will help you to record and edit data. So the workflow will be more effective and easier to boost work progress. With the help of suitable software tools, you can edit and record data as you want. 

Supporting data access flexibility

Thanks to the software outsourcing services, professionals over the world may now engage in project work. Furthermore, outsourcing of projects was also one of the most interesting topics during the COVID pandemic

Boosting productivity

You could offer outsourcing software projects as a good method to save time and money while controlling your work. Therefore, putting money into a good outsourcing software solution will get you the best results in the short time. Because one of the biggest risk factors that lead to project failure is the delay in project completion.

Increasing employee efficiency

One of the factors that might lead to reduced productivity and financial losses is a lack of staff to finish the project. Therefore, you may overcome the challenge by using the top outsourced software companies. So it can help firms boost their productivity. You may make project work easier by providing enough software solutions that can boost business productivity.

Moreover, if you want to expand your business, outsourcing software development services are the best choice for you. Because you will need more employees and software sources. Completing project work during the scalability period is not always easy. However, with outsourcing software projects company, you can done it easily. Therefore, you can accomplish work assignments in a timely manner. As a result, employers may be able to lessen their workload.

Improving customer service

Customers look for on-call services as one of the most important part when choosing a service. When choosing an outsourcing provider, make sure it is trustworthy and offers a range of services. Besides that, you can use comparison websites to find a trustworthy service from the list.

Obtaining high-quality results

Better customer communication is critical to the success of business plans all around the world. One of the main reasons for an increase in the number of faults in project work is a lack of interactions with customers. So outsourcing software projects can help you avoid the problems mentioned above.

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Why should you choose the Vietnam software outsourcing company?


The biggest benefit of outsourcing software to Vietnam is the youthful population. In Vietnam, nearly 70% of the population is under the age of 35, and around 45% is between the ages of 15 and 35. This means nearly half of the population is ready to work. As a result, the number of people looking for work is quite large. Vietnam also has a 97% literacy rate. So it means that nearly all of the population is educated and ready to work.

Level of education

Vietnam also has nearly 280,000 college or university graduates each year. Therefore, there are around 280,000 students who are ready to work and looking for work each year. Meanwhile, 30,000 to 40,000 of the 280,000 graduates were in the field of information technology. Therefore, they are great candidates for software outsourcing firms wanting to hire new employees.

Specialized schools in Information Technology

Companies seeking to outsource software development prefer graduates with a specialization in information and communication technology. Thus, there are over 250 institutions and universities and 187 vocational schools that provide courses in information and technology. Students get the chance to study about courses that will help them in their career in software development. As a result, as more firms outsource to Vietnam, more students will choose to follow a career as a software developer.

Hard-working people

Every business requires a workforce that is ready to work for them. Hard working employees will help the company develop more quickly. Furthermore, it’s become critical for businesses to develop new technology faster than their competitors. A motivated and hardworking team improves the company’s overall mood. Besides that, they motivate each other to work more effectively.


When compared to the cost of hiring a US developer, the cost of employing a developer in Vietnam is much lower. A Vietnamese developer will cost you 90% less than an American developer. Because the main purpose of outsourcing is cost reduction. The cost of a Vietnamese developer is 30% less than that of an Indian developer. So Vietnam not only has a higher literacy rate than most other developing countries, but outsourcing to Vietnam is also less expensive. So this is a perfect combination of superior talent and lower costs for companies seeking Vietnam software outsourcing companies.


About politics, there is no instability in Vietnam. For the past 30 years, Vietnam’s political climate has been steady with the same party in control. Moreover, it has also had consistent economic growth. In detail, Vietnam’s GDP is growing at a rate of nearly 7.4%. Additionally, for its geographical position, this is quite high. Besides, around 90% of the population is Vietnamese, and they have no religious affiliation. This region has all of the factors that support your business. 

Big investors

Many major IT companies have already made investments in Vietnam. Just a few examples are Fujitsu, Intel, Foxconn, Canon, and IBM. When a country’s infrastructure improves as a result of more enterprises outsourcing to it, the country’s infrastructure improves as well. Because some large companies like Intel and IBM, have already begun outsourcing to Vietnam. Moreover, they have set up the foundation and assisted in the establishment of fundamental infrastructure in Vietnam software outsourcing company. Therefore, they have also attracted citizens’ attention by working for an IT company.

All of the factors mentioned are good reasons for you to choose Vietnam software outsourcing company

How much does the Vietnam software outsourcing company cost?

India and China are currently the industry leaders in terms of outsourcing development companies. However, Vietnam has begun to known as a new software outsourcing company destination. 

Vietnam software outsourcing company

Nowaday, Vietnam is known as the high-quality software manufacturer in Asia. Regarding to the CIO newspaper, Vietnam software outsourcing company is around 90% less expensive than hiring US labor. Vietnam software outsourcing company is cheaper one-third to one-seventh than India’s price. 

Outsourcing to Vietnam has a lot of value for businesses trying to grow in the most cost-effective way possible. Vietnam is ranked 20th among the top countries identified as excellent outsourcing destinations in the Global Service Location Index 201.

The following are the cost of software outsourcing company in Vietnam, India and China:

Cost hourlyVietnamIndiaChina
Software developer$25-$35$28-$42$37-$60

Now, many companies have begun to take advantage of this fantastic low-cost, high-quality outsourcing potential in Vietnam.

How to choose the best Vietnam software outsourcing company?

Determining what your company’s true goals are.

You have to make sure what you want to achieve by outsourcing before you go looking for partners. It is important to set objectives. Firstly you should have to prepare a proposal. Because it will show kind of your projects, your capabilities, your growth objective, and any existing problems. After that, depending on your needs and the type of your project, you might choose a  Software outsourcing company.

Expertise in technology

After determining your specific business objectives and the type of software required, the following step is to select the best Vietnam software outsourcing company. This step will influence the project’s success. You have to know the coding language in your project. And then, you should make sure that the outsource developers you hire have a basic understanding of it. JavaScript, Python, SQL, C++, and Ruby are the most popular coding languages today.

Besides that, you have to look for businesses that have resources with particular capabilities in product conceptualization, documentation, design…

Similar Projects Experimentation

You have to consider their customers and customer references. Because you can gain real experience from people who have previously collaborated with that company.

Companies with previous experience conducting similar projects can understand your goals. Therefore, it can use suitable approaches ways to achieve all industry regulatory standards. Moreover, you must confirm that the software development outsourcing company will be able to maintain your program in the long term.

You have to check to verify the offshore software development company’s integrity and reliability. Because third-party software developers may gain access to your private data. As a result, your company must assess the offshore software development company’s legal perspective.


During the development process and after the project has been completed, security is important. You must understand how your product will be properly safeguarded and managed. You should inquire about the safeguards ways. Because it can protect your intellectual property. 


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