IT outsourcing trends in 2021: How IT outsourcing will influence on the business growth

In this article, let’s take a look at IT outsourcing trends that will probably see significant growth in 2021. Although there is no guarantee that these are the trends that will absolutely take over, they’ve already shown significant importance over the past few years to give them a pretty good edge over other technologies.

IT outsourcing trends

The benefits of IT outsourcing

Above all, outsourcing, as an increasingly popular practice, has several advantages.

  • affordability
  • heightened performance
  • shifting capacity
  • focus on core competencies
  • access to more skills and expertise
  • magnified flexibility
  • scalability and growth
  • faster time to market
  • diversity
  • coverage
  • infrastructure advantages

Work From Home

The pandemic has made it such that more and more companies are requiring staff to work from home. Therefore, IT outsourcing trends in 2021 has to conclude Work from home. It also means change within the realm of IT.

Every business that has employees working from home will need to go to great lengths to protect their data. This is made more difficult, considering those employees will be working from home networks that are not nearly as secure as a company LAN. 

To that end, those businesses might have to turn to third parties to ensure those home networks are up to the task. To clarify, this IT outsourcing trends could mean a shift toward hybrid clouds with a significant focus on security. It could also mean employees work with on-premise cloud solutions that are linked to one another and to the company network via a secure connection.

Focus on Customer Experience

In 2021, customers will become more demanding. In other words, companies continuously come up with new tactics and solutions to provide excellent customer care. However, this vital segment will require even more attention and dedication in the following years. To clarify, with customer expectations rising, businesses must invest in their customer support teams.

Firstly, happy customers are likely to recommend your brand and ease customer acquisition. They boost your visibility as well as reliability by leaving positive reviews and testimonials. Secondly, content customers who had a superb experience when interacting with your representatives are more loyal. Thirdly, outstanding customer experience increases Customer Lifetime Value and leads to significant long-term gains.

Most important, dedicating your customer support service to a reliable company is one of the leading 2021 IT outsourcing trends.

Automatic Process: AI, IoT, and Robotic

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the IT outsourcing trends we have to consider in 2021. It can help to make your business smarter and more efficient. With AI you can better predict what customers will buy, make use of autonomous vehicles and robots, implement more voice assistants as well as add facial recognition to your security. Moreover, it helps you add structure to unstructured data, add support bots to your website, and add intelligent capabilities to the software you produce. In fact, the usefulness of AI has yet to see any sort of slowdown.

Compared to 2019, when about 14.1% of all retail sales were made online, in 2021, we’re expecting to have 22% of all retail purchases made online.

The statistics only confirm that the technical transformation efforts of online businesses will be aimed at making online shopping more convenient. Also, businesses with an online presence will heavily invest in building top-notch online shopping platforms.

Growth of the Cloud Services

When saying about IT outsourcing trends, this is important to mention the Cloud Services. While the current worth of cloud computing has reached a high mark of $180 billion worldwide, the SaaS alone is expected to earn $113.1 billion in 2021. The PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS markets grow by 24% annually. In two years, the global cloud computing market will be worth $623.3 billion. 

So, cloud migration is a demanding and costly process. But more and more businesses are planning to switch from on-premise to cloud-based data storing. To clarify, cloud computing ensures better data protection, faster data operations. Moreover, it has the ability to modernize business processes by painlessly implementing various business apps.

Remote Work Statistics – IT Outsourcing Trends in 2021

The World Economic Forum claims that the number of permanent remote workers set to double in 2021.  Just like many other high-income industries, the IT sector has shifted to remote work after the strike of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, even before the pandemic, the majority of tech businesses in popular outsourcing destinations such as Ukraine had been working in remote mode. To clarify, a report by Avasant shows that middle-sized tech companies have been the largest contributors to the growth of the IT outsourcing industry in 2020. They also declared that the average outsourcing for midsize companies went from 9.1% to 11.8%. 

So, while some tech businesses increased their IT budgets on the brink of the pandemic, the rest continued to work with their nearshore and offshore IT outsourcing partners to reduce development costs.

To sum up with IT outsourcing trends

These IT outsourcing trends are fairly obvious, at least to those that have been paying close attention to what’s happening in the market and within the realm of IT. If you’ve been hands-off with your business, it’s time you got involved. If you don’t consider these trends for your business, you could wind up behind the curve. 

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