Magento agency: Key points to choose the right one to leverage your business

Today, technology is a crucial factor in our daily lives. As a result, more and more starters tend to open their own online shops and services. This business trend benefits thousands of producers and customers without physical interaction. How to build an attractive website? The answer is to hire a Magento agency.

Programming eCommerce websites requires virtual creators. Among many website platforms, Magento is the best option as it is productive and powerful. Thus, big companies like Coca-cola, Charlotte Tilbury or Ford have raised sales. It shows that Magento is an ideal option. However, installing needs certificated and experienced experts – a Magento angency.

What to prepare before contacting a Magento agency?

Once you have made up your mind, do not contact them right away. Instead, it is best to spend some time preparing and gathering information, and follow the suggestions below.

List your demands

You should understand the purpose and decide the demand. If possible, before reaching out to any Magento agencies, list out all the key details.

Have clear requirements

Different products and markets require different ways to attract clients. Therefore, skillful Magento experts cannot always meet your demand without your information. The more detailed your requirements are, the better. Thus, it leads to an effective and less time-consuming working process.

Estimate your budget

Now you know that programming an online platform is not too easy, you should not underestimate its cost. Follow this rule: spending at least 5% of the total revenue to build an attractive online store. The number of products and services you need equals the money you have to pay. And don’t forget to set aside a small amount for unexpected situations or errors as well.

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What to keep in mind when hiring a Magento agency?

With lots of agencies on the market, choosing which to work with is not an easy task. Suppose you pick a wrong company, your brand may collapse. We are here to show you some useful tips that you can follow to solve your problems.


Every field requires experienced experts to create products. Similarly, the agency you select must be experienced enough to be qualified for Magento certificates because it requires lots of coding and functionalities. Is it a Magento Certified Agency Or a Magento Solutions Partner? – an important question that determines the final products.

With 12+ years of experience, as well as more than 10 000 completed projects, Arrowhitech guarantees you the best solutions. After working with over 1000 clients in Vietnam and around the world, as well as expanding our offices to Singapore, Sweden and US, we believe that we can deliver you the optimal results and satisfaction. Get A Free Quote!

Quality – Reputation

A useful way to invest in an agency is to look at its rankings and reviews from other customers. Not only can you understand how others have rated that company, you can also learn from others’ similar situations. This does not take much of the time but the results are really helpful. For example, if you want to buy themes for your new clothing store, you can find Claue Magento 2 theme for your Magento store from Arrowhitech and find out its sales and reviews.

Moreover, you can click onto Arrowhitech portfolio to see the overall ratings, popular themes and extensions. They are made by professional standards.

Data Integrity and Security

Before signing an agreement or a contract, you need to make sure that it includes terms of security. Data can easily be stolen or copied. To avoid information leakage, you can sign the NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement). It is a legal contract that outlines confidential material, knowledge, or information that the parties wish to share with one another for certain purposes. 

As one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam, Arrowhitech always guarantees clients’ personal information and data. Our 12 years of working experience can minimize the unpredictable difficulty in keeping clients’ data.

Customer Service

When choosing a Magento agency to work with, cost is a must to consider. A reasonable price is not too expensive, not too affordable but it must be effective. 

Time is also an important element. In relation with cost, the less time you require, the more money you have to spend. Bear in mind that not all Magento agencies have large quantity employees. For that reason, if you are in a hurry, you had better choose a bigger compaany.

Communication is another key factor. If you choose an overseas company, remember to check whether that company works 24/7. It is best if you choose the agency that is within reach – in the same time zone, or better, in the same area. In addition, checking workers’ language is also needed. They have to understand your point clearly and properly in order to produce the appropriate products.

Arrowhitech’s key markets are located in Europe (the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, the UK, Greece, Austria…), Northern America (Canada, the US), Australia and some other regions… When working with us, you will be ensured that language border don’t prevent you from communicating and cooperating with an offshore company. Besides, as a Vietnamese-based company, our cost of labour is really affordable for worldwide clients.


These days, the advantages of high-tech devices saves more time and still creates best result. Magento companies should have the most advanced and up-to-date technology. As a result, it will maximize and optimize the productivity. For this reason, we – Arrowhitech are confident that we can offer the best support and assistance for our clients. We are determined to follow the trend and innovations in the field of technology to get the best mechanism for our team.

SEO factors

SEO – “Search Engine Optimization” is the process of getting traffic from the results on search engines, namely Google, Bing, Yahoo. In other words, it makes your website rank higher on search engines. Hence, this is the long-term solution as more and more Magento agencies are using SEO. Therefore, your online platform will attract plenty of potential customers and clients. 

Arrowhitech always wants customers to receive the best products they can, and to do so, we have carefully researched and studied SEO writing style. In order to get effective services and solutions, check out our website and contact us to create a wonderful eCommerce platform for your own.


When it comes to online retailing, Magento is surely the best platform for your online shops or websites. Above all, choosing a suitable Magento agency will help entrepreneurs set up, create and successfully operate online sites. If you still find it difficult to rely on any agencies, you can contact our Magento agency. We always pay our utmost attention to build a friendly and borderless relationship with our customers so they will become our best partner and friend. Still want to read more topics? You can check out our blog right here.