Laravel development company: Step by step to choose the best one

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for web applications development. It is FREE, open – source and powerful framework that has been around since 2011. As that said, working with Laravel can leverage your web and applications to the next level. However, if you want to work with it effectively and efficiently, you should consider hiring a Laravel development company. Laravel development companies can bring you a lot of benefits that you might never think of. In this blog, we will show you why you should hire them, and tips to choose the most suitable one for your business

Laravel development company

Why should you hire a Laravel development company?

There are many different options when it comes to Laravel development. For example, you can set up an in-house team of Laravel developers, or hire freelancers. However, if you decide to build an in-house team, you need to spend time hiring and training them. This can take you a lot of time. Most of the time, it will take you about 6 months to build a valid and high performing team. Also, in some cases, people within your team might not work well together. Therefore, this can make your development process last longer than expect

So what about hiring Freelancers? You should know that although Lavarel is a wonderful PHP – based framework, not all Laravel developers can work on it effectively. They need to spend a lot of time and effort getting used to that framework. However, when hiring freelancers, it’s harder to check their ability and capability. What’s more, Lavaral developers will take possession of your business data. Therefore, you must find reliable and trusty developers to work with your project. 

Then, if you choose to hire Lavarel development company, you can greatly avoid the above challenges. Of course, hiring Lavarel development companies won’t save you from every issue and challenge. However, it can minimize them and save you a lot of time. 

Above are some major benefits of hiring Lavarel development companies. Then, in case you’re looking for an ideal one to work with, here are some useful tips and guidelines for you

Guideline to choose the best Laravel development company

Evaluate their previous work

Laravel development company

One great way to assess the company’s capability is through their previous work. Some companies upload their portfolio on their website, while others don’t. Then, you need to contact them to look through their previous work.

From their portfolio, you will be able to know what you can expect from them. In particular, you’ll know which industry they’re the best at, the depth of their mobile app development and so on. This will help you get the overall idea of their skills and experience

Look at their experience

If you expect great, powerful Laravel development, you must hire skillful and experience developers. Also, in case your project is complex, young and inexperienced Laravel developers hardly can meet your expectations. 

But how can you assess the company’s experience? Firstly, you must take a look at their portfolio. Secondly, the length of the years they work is another factor. If they have been around for a long time, this means they spend a lot of time learning and working with that platform. Therefore, they can gain a lot of hands-on experience.

Moreover, you can look at the average experience of the developers in the company. Keep in mind that the developers will directly work with you, not the company. Thus, the developers in the firm should also have adequate knowledge and understanding about Lavarel. Ideally, you should choose those companies that have experience in your industry. Although this is not compulsory, it can better ensure great and outstanding performance for your Laravel development


Laravel development company

Social networking is such a great way to evaluate the reputation of the company. A professional Laravel development company will deliver you great projects on time. Hence, high chance is that they will receive high and great ratings. Of course, negative reviews can happen to every company. However, you can see how they handle those reviews to assess their work ethic. 

Client portfolio

Laravel development company
Look through their clients’ portfolio to avoid fake numbers and ratings

Fake followers and paid PR are common these days. Therefore, if you want to look into the company deeper, you should see their clients’ portfolio as well. 

Their strategic planning


Professional Laravel development companies won’t jump right in developing your projects. Instead, they will clarify your requirements, and set up strategic plans for it. Thanks to this, you can avoid misunderstanding afterward. 

If you come up with the shortlist of the best Laravel development company, contact and ask them to formulate the working strategy. From that, you can gauge their working style, estimate the time needed for your projects. Also, this will ensure that they fully understand your requirements. 

They can adapt quickly

Changes in requirements during the development is very common. This can happen due to various reasons. For example, change in customer needs, market loads, user response, etc. Therefore, your chosen Laravel development company should adapt to the change quickly.

