Magento development company: The power benefits and useful tips of hiring the best one

E commerce is gaining a lot of attention lately. Online shop owners can make a fortune out of their stores. As a result, more e commerce platforms are joining in the market, and Magento is one of the most popular. It is easy – to – use, open source and having many development partners. If you plan to start online business on Magento, hiring Magento development company is a must. They will save your time, create best design and grant you success.

Benefits of hiring a Magento development company

You consider opening a store on Magento platform? You are having many tasks need resolving? Magento development companies can solve most of your problems. They will give you some suggestions and deliver the best website for your business.

Grant business success

Magento development company often has lots of experience in e commerce. They will analyze your plans, competitors and market. Then, they should give you appropriate advice. As a result, your business will run smoothly, without confusion.

If you have any ideas and opinions, just raise your voice. Development company will listen and assess your ideas. Then, they will customize your business to meet your expectations.

Satisfy specific needs and requirements

After business plans evaluation, Magento development company will start coding. Every shop is different. Hence, the company will have to customize your needs and wants to create the best website for your store.

Magento development company offers you both front- end and back- end support. It delivers you the most catchy designs and bug- free web sites.

For example, you want to open a clothes shop online. The Magento development company will design your web. The themes must suit your visions, missions and styles. If you want to set up some events, they will help you with the back end. The coupon or event will pop right up whenever a customer go to your store. Moreover, they can make your web site run smoothly even in rush hour. 

Create user- friendly website

Magento development company will study your market and target customers. Using their experience, they will create the most suitable web store for your customers. Moreover, they can deploy new features to develop a pleasing website.

At Arrowhitech, we provide 50+ Magento themes and extensions. Those can be used for a wide range of fields. You surely will find suitable ones in our website.

Claue- one of the most popular themes in Arrowhitech

Save time

E commerce is not easy. Creating a fresh online store by yourself can be daunting and not effective. Instead of doing that on your own, why don’t you hire a development company do that for you? They will help you with both front- end and back- end, from evaluating your plans to executing them. 

Meanwhile, shop owners can spare some time to rest or do other tasks. The main purpose of business is to gain as much profit as possible. With the help of Magento development company, you will get more with less.

Provide best- quality products

Magento constantly release new updates and versions. Hence, Magento development company will help you approach the advanced Magento development. They will give you some information and advice on new features and the updates version. 

Furthermore, Magento development company will get rid of unnecessary features. Those features not only waste your money but also slow your web down. Then, you will get a faster and bug free online store.

Improve SEO – friendliness

You will want your online store get as many response and access as possible. With Magento SEO, you will be able to handle page traffic issues, indexing of the website as well as the landing pages. As a result, you will reach more customers.

Arrowhitech will give you opportunities to get more traffic and ROI by improving SEO. Our partners receive much more access and profit after using our SEO development service. We assure to improve your online store’s revenue.

Deliver constant technical support

Magento development company will go with you in a long- run. After launched, your website might need some supports and maintenance. Then, Magento development company should provide you some help with your problems. 

Some companies have 24/7 support all year through. You just simply call them and they will send you the right person for your problems. Moreover, you can ask for a specific person to resolve your issues. 

Meet your required deadlines

Magento development company has groups of developers to carry out the tasks. Then, they possibly bring you the high- quality products within the deadlines. 

With the help of development company, your business can go well as planned in gentle. 

Useful tips of choosing the best Magento development company

Hiring a Magento development company is vital. However, it is much harder than it seems. Here we will give you some tips to choose the suitable one for your business. 

Set up business expectation

The first thing you should do is determining what you want from your online shop. Set up your KIPs, annual revenue, etc. Therefore, you can find the Magento development company that meets your demands. Without knowing what you want, you will end up choosing improper company.

Company’s portfolio

You have to read the Magento development company’s previous works to see their styles, usage and functionality. It’s best to go through the work that similar to your business. If you want to open clothes shop online, you’s better check their clothes categories. If you have identical ideas, you can check the related ones.

Arrowhitech has been Magento third- party for about 12+ years. During that time, we have joined in a lot of projects around the world. We can provide you with many Magento themes and extensions. Our services will surely meet your expectations. Check our portfolio for more information. 

Company’s Certificates

Magento development requires a lot of knowledge. Therefore, the developers should have certificates approved by Magento. You can ask the company to show their certificate before getting in business. 

At Arrowhitech, our Magento developers have decade- long experience. They have achieved Magento certificates such as: Certified Developers, Certified Developers Plus, Certified Solution Specialists,  Certified Professional Front End Developers, etc

Magento’s certificates 

Company’s experience

An experienced Magento development company will carefully analyze your target audience, the number of customers, your budget instead of jumping right into coding. After deeply examine all the data, the company will give you right suggestions for your platform. Some young companies are promising, though. However, you’d better choose experienced company to avoid risk.

Established in 2007, ArrowHitech is the leading outsourcing company in Vietnam. We have gained lots of experience in e commerce. Our company surely give you great advice and services for your business.

Developer’s profiles

You should know who you directly work with. It’s important to see their styles, ideas and experience. Also, you can tell them your ideas and expectations. Therefore, you and developers can come to an agreement. The developer can’t meet your expectation if they don’t know what they are.

At Arrowhitech, you will receive developer’s profile first to see if their skills meet your requirements. Moreover, our developers will give you recommendations on your plans instead of doing whatever you ask.


The e commerce Magento development price should fit your budget. Make sure you discuss the price with the company in detail. Ask about detailed cost such as design, database configuration. You don’t want unexpected charges.

Cost is an important factor. However, it’s not the only factor. Remember low cost often comes with low quality. If the price is good but the company can’t fulfill your requirements, you must think carefully.


You don’t want to wait for about a year to have your website launched. The online market is more competitive than ever. In case you have a unique idea for your shop, you’d better do it fast. If not, you will have more rivals. Moreover, during shopping events and discount, without punctuality, there might be decreases in your revenue

Hence, the Magento development company should meet your deadlines. Time is money. You might prefer spending a little money for less time because you can earn more profit during that time. 


You can access the testimony by browsing reviews, asking other customers. It can give you more broaden and objective views of the company. The reviews will give you a general ideas of the company’s common flaws. If those are forgivable, you can call on the company.


After launching, the website might need some supports and maintenance. Then, e commerce development company should provide you with services to help you get a bug free website or fix some flaws. It’ll be a waste of time calling for different services to handle these. As a result, it’s better to have all- in- one company than have a lot of vendors manage your site. 

You shouldn’t spend too much your precious time fixing your websites. Therefore, some companies have 24/7 services so that you are able to contact them whenever anything happens. 

Arrowhitech provide all- in- one service, from back end to front end. Moreover, our support service is available 24/7 all year through. Just contact us via any means of communication. Your problems will be solved as fast as possible.


Finally, you will likely to end up with multiple e commerce development company choices. You will have to compare those to find the best one. You can set up some criterias to measure the potentiality of each company and choose the most suitable for your business.

It’s so convenient these days when we have Internet. With just one click, we can easily compare the similarities and differences among companies. Then, we can draw our final decision.

If you are looking for a suitable Magento development company, ArrowHitech is a great option. Contact us here or via email: or hotline: +84 243 7955 813