Magento 2 shipping: Why it is important and how to configure it

For every online store, shipping is one of the most important factors. Without it, you can’t deliver items to your customers and thus, can’t sell products. Then, if you’re having an online store on Magento, you should understand fully about Magento 2 shipping. In this blog, we will deliver you detailed information about it and how to configure it in your store

Why you need Magento 2 shipping?

As mentioned above, shipping is a crucial factor in your online store. If you choose the wrong Magento 2 shipping method, your customers might have bad shopping experience. Thus, this might affect your reputation. Moreover, since you’re using Magento for your online business, Magento 2 shipping can greatly benefit you. In particular, it has many built-in functions. 

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How to configure Magento 2 shipping in your online store

Firstly, you need to know you to configure Magento 2 shipping. Here’s the detailed instruction for you

  • Go to admin panel >> stores >> configuration
Magento 2 shipping

After that, in the drop down menu of the Sales tab, choose Shipping Methods

Magento 2 shipping

Then, you’ll see a list of shipping options. Let’s dive in deeper about these shipping options

Free Shipping

This part is quite simple. Simply set a Minimum Order Amount ( MOA). Then, select the countries that free shipping is available. After that, whenever customers order products, if their destination is within the coverage zone, and the subtotal amount equal or greater than MOA, the new method will be shown on the store front

Magento 2 shipping

To set Free Shipping in your Magento 2 store, you should follow the steps below

Magento 2 shipping
  • Firstly, set Enable to Yes. This will active the Free Shipping option
  • In the Title box, enter Free Shipping
  • Method Name is the name of a shipping method that appears on the user’s screen. Therefore, you can choose any name you want. In this case, we entered Free
  • Moving to Minimum Order Amount. In this box, you will enter the minimum order amount to get Free Shipping. If you want to apply Free Shipping to every order, skip this box
  • In terms of error, enter error message in Displayed Error Message
  • Coming to Ship to Applicable Countries. You can either set it to All Allowed Countries or Specific Countries
  • After that, you can choose to set the Show method if Not Applicable to Yes or No
  • Sort Order will let you choose when you want to apply the free shipping into Magento 2
  • Finally, choose Save Config

Keep in mind that Free shipping in Magento 2 has its own carrier. Moreover, it is not connected to any existing providers. Therefore, you can choose the most convenient way to send your package

Flat rate

When it comes to flat rate, the process will be a little more complicated. Firstly, you need to set the fixed shipping rate for an order and extra fee. However, Flat rate is the default built – in shipping method of Magento 2. Therefore, it isn’t connected to any shipping service yet. Thanks to that, you can choose the delivery provider that you like best

Magento 2 shipping

Here are the steps to set up Free Shipping in Magento 2

  • Change “ Enabled” title to Yes
  • In the Title box, enter “ Flat View
  • After that, in Method Name, enter the name of the method
  • Moving to Type, you can either choose Per Item or Per Order as you like
  • Next, in the Price box, enter the fee that you want to charge your customers
  • Then, moving to Calculate Handling Fee. In this part, it will calculate shipping cost. This can be fixed amount, or percent amount
  • In case of error, type in the error message in the Displayed Error Message box
  • Next, we come to Ship to Specific Countries. Depend on your needs and requirements, you can set it to All Allow Countries or Specific Countries
  • Finally, choose Save Config 

Table rates

If you want to set the shipping price based on many different factors like price, destination, weight, etc., this Magento 2 shipping method is for you. It allows you to establish the dependency between the price and destination.

However, to use table rates, you will have to make and import CSV file with detailed information

Magento 2 shipping

Here are the steps to configure this Magento 2 shipping method into your online store

  • Like other Magento 2 shipping method above, choose Yes in the Enable section
  • Enter your title in Title
  • Next, enter the name that will be displayed on your checkout page in the Method Name
  • After that, we move to Condition –  one of the most crucial factors in Table rates. In this part, you will choose a formula that will calculate your shipping fee. By default, Magento includes three different formulas: Weight vs Destination, Price vs Destination, No. of items vs destination. In this example, we choose Price vs Destination
  • If your online store sells virtual products, choose Yes in the Include Virtual Product Calculation
  • In the Calculate Handling Fee, you can either set the shipping fee as fixed amount or percent amount
  • In case of error, type in the error message in the Displayed Error Message box
  • Next, we come to Ship to Specific Countries. Depend on your needs and requirements, you can set it to All Allow Countries or Specific Countries
  • You can choose whether to Show Method if Not applicable or not. 
  • Finally, choose Save Config
Build table rate data

However, we haven’t done it yet. As mentioned above, you need to create and import CSV files to build table rate data. Then, we will show you detailed instruction to do this in this Magento 2 Shipping

  • Firstly, you need to choose the Store view in the admin view of Magento 2. After that, you’ll see two options under your table rate section
  • If you want to download the file, choose Export CSV. Then, upload the files based on your needs and requirements
  • In case you want to import files, choose “ Choose file” in the Import section. Make sure you still select the Store View where you want to apply the table rates
  • Once finish, click Save Config

