Magento 2 Checkout Issues: How To Fix Them To Increase The Conversion Rate

There is no doubt that checkout is one the most essential part of your website. Any lackluster coming from this will hit you directly and painfully. So, in this article, here are some common reasons for why your site has Magento 2 checkout issues and how to fix them.

1. Magento 2 Checkout Loading Issues

1.1. Infinite Loading

If you run into the problem when you click checkout and receive an ungodly amount of spinning time, here is what caused it and how to fix it.


This Magento 2 checkout loading issue emerges when an inappropriate token is utilized. In particular, the POST order made a truck with an administrator token. Visitor trucks are for mysterious clients, so thus, an inappropriate GET call presented itself for this situation. 

To comprehend the issue, utilize the POST order to make a visitor token.

1.2. Slow Magento 2 Checkout Process


It is very simple to find out what slows the Magento 2 checkout process down because Magento does provide a performance testing toolkit, and your job is to generate a store with sample data and fixtures.


  • Simplify The Checkout Process: One-step checkout is superior, for both page speed and maximum conversion power. We also strongly recommend you conduct your own research and pick out the extension that fits your business like a glove.
  • Keep The Static Content Low: Magento 2 Checkout page hosts the biggest JS content on all of the site’s pages. Therefore, while installing Advanced JavaScript Bundling + Content Delivery Network, you should pay attention to the static content and keep them at minimum. In addition, noted, here are Google developer recommendations on photo preference to shorter the loading time.
  • Turn Off Unnecessary Network Code: In addition, activating JS bundling creates a huge file (5-10Mb) with Javascript code and affects page load time. 

Therefore, the wise move here is turning it off.

Magento 2 Checkout Issues: How To Fix Them To Increase The Conversion Rate
  • Kill Off Unused Active Countries & Unused Active Shipping Methods: Erase the waiting time for loading API data of extra shipping methods by going to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods, then, tick on what your store provides only. 

Similarly, Stores > Configuration > General > General > Country Options and turn off countries you don’t ship to. This will make your checkout page load faster.

  • Enable Cache: Caching not only faster server response time but also stabilize the page load time. Therefore, you should enable cache by navigating to System > Cache Management and turn on the feature.

2. Checkout Malfunction – Magento 2 checkout

2.1. Step Checkout Malfunction


When clicking the Magento 2 checkout button on the checkout page, customers are faced with a loading icon for an indeterminate duration.

Magento 2 Checkout Issues: How To Fix Them To Increase The Conversion Rate
1-Step Checkout Infinite Load

This loading screen is caused by Magento trying to send a request to:


So, this request returns a 404 error as it cannot be found on the server.

Error Message (404)


The Magento 2 checkout issue arises when the wrong token is used. Specifically, the POST command created a cart with an admin token. Guest carts are for anonymous users so as a result, the wrong GET call was used in this case.

Moreover, to solve the issue use the POST command to create a guest token.

2.2. PayPal Integration Malfunction – Magento 2 checkout


Many PayPal issues arise after specifying the payment card details and then during the checkout process the payment does not process causing an error. So, the result is infinite load, an error message or blank page.

Magento 2 Checkout Issues: How To Fix Them To Increase The Conversion Rate
PayPal Integration Error


To clarify, the issue is often a result of inconsistent settings in Magento and PayPal. It is crucial to have the same settings in Magento and PayPal.

For the PayPal Express Checkout, AVS/CSC responses should be declined in PayPal Manager and in Magento Admin:

PayPal: Service Settings > Set Up > Security Options

Magento: Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment methods

2.3. Magento 2 – 2 Step Checkout


The Magento 2 checkout has been reported to be slow at times or show a blank screen as seen below. Many customers have reported this issue and it persists predominantly because of Magento’s new 2-step checkout system.


For slow checkout experiences make sure to turn on cache in the Magento Cache panel. Moreover, you can access the Magento Cache panel by going to System > Cache Management.

Identify the usages of your PaymentTokenInterfaceFactory in your codebase and then specify the implementation for this payment token via di.xml.

Magento Cache Management Panel

Now that you can fix your Magento 2 checkout issues, it’s important to think about being alerted when these issues arise. Because, waiting for your customer to report issues is a losing strategy – you lose the sale and the customer for life. According to PwC, 32% of customers don’t come back after one bad customer experience.

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