Java backend development: The core reasons to choose it

Java holds the top position to be the best programming language in the world. For more than two decades, Java has managed to sustain in the development industry. In this article, let’s find out why Java backend development is the best solution.

Top reasons to choose Java backend development as the core solution

 Java backend development

1. The unstoppable development of Backend technologies in java

Believe it or not, it has been 24 years since Java was first created. From the beginning, the language has evolved and adapted to suit the latest market trends.

It has even increased the demand of offshore developers from worldwide. Simply because, nowadays, the offshore development trend is taking over the software industry. 

Furthermore, with the addition of ample features to every release, companies are becoming more interested in using Java backend development as well as enterprise applications.

2. Cross platform

Being an object-oriented compiled language, Java allows you to write the code once and run it anywhere on any platform (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux). Moreover, Java backend is a perfect choice for mobile application development, web development, database connectivity, networking, and many more.

3. Great Performance

To clarify, the code is compiled into byte code and then compiled by the Java compiler. Before converting into machine-level code, the code runs through Java Virtual Machine.

4. Robustness

Robustness equals reliability, and no other language except Java assures this. In fact, it is the most highly supported programming language that is robust & scalable. In addition, automatic memory management and garbage collection features make it portable across many platforms.

5. Security

Java is more secure than any other programming language. Above all, its security is from a large set of APIs, tools, and implementations of commonly-used security algorithms, mechanisms, and protocols. Java APIs include cryptography, public key infrastructure, secure communication, authentication as well as access control. Moreover, JDK was originally developed with a strong emphasis on security allowing for creating secure applications from the very start.

6. Rich Ecosystem

Java has a vast variety of frameworks and tools facilitating back-end development. The most widely used frameworks are Spring, Apache Struts, Grails, Hibernate and other frameworks mentioned in our previous blog post. Among other useful tools – Maven, Jenkins, NetBeans, Eclipse IDE – are worth mentioning.

7. Inspired by C & C++

C & C++ are a very long-tenured programming language that are the ancestors of Java & Python. Java resembles C & C++ but doesn’t have characters like pointers and multiple inheritances. Therefore, developers with an understanding of C and C++ can grab Java easily & quickly.

8. Free Development Tools

The cost of the development tools has an impact on the programming language’s popularity. If the tools are free to use, the developers will willingly utilize them.

Since Java is an open-source language and free for all, almost all development tools are available for free download. This makes developers enthusiastically code in Integrated Development Environment especially if they are coding in DOS or notepad.

Eclipse and NetBeans are two powerful development tools. They have plenty of useful features to make development faster like code completion, code debugging, formatting, refactoring, test server deployment, code management, and the list is long. It is quite simple to search, debug, refactor, read, and write code in IDEs. In addition, Java also offers tools like JConsole, Visual VM for profiling, and decompilers.

9. Powerful Memory Management

In the programming parlance, memory is divided into stack and heap. Java can allocate stack memory per thread and heap stores the actual objects. Heap memory is one in each JVM. The sizes of stack and heap depend on the JVM.

10. Multi-Threading

Java uses a multi-threaded web server that processes each request in a separate thread. That enables to perform several tasks simultaneously without querying the events.

Multi-threaded processing makes Java a great tool for CPU-intensive applications, such as video streaming, image editing, etc.

To sum up with Java backend development

Being one of the old-aged languages Java is still popular among the developers. Most important, this language can be used for the development of applications of all sizes both web and mobile as well as for developing enterprise-level applications and working with Big Data. 

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