In – store delivery

In – store delivery is such an ideal option for BOPIS ( Buy online, pick in store). Then, customers will order products on your website. Then, they will arrive at your brick – and – mortar store to pick up their products. To apply this in your Magento 2 store, you can make the shipping method free. In case you have multiple sales points, customers can choose the convenient one for them


Multiple Address Checkout

By default, Magento 2 shipping method only allows one method and one adress only. As a result, even when the order includes a wide range of products, it’s still treated as one physical unit. Therefore, you can’t split it into different ones. In particular, you can’t send a part of the order to destination A, and the rest to B. However, it’s not impossible to split the order in Magento 2. You can do this with Multiple Address Checkout. 

To enable it, go to Admin Panel >> Stores >> Configuration >> Sales >> Multishipping Settings. After that, you’ll see the following box

In this step, you configure the settings. After that, users will see the additional checkout option on the front end

Syncing Magento 2 with shipping carriers

One great thing about Magento 2 is that it provides available integrations with well – known delivery service providers such as UPS, FedEx and so on. Here’s how it works

Firstly, the online stores will send API queries to the carrier

Then, they fetch the available shipping options and their cost. Next, they submit the order to the supplier. From this, the carrier will take care of all the shipping process, from assigning tracking numbers, to hiring a courter.

One major advantage when working with well – known delivery service providers is that they can ensure high customer experience. In particular, most of the providers have pre-set schedules. This can greatly avoid “ lost – at – the – post” situations. 

To syncing your Magento 2 online store with shipping carriers, following these steps

  • Create a shipping account with the carrier
  • Then, enter your account number or number ID, and the gateway URL of the carrier to the configuration of your store.  

Things you need to keep in mind about Shipping and Fulfilment

Above, we deliver you sufficient understanding about Magento 2 shipping. Then, in this part, we will bring you some helpful tips to help with your shipping and fulfilment. Let’s begin

Make your order fulfilment and return policy transparent to customers

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to Magento shipping. Ambiguous or unclear policy can cause misunderstanding between you and customers. Needless to say, you can lose customers as well as reputation due to this. Moreover, you will have to spend time explaining and working with customers. No business owners expect that.

As a result, you should be clear about your order fulfilment and return policy. Make sure you make it as clear and detailed as possible. Also, place them in the visible place. Thanks to that, customers can easily find and look at them 

Free shipping


Nowadays, most online shoppers expect free shipping. According to a study in 2018, 91% of customers will likely leave the online store if there is no free delivery. Therefore, to attract more customers to your online store, you should consider free shipping. It is not only an option, it is also a marketing strategy. As that said, free shipping can highly improve your revenue and sales

However, you should think carefully when it comes to free shipping. Make sure that the increase in revenue can cover your shipping fee. Otherwise, you might encounter loss of your business. One way to cope with this is increasing the price of products, and offering free shipping. In fact, most customers won’t mind little change in product price. On the other hand, shipping fee have great impact on their buying decision

Flat rate shipping

Flat rate shipping is when one cost for shipping is applied for every product. In particular, the size, cost or weight of products won’t affect the shipping price. Therefore, this method allows customers to easily acknowledge the total shipping fee and total amount. The flat rate shipping is highly beneficial for customers who spend more or buy bigger items

Table rate shipping

Contrary to flat rate shipping, table rate shipping allows businesses to customize their shipping solutions. For instance, factors like cost, weight or size can affect the total shipping price. Most of the time, product price and destination are considered. 

Live shipping rates from carriers

If you want to accurately calculate shipping fee, live shipping rates from carriers will be your best choice. With this Magento 2 shipping method, you will cooperate with shipping carriers such as UPS or FedEx. Then, they will deliver your products directly to your customers. This shipping strategy is great for B2B shipments. Also, most shipping carriers have pre-post shipping schedules. Thanks to that, they can greatly avoid lost and late delivery. Also, you can choose the most suitable carriers for your business as well


magento 2 shipping

When it comes to Magento 2 shipping, packaging plays an important role. Nowadays, packaging is more than just a functional object. In some businesses, they can deliver a whole story, or surprise to customers with their packaging. Moreover, make sure you minimize the packaging as much as possible. Firstly, it will save a lot of space. Therefore, you can minimize the number of deliveries. Moreover, it can help protect the environment as well

International delivery

If you want to sell products worldwide, you’ll need international delivery. However, you have to do your research carefully when it comes to international delivery. First, make sure there is a demand for your products in your targeted countries. Also, learn about their import and export policies. Moreover, you need to choose an international carrier to work with

In conclusion

We hope to deliver you some helpful understanding about Magento 2 shipping. If you want further information about it, or need some advice with your Magento business, don’t hesitate to contact ArrowHitech

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