IT Outsourcing: Key benefits and drawbacks that you should know

The 4.0 technology driven world has led to a blooming industry: IT Outsourcing. In this article, our dedicated experts from ArrowHitech will give you a detailed idea of hiring an IT developer. We hope that you will read until the end to fully understand today’s topic!

And now, let’s get started!

What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing (Information Technology Outsourcing) is hiring an outsider to operate IT related issues. Those are normally managing systems, suggesting strategy and delivering solutions and support. Particularly in online business, it would be hiring a third party to set up some options for your online stores.

An IT Outsourcing company also offers a wide range of different services from software development to data security. For reference, you can check out ArrowHitech website to see diverse IT solutions that constantly lead to customer satisfaction. Get A Free Quote!

Now that you’ve understood the basic information, let’s move on to the main section: Benefits and Drawbacks

IT Outsourcing Pros and Cons

We need to understand that everything has its good and bad impacts. Therefore, accept some small difficulties to achieve appealing benefits is the best way to consider both sides!


The advantages are outstanding and will take a long time to list out all of them. Regardless, here are the top 5 crucial ones that mainly result in long-term success.

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IT Outsourcing gains you lots of merits

#1. Cost Reduction

In fact, IT outsourcing companies normally provide a full range of solutions and services. The process also includes maintenance and support as well. Overall, you will receive more optimal solutions with lower cost in total.

Further, a contract between two parties means no expense on employment and training. This will save you much money for other major issues.

#2. High Quality

Expertise and Experience surely play a vital role in a successful partnership. Just like online shopping, you must carefully check out an agency’s portfolios, completed projects and customer reference to compare different ones.

Certificate is a key factor that determines high quality solutions. It requires exceptional skills. If you are looking for a Magento Expert, check out this article to see the importance of having a certified partner.

Finest Technology results in high proficiency. An excellent IT Outsourcing company must be leading in latest technological devices.

Founded in 2007, ArrowHitech is proud to be one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam. We offer outstanding services that serve every client’s demand. 

#3. Security

  • Low risk

Mistakes occur all the time, but it is our duty to take charge of any troubles. By definition, the risks are shared between you and the IT outsourcing company. Yet, we will make sure that everything runs smoothly and effectively.

  • Data Confidentiality

Any companies that work in service delivery will let you sign the NDA or other equivalent contracts to prevent information leakage, so you don’t need to be worried!

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#4. Flexibility

The thing is, IT services do not have to take place directly. In other words, we can exchange information online, as long as the company is committed to helping you. What is more, time is not a problem to worry about. ArrowHitech 24/7 services or any other IT agencies are always there to assist anyone in need.

Besides time and place flexibility, IT outsourcing developers also deliver a variety of options. Those options are not the same to any clients, they are unique and customized to suit your system the best. Therefore, we can fix your issues from the roots until it is completed.

#5. Time-saving

IT outsourcing companies provide optimal results at a short time notice. In fact, you can always compromise with us to make the final decision. However, keep in mind that the shorter time you demand, the higher cost you have to pay.


#1. IP Leakage

We cannot always be sure that Intellectual Property or IP are safely secured. A simple way that we suggest you do is to check clients’ reviews. The more recent, the worse because those agencies would be barely attentive to a customer’s need.

#2. Trust

This is an ongoing issue, especially without face-to-face interaction. However, a good company will steadily gain the trust of any clients by any means. 

#3. Outsider Expertise

Although this issue rarely occurs, it is still a common issue. If it is a minor mistake, the maintenance and support policy will be useful. However, when a major technical issue occurs, your team doesn’t know why and how to fix it. As a result, you need to, again, hire them or other agencies to make some changes.

IT outsourcing

Above are some general pros and cons of hiring an IT Outsourcing company that we have noted down. Hence, you need to be extra cautious and objective when looking for an agency. After all, different areas require different criteria. We have written some articles that are surely helpful if you particularly need to hire a Magento or Shopify development company!

Another alternatives for Outsourcing is Insourcing. Check it out right now:

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About ArrowHitech

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Final Thoughts

Despite minor issues that can occur, hiring an IT Outsourcing company still brings about numerous benefits in the long run. With consideration, ArrowHitech hopes that you will find a perfect IT partner to create an outstanding result. As always, we wish you and your business the best of luck and success.