Magento Customization: Effective Methods To Enhance Your E commerce Solutions

With Magento, you can build a stunning and full-functions e commerce business. As time goes by, you may have an inkling that you need something more than what Magento already offers you. In this article, we use our experience in implementing custom Magento web stores to show you how Magento customization can let your business evolve to the next level.

Visual (Themes/Templates/Web design) is one of the most important factor of Magento customization

Magento offers a wide variety of great commercial themes, but such ready-made templates don’t make for good brand visibility and awareness. Custom Magento themes allow you to match the look and feel of your web store with your branded image and help you deliver the user experience that corresponds to your company vision.

To create an attractive custom Magento theme, it is necessary to take a analysis of your current e commerce business. The number of category levels in your catalogue, the types and attributes of the products you sell, the way you represent them in the store (type and layout of images and videos) – all this and more is taken into account when creating UI wireframes. A deep research of your customer base is crucial too, as it helps to cater to their needs and expectations during UX design.

Magento Customization: Effective Methods To Enhance Your E commerce Solutions
Meet some excellent Magento 2 themes to visualize your website

Improve Search Engines and Navigation for Visitors

A good site search lowers the strain on customer support, makes it easier to discover cross-selling and up-selling items, as well as decreases customer churn as people can quickly find the exact product they were looking for. This is a very powerful tool that improves the general customer experience of your Magento store. 

Magento supports ElasticSearch, which is one of the best search and analytics engines explicitly designed to handle large quantities of queries in an intelligent and facilitating manner. That’s why companies like Facebook and Dell use ElasticSearch for their internal and external needs. Its more specific features include the support for:

  • Multiple languages
  • Synonyms and ‘negative’ keywords
  • Real-time analytics
  • Internal databases and enterprise data lakes

While this will work for most web stores, there are alternatives available on the Magento Marketplace for those who feel the need for deeper Magento customization.

Here are a couple of solutions with the highest user scores:

Celebros Search

This extension offers semantic search based on customer intent and a myriad of other features. For example: autocomplete (similar to what Google does) and multi-value search.


This is another extension for experience personalization that offers product recommendations based on a visitor’s browsing history. Moreover, merchandising features let you localize search based on significant dates for those specific locations.

Try out Instant Search Magento 2 extension by Magesolution

Magento Customization: Effective Methods To Enhance Your E commerce Solutions

Instant Search extension provides users with quick drop-down suggestions on products, categories, content page or blog posts when they type in the keywords. It is compatible with Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Highlight features

  • Ability to display search results of products, categories, CMS page or Blog (compatible with Blog for Magento 2 extension)
  • Ability to adjust number of search results in drop-down list
  • Admin is able to turn the function on/ off and re-arrange the position of each section in drop-down list
  • Lightning speed search by Ajax without re-loading page

PWA standards to make Magento customization more effective

A ‘progressive web app’ (PWA) isn’t just a buzzword but an upgrade that your Magento web store can use to improve performance and raise conversion. The characteristics of a PWA-based Magento web store include:

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  • Higher security of your customers’ personal data

A PWA presupposes a configured SSL certificate and an HTTPS protocol. To clarify, this configuration makes for more secure and fast data exchange, protecting your customer’s sensitive information (addresses, credit card information, etc.)

  • Faster page load and offline availability

PWA-based Magento web stores use data caching to enhance the page load speed. Moreover, it is enable stable work on poor networks or even offline. To place an order, your customers still need internet connection. But, since most of the catalogue data is being regularly cached to their device, they will be able to put the necessary items in their cart regardless of the network conditions.

Most of all Magento 2 themes from Magesolution are well-confirmed about page loading speed.


This one is from Claue Theme – our best seller theme all the time on

  • Mobile compatibility

PWA-based Magento stores aren’t simply adapted to the mobile view, they can be installed on mobile home screens like a regular app. Although it is a mere shortcut that opens your website in a browser, it still resides in your customers’ devices. Thus, you can send reminders and notifications (for instance, to complete checkout) that will improve user retention and conversion.

Wrap up

Magento customization introduces significant business benefits while letting you stay on the same platform. Development of a custom theme or an extension and an upgrade of your Magento solution’s technical characteristics to a PWA can give you more freedom in representing your online retail business and significantly improve the website look or customer experience.

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