Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme: How to build a perfect eCommerce store with it

In recent years, it’s quite difficult to choose a great WordPress for your store. This is because there are a lot of themes out there on the market, and making the wrong choice is easy to happen. If you choose wrongly, you might get stuck with a theme that doesn’t fit your brand or something that just makes it difficult for people to check out quickly. That’s why on September 12th, Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme is born.

Lusion - Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme by ArrowHiTech | ThemeForest
Lusion – Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme

Lusion – Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme has come to existence for a while now. It is highly customizable so that you don’t get stuck with any components you don’t enjoy down the road, and the theme comes packaged with a few plugins that make it even cooler. So now, we – ArrowHiTech would like to introduce to you how to build a perfect eCommerce store with Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme. Let’s go!

Installation of Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme

Like every WordPress theme ever, you have to click through the main website of Themeforest and find Lusion theme. Then, it’s for paying for the theme and downloading the zip file to your computer. You can always log back into the Themeforest website if you need to grab the theme again for another site. Then, you have two ways to install Lusion for your store:

Via WordPress:

  • Step 1. Visit Dashboard Appearance Themes Add New.
  • Step 2. Click Upload Theme.
  • Step 3. Browse the file (not the theme package zip file) on your computer and click Install Now.
  • Step 4. Activate the Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme.

Via FTP:

  • Step 1. Login your FTP account via FTP software to access your host web server.
  • Step 2. Extract the file.
  • Step 3. Upload the extracted folder Lusion to wp-content/themes folder.
  • Step 4. Activate Lusion theme in Dashboard > Appearance > Themes.

Activation of Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme

In order to fully use the features of Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme, you need to activate this theme. After installing Lusion, please log in to the admin panel through your admin account, the go-to Setting -> Activate theme -> Enter purchase code -> Save Activate Theme and insert the “Purchase Code”. It should go something a little bit like this:

Activation of Lusion

Click here to know how to get a Purchase Code. Note that, with “Regular License”, one Purchase Code is used for only 1 domain. In order to use Lusion theme on the developer site, there are 2 options:

  • Option 1: Work on your localhost.
  • Option 2: Use subdomain. We allow using an unlimited subdomain for dev site purposes. However, you have to insert the purchase code for the principal domain before using this purchase code for other subdomains.

Modifying the Content on Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme

This brand-new theme makes it easy to change the way your website looks because they have a nice little Customize tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Many themes make it hard for you to find the general settings, but this is placed right at the top of the toolbar, and you can jump between the different settings like for headers, footers, styling, social media and more.

If you, on some occasions, not familiar with the first option, you can go to your admin Dashboard, and navigate to Appearance >> Customize. After that, you will see a logical tabbed section including a lot of tabs for you to discover. As many tabs as this theme have, this is all for keeping your site as lightweight as possible.

Add Shortcodes in Lusion WordPress theme

A quick note: Before you can add the shortcode in Lusion theme, you have to install and activate the Arrowpress Core plugin through these steps:

  • Go to Appearance > Install Plugins on the admin sidebar.
  • Select and install the plugin.
  • Activate plugin.

In order to add shortcodes using elementor, you should enable the elementor editor and select the element you want to add. Shortcodes are some of the easiest ways to add customized content to your site. So in general, the ArrowHiTech support team can provide you the most simple and convenient way to help with your content adding process in this WordPress theme.

As a whole, each shortcode has 3 basic tabs: contents, style, and advance. The two first tabs in every shortcode are different in options, aiming to provide a flexible selection for building content process. Almost all shortcodes have the same advanced tabs. 

For advanced options of Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme:

  • Choose advanced to expand: There you can input the number of px for margin and padding you want your section to have, also the z-index number. You can name your section by both unique ID or class to make it easier to style
  • Navigate to the background to expand the setting of background: normal or hover, background type: classic or gradient.
  • Choose border to expand this setting: normal or hover, type of border, or border radius, box shadow
  • The responsive option is to expand this setting: hide on desktop, on tablet or on mobile.
  • Tab custom CSS allows you to add your own css code, which is available on Elementor

So, here are the instructions:

  • Choose your desired shortcode
  • Navigate your desired shortcode
  • Hold and dragg to the area you have created.

And that’s how it’s done.

Using Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme Support

The support is some of the best ones on the market, since it provides a resources page here, where you can take a look at FAQs and various other pieces of documentation to modify and setup your theme. You can also create new topic in the website ArrowPress Support Site or contact us at CONTACT FORM.

Final words

That should be it! Here is the complete guide on how to build a perfect eCommerce store with Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme. All in all, by having a flawless setup, you don’t need to worry about getting confused, and just about every plugin you will need to run your shop is included during the installation process. For more information, you guys can check out our documentation here: Lusion eCommerce WordPress theme documentation.

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