Magento problems: Top 10 most common and how to fix them


After the negative influence of Covid-19, more and more buyers choose to shop online. As a result, eCommerce businesses develop rapidly. With more than 200,000 worldwide developers, Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. However, many shop owners encounter Magento problems and don’t know how to fix them .

In fact, some issues are really easy to avoid and adjust, with or without the help of experts. As a Magento certified partner, our team – ArrowHitech JSC have solved a lot of Magento problems for our clients. Among 12 years working in the outsourcing field, today, we have listed the top 10 most common Magento problems and relevant solutions. We hope that you can deal with your difficulties and successfully manage your online shop.

Top 10 most common Magento problems and simple solutions


Everyone should have Magento installed through its official website. Although some sellers use FTP (File Transfer Protocol), this method is not too secure. In other words, passwords and data are not well-protected. Thus, you should follow this Magento installation guide, and this Magento problems will not occur to your store.

Extensions – Magento problems

  • Switch off extensions

First, Navigate to ‘\app\etc\modules’, and there you will see XML files. Then rename the XML file to switch an extension off. Simple as that! However, be careful with files that start with “MAGE” in the same folder. You may accidentally adjust other running extensions. In this case, you should contact a Magento expert like ArrowHitech to consult on your Magento issues.

  • PHP extensions and configuration settings: make changes in php.ini settings
  • Bad extensions: choosing bad ones will lead to bad results. It can affect sales, reputation and cost. To save your time, we – ArrowHitech has some of the best Magento solutions that will meet with your demand. You can check out our portfolio, or right here at Magento theme and extension to see our clean and modern extensions
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Password Reset – Magento 2 issues

This is one of the most popular Magento 2 problems. That’s why the way to fix it is rather simple. If you forget your admin password, the easiest way is to change it via phpMyAdmin

cPanel > phpMyAdmin or MySQL Manager

Then open your Magento database and find the admin_usertable. You can replace your old password with the new one now. Remember, your new password has to be in MD5, SHA256, or Argon 2ID13 function.

Another way is to paste this code in the ‘SQL’ tab of your Magento Database then click “Go” to run the process.

UPDATE admin_user SET password=CONCAT(MD5(‘sGnewpass’), ‘:sG’) WHERE username=’AdminUsername’ 

New Domain – Magento problems

Open Magento admin panel and go to Stores/Configuration. Then click on ‘Web’. After that, replace the new domain on ‘Base URL’ and ‘Save Config‘ to finish the process.

Magento 2 issues

Contact Us Page

The link to your Contact-us Page should be in the Navigation Menu or Footer. To customize, click CONTENT/Blocks and find ‘Contact us’. Make any changes as you like in the ‘Content’ box, and save to complete the process.

Cache – Magento problems

Clearing cache will help your system run smoother and faster. Furthermore, this is an important step after every updating process that many users forget about. 

Slow Speed

Shop owners complain about this Magento problems the most. Keep in mind that Magento doesn’t run slowly by default and there are many ways to improve its speed:

  • Enable flat categories and product
  • JavaScript and CSS
  • Lightweight themes and extensions
  • Update the latest version
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Blog setup – Magento problems

Another simple yet unavoidable Magento 2 issues. Actually, integrating blog setup extensions is an easy task. Therefore, we really recommend integrating blog sites because this is the best way to communicate with your buyers. In addition, look at Magento Marketplace to find the most suitable blog extensions for your brand.


SEO urls are a highly common Magento 2 problems because lots of shop owners use this extension. As a result, it will help a blog or page rank high in search engines such as Google or Bing. Once you login to your admin panel, click on Configure/Web on the left side panel. Check yes on the search optimization tab and then save the settings.

If you want to change Admin urls, consult Magento help page right here. Once you’ve done, check your new URL and make sure the old URL returns a 404 error page.

Lastly, if you want to delete ‘html’ in urls, follow these steps: Backend – System – Config – Catalog – SEO tab. Then, delete ‘.html’ from your Product URL and Category URL suffixes. After that, reindex all data, and clear your cache. 

That’s all we want to cover about Top 10 most common Magento problems and simple solutions. If you are having troubles because your problems are not on our list, contact us and we will provide you the best results that fit your store.

Updates – Magento problems

Speaking of the latest Magento version, the newest database means better results. Yet, make sure that your extensions and themes are compatible with your Magento version as well. What is more, Magento categories also need to be updated. Check carefully to see if all categories are placed inside the ‘default category’ list or not.

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Wrap Up

We have listed the top 10 most common Magento problems and their simple solutions. We hope that you will not have to meet these problems, or if so, you will know how to fix them easily. Our team – ArrowHitech wish you the best of luck to your successful online business! For more information, you can contact us via