What’s more, technology is moving forward with an extremely fast pace.  In particular, most projects are shifting towards the agile methodology. Moreover, most organizations update their data servers and codes to the cloud. As that said, your Laravel development company should be able to adapt to those changes and modern technologies. Otherwise, you might be out – of – date

24/7 availability

You should easily contact your Laravel development company. In particular, you can connect with them via phone, email or contact forms. Also, since problems and issues can appear anytime, therefore the company should be 24/7 available. Thanks to that, you can contact them anytime, anywhere. For example, you want to change something, or solve some issues with your project. Simply call them, and get your problems solved



This is one of the main concerns when choosing a Laravel development company. Keep in mind that you’ll get what you pay for. Thus, if you expect stunning and powerful Laravel development, you might need to spend more. However, you don’t want to go bankrupt due to Lavarel development. As that said, you must discuss the cost with the company clearly. Make sure all the costs are transparent. Otherwise, you might end up with surprising fee afterward

After delivery support

Dedicated Laravel development company should not only help you during the projects, but also afterward. Moreover, there is a high chance that you’ll encounter some problems and issues in the future. Therefore, the development company should be available to help you solve those issues. But how to find reliable and dedicated companies for your projects? There are many ways to do this. For example, you can assess their communication and relationship with their clients. Do they work with them for a long time, or just in a few cases. Moreover, can clients contact the company easily?

ArrowHitech – An ideal Laravel development company for your projects

Now, you might know some checklists to hire the best Laravel development company. Then, if you’re looking for the development company that can meet all those above requirements, you must take a look at ArrowHitech.


Founded in 2007, ArrowHitech has more than 13 years of experience working on thousands of software development projects, including Laravel development. Thanks to that, we have gained a lot of hands – on experience with this framework . Therefore, we can confidently be a great option for your Laravel project . Not only that, there are many reasons why you should contact ArrowHitech. Here to list a few

We provide a wide range of services

No matter what your requirements are, we can fulfil them with confidence. In particular, ArrowHitech offers a wide range of software development services, from development, to maintenance. Then, simply contact us, tell us about your expectation, and you’re ready to go. 

Great technical skills

ArrowHitech has more than 13 years of experience working with different projects worldwide. Therefore, we have possessed a deep knowledge about WordPress platforms. What’s more, we also gain a lot of hands – on experience from all those previous projects. As a result, we confidently can deliver you smooth, bug – free and clean WordPress development. 

Keep up with the latest technology

Technology is moving forward with a fast speed. Therefore, if you don’t constantly update new status, you’ll easily be left behind. This won’t happen if you’re working with ArrowHitech. Our company constantly keeps up with the latest technology to deliver you the best performing Lavarel development. Hence, working with us, you’ll never be out of date

Not only help you with the technological needs, but also business

Besides technological services, ArrowHitech can also help you with business strategies as well. Since we have worked on different projects, we can understand that market and insights of customers in those markets. Thus, we can deliver you helpful advice and suggestions for your business. 

Trusty partner

We look forward to long – term relationships with our clients. ArrowHitech always hopes to be your partner during the development of your company. Therefore, we will not only support you during the development, but after that as well. If any problems come up, simply contact us via any means of communication. Our 24/7 customer service will always be there to help you. Then, if you’re looking for a high – commitment Laravel development company, ArrowHitech will be a great choice

No borders when it comes to ArrowHitech

When it comes to ArrowHitech, the sky’s the limit. We not only help you build your site, but also deliver you some helpful advice with your business. Thanks to that, you’ll have time to assess and come up with the best business strategy for your business

Moreover, there are no language borders when working with us. We have completed a lot of projects worldwide. Thus, no matter where you are, we still can fulfil your demands

Friendly working environment

Laravel development company

In our company, we always do our best to create a warm and hospitality working environment for our clients. When working with us, you’ll always be our priority. ArrowHitech will always listen enthusiastically to your needs and requirements and find the best solution for those. But we can deliver you more than that. We not only listen to your needs, but also deliver you helpful advice for your project. Thanks to that, ArrowHitech can even go beyond your expectation.

If you want to see our previous work, check our portfolio here

Reasonable price range

This is one of the best things when working with ArrowHitech. We offer outstanding performance with reasonable price range. Better than that, you can contact us to tell us about your projects and negotiate the price range. Contact us here