IOS app development agency: essential reasons to hire and top 10 best agencies for creating your app

The number of smartphone users is increasing dramatically. Therefore, creating apps is such a great way to reach your customers. However, making a well – functioning iOS app is not easy. Therefore, you might need some help from experts, particularly an iOS app development agency. In this blog, we will deliver reasons why you should hire an iOS app development agency and top 10 best agencies you should consider. 

Why should you hire an iOS app development agency?

You can set up in – house iOS developers to create your apps, or hire freelancers to help you. However, an iOS app development agency can deliver more benefits than you expect. For example, you don’t need to spend time and cost for hiring and training. Moreover, you can easily assess their abilities and capabilities. Now, we will show you some advantages of hiring app development agency

Spare some time for other tasks

ios app development agency

This is one of the biggest benefits when hiring iOS app agency. Since they specifically focus on app developing, they deeply learn and understand about it. Needless to say, they can offer you great and powerful app development. Even when you have the in – house developers, you should hire someone to make the app for you. This will not only help you to take some work off, but also grant you well – functioning and powerful app development. Thanks to that, you can fully focus on what really matters, or spare some time for yourself

iOS app development agency will have specialized knowledge in it

Your in – house developers tend to be able to work on many tasks, from setting up email on your smartphones, to developing your website. While they have some essential coding and developing knowledge, they might lack some specific app developing app developing. As a result, they might not help you build a good – looking and functioning iOS app as you expect. Then, you can rely on expert app developers to help you with this. Since they have dedicated their time to iOS app development, they can grant you stunning and powerful apps in a required time. 

Cost – efficiency

The price for hiring an iOS app development agency can vary depending on your needs and requirements. Therefore, most of the time they will give you the fixed cost for your projects. On the contrary, freelancers often charge you based on the number of working hours. As a result, when hiring iOS app agency, you can easily anticipate the cost and avoid surprising fees. 

Moreover, when hiring professional app developers, you’ll hardly encounter many problems or issues. Thus, you can save time and cost for fixing those issues.

The agency can offer you dedicated project managers

ios app development agency

Building a well – functioning app is not easy. Sometimes, it might be overwhelming for your in-house developers. Understand this problem, most app development agencies offer dedicated project managers to help with your projects. In particular, they will keep track of the process, as well as communicate effectively with both your company and developers. Thanks to that, you can get some work off your shoulder. Moreover, they will ensure the best performance for your projects. 

Better compete with others

There are nearly 2 million apps on Appstore, and more than 1,000 apps are uploaded on App Store per day. Therefore, to compete with millions of apps on Appstore, your app must be great, well – functioning as well as pleasing. Otherwise, only few people will know about your apps. As that said, you should look for some help from the iOS app development agency. They not only possess necessary skills and experience, but also understand about your industry and market. Thanks to that, they can help you build feature-rich and profitable iOS apps

Long – term relationship

Dedicated iOS app development agency will not only help you during the projects, but also afterward. For example, if you want to make change, maintain, or edit something, you simply contact them. Moreover, most agencies look for long – term relationships these days. Therefore, they are willing to help you if you need anything. This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring an iOS app development company. Different from freelancers who are always on the move, development agencies are always around to help you.

Keep up with the latest technology

Technology is moving forward with such a fast pace. If you don’t keep up with it, you’ll be left behind. To avoid this, you can consult and look for help from a professional iOS app development agency. They always catch up with the latest technological trends and quickly adapt to it. Hence, you’ll never be out – of – date when placing your projects in their hands

Top 10 best iOS app development agencies for your projects

Now, you might know some outstanding benefits of hiring an iOS app development agency. However, choosing the best one for your projects is not easy. The agency must have both skills, experience and dedication. Luckily, to make it easier for you to choose the suitable, we’ll deliver the list of top 10 best app development agencies. 


ios app development agency ArrowHitech

The first iOS app development agency in our list is ArrowHitech – the leading IT outsourcing company in Vietnam. Founded in 2007, ArrowHitech has decades of experience in working with web/ app development. We have worked on thousands of projects in different markets. Thanks to that, we have gained a lot of invaluable and practical experience. Hence, we confidently deliver you the best iOS app development. Moreover, we provide a wide range of services, from app development, eCommerce consulting to maintenance. Simply contact us, describe your expectations, and you’re ready to go.

Since we have worked on different projects in different markets, we gain deep understanding in many industries and markets. As a result, we can deliver you some helpful advice for your app development projects. Then, we will not only meet all your requirements, but can go beyond those. 

Moreover, ArrowHitech always keeps up with the latest technology and trends. We constantly update and learn new things everyday. Best of all, our developers can quickly adapt to new and modern changes and technology. Thus, working with ArrowHitech, you’ll never be out-of-date.

If you need to contact ArrowHitech, you can do that anytime, anywhere. We are available 24/7 all-year-through. Then, simply contact us through any means of communication, and tell us what you need. Contact us here.

Algoworks – iOS app agency

ios app development agency Algoworks

If you’re looking for an iphone app development agency, Algoworks will be a great option. 80% of their work is Mobile App Development, and 85% of it is iOS app development. Therefore, they’ve gained a lot of hands – on experience with developing apps. Moreover, Algoworks is such a dedicated iOS app development company. They not only deliver you the best app development, but also deliver it on time. Therefore, Algoworks is one of the highest rated agencies with 5/5 stars with 52 reviews

Droids on roids

Droids on roids

Similar to Algoworks, Droids on roids focuses mainly on Mobile App development. However, this agency works equally with iOS and Android. Above all, the company also offers consulting services to their clients. Hence, they can help you with business strategy as well as marketing. Thus, if you need some useful advice for your business, Droids on Roids can serve you well

Digital Scientist

ios app development agency digital scientists

Digital Scientist offers its clients a wide range of services, from Mobile App Development, to Custom Software development. Moreover, the company doesn’t merely focus on iOS development. Instead, they can offer you Android app development as well. As a result, you can work with this iOS app development agency on many projects, besides app development


ios app development agency nomtek

Now, let’s move to nomtek. This iOS app development agency also offers a lot of services. However, its main focus is Mobile App development. Moreover, besides iOS and Android, this agency can work effectively on Hybrid and cross platforms. Thanks to its dedication and reasonable price, nomtek gained 4.9/5 stars on Clutch



Orangesoft is well – known for its meticulousness and precision. Moreover, they can develop your iOS apps in creative and innovative ways. Therefore, you can distinguish your app from others. 

Saffron Tech – iOS app development agency


If you’re looking for an enthusiastic partner, then you should take a look at Saffron Tech. With more than 10 years of experience, Saffron Tech can handle your requirements and expectations with confidence. In that decade, they have delivered more than 500 web portals and Mobile Application with 99% customer satisfaction. – iOS app development agency

iOS app development agency

This iOS app development agency mainly focused on web/ app development. Therefore, they will know how to develop the best, features-rich iOS app. After 11 years, the company has helped launch more than 350 apps for startups and companies all around the world. Also, the agency is proud to adapt quickly to the latest and modern technology. Thanks to that, they can grant you the next-generation app development

Halcyon Mobile

Halcyon mobile

Halcyon Mobile is such a dedicated and experienced iOS app development company. The agency offers a wide range of services, from UI/ UX design, web development to Artificial Intelligent. However, their main service is Mobile app development. Besides, the company is able to serve a wide range of customers, from startups to enterprises.

Swenson He


Similar to Halcyon Mobile, Swenson He provides a lot of services. Nevertheless, Mobile App development holds nearly half the total amount of their services. Moreover, this iOS app development agency can work well with not only iOS and Android, but also Hybrid and cross platform apps.