Magento 2 admin panel login is not working and slow: Causes and how to fix it

The Magento 2 admin panel can be a complex platform, especially Magento 2 admin panel login. The developers might get irritated with the slow Magento 2 admin panel login where they have to wait for minor tasks like creating a product or saving a configuration.

Most of the time, when your Magento 2 admin panel login is slow it also means your front-end is slow. So that, we’ve created the most definitive Magento 2 optimization ways on the web to help you speed up it.

1. Delete Unused Items and Categories

The Magento 2 store having unused products in large numbers is going to be a hindrance in the load time. Deleting them will free up space and a less cluttered database is going to give a better performance of Magento 2 admin panel login. 

So, if you have thousands of unused products, remove them from the store. A lean database will be faster in reading and searching operations. For instant, hundreds of product attributes, as well as attribute sets, contribute to a slow Magento backend by creating conflicting data. 

Therefore, in order to delete an attribute, you should do the following:

  • On the Admin menu, navigate to Stores > Attributes > Product
  • Find the attribute you want to delete and open it in edit mode
  • Press the “Delete Attribute” button and click OK when prompted to confirm the operation.

2. Increase memory limit

Lack of free memory on the server is one of the reasons for the slow Magento 2 admin panel login. Check how much memory your server will allocate from php.ini or .htaccess. If it is not sufficiently allocated, it will result in scripts crashing. Access these files through cPanel or from the root folder. It depends on the hosting provider. Find or add the following line. Make sure it’s minimum 2048: php_value memory_limit 2048M

3. Clean Database from Excessive Third-Party Logs

The average Magento store uses a great number of third-party modules and extensions. However, with so many modifications on the market, you can’t be sure all of them follow the same strict development rules. Sometimes best practices are not the highest concern. This resulted in overloading your database with dozens of modules creating logs upon logs of useless data.

Depending on the gravity of your situation here, truncating these overgrown locations can be of help to make Magento 2 Admin panel login faster.  

4. Index management to make Magento 2 admin panel login faster

Scheduling the reindexing process can be helpful here. To clarify, Magento 2 reindexes all the products and categories when you save a product or category to update the index. During this process, the admin is going to go lethargic. Instead of carrying out reindexing each time, one can schedule the process with the below steps:

  1. Login to admin panel
  2. Navigate to System > Index Management
  3. Using mass actions
Magento 2 admin panel login is not working and slow: How to fix it?

5. Run the store in production mode

The live Magento 2 store must be switched to the production mode. When Magento 2 runs in Developer or Default mode, the engine uses a PHP script to process all static files. Production mode skips this slow script for quick but lesser flexibility.

6. Review Installed Extensions (Remove Unused Modules, Optimize Utilized Ones)

Multiple modules performing various functions enabled on a Magento website can significantly degrade performance. When carrying out superfluous operations, the extensions create an unobvious load on the server. As a result, the overloading due to unused modules can be the overriding reason why Magento 2 backend is slow.

If these acts have not resulted in speed increase and your Magento 2 backend is still very slow, you need to apply a more serious approach. 

The fact is that some custom extensions overload the server because of pivotal issues that occurred due to unoptimized code. 

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7. Get the Latest Magento 2 Version

It is high time to download Magento 2 latest version to avail the benefits of Magento 2. The latest Magento offers added features for the Magento 2 admin panel login to ease the backend administration. The admin can also leverage better performance with the updates released by Magento.

To Sum Up With Magento 2 Admin Panel Login

Magento 2 Admin Panel Login will never be as fast as Magento frontend since Admin doesn’t allow caching. But on the bright side you can still do a lot to make the job of your store admins, content managers, SEO specialists, and business partners so much better.

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