Magento development melbourne, Australia: Give wonderful user experience with the robust end- to- end Magento solutions

There is no denying that Australia has always been one of the extremely potential markets of the Magento platform. With so many choices from countless Magento development agencies all over the world, it’s hard for Australian ecommerce sellers to choose an agency or company that gives them a wonderful user experience with the robust end-to-end Magento solutions. In this blog, ArrowHiTech – the best Magento development Melbourne provider will give you the reasons why we stay in shape and are trusted by a wide range of customers among the crowd. Let’s explore right now!

What is Magento?

As you probably know, Magento is a powerful open-source platform. And, it includes everything you need to become stand out compared to any competitors in the same field. Being one of the most popular ecommerce platforms not only in Australia, but also all over the world, Magento is the ideal choice for you if you want to build a unique and wonderful online store. In fact, Magento is on the Top three of the most popular eCommerce CMS, with an 8% market share among the top 1 million websites. Moreover, Magento CMS’s aids in the creation of an engaging experience and the seamless support of third-party API connections. As a result, it will surely grab potential customer’s attention a lot.


In terms of Magento 2, it is a new and upgraded version of the Magento platform that replaces the sunsetted version from June 2020. For more detail, Magento 2 gives users a lot of modern technologies. Also, a global partner ecosystem, and a broad extensions marketplace. Hence, it enables businesses to easily integrate and modify their business requirements, with the goal of increasing traffic and customer traction. 

Magento developers Melbourne

With the popularity as well as the ability to Give wonderful user experience, Magento is an indispensable platform for any business, especially Australian brands.

In case you are a newbie and you are planning to grow your business in a large and competitive market like Melbourne, Australia, you should seek the help of Magento developers. In fact, in this market there are countless different developers. But, not all of them are excellent and get everyone’s trust. However, ArrowHitech is confident that we can solve all customer problems about Magento development Melbourne services in the shortest time. Let’s read the following section to dig down further information of ArrowHiTech.

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Why is ArrowHiTech the most ideal Magento development Melbourne provider choice?

Many years of experience in Magento development Melbourne services

ArrowHiTech is always one of the most famous names in the global market, especially in Australia when it comes to companies specializing in Magento development services. We have collaborated with many businesses and witnessed their success with the Magento platform. Then, if you are interested, let’s dig down further more information about businesses that get success with our services HERE

We create the best Magento eCommerce solutions in the industry, keeping up with industry trends such as mobile optimization. Then, personalized shopping experiences, enhancing user-experience with material design, push notifications, and parallax scrolling, etc.

Magento development melbourne

Magento design

#1. Navigation design

We provide skillful designers that will ensure your store’s navigation is quick and straightforward. Thus, this makes it easier for your clients to connect with your website and prompts them to check out. Best of all, our stunning and modern design properly communicates the critical information your clients require at each stage of the customer journey.

#2. UX design

Before creating the user interface, ArrowHiTech’s experts create website wireframes and rigorously evaluate usability. Furthermore, in order to provide the best possible experience, we will work with your marketing teams throughout the entire UX design process and welcome their opinion on UX wireframes.

UI Magento development melbourne

#3. UI design

We define the UI elements and the rules for implementing your color scheme on the website. As a result, it perfectly matches your brand vision across multiple browsers and devices. Furthermore, our team strikes a balance between usefulness and fashionable design. They also turn the UX mockups into engaging visual experiences that are easy to utilize.

Third Party Integration

Your eCommerce platform must relate to your POS system, Warehouse Management system, freight or delivery partner, and customer support system. So, in order to give the optimal customer experience and operational efficiencies, all systems should ideally be able to communicate with one another. This will be the perfect choice if you collaborate with a Magento development team or agency like ArrowHiTech that specializes in integration. This is because your eCommerce store’s back-end will handle a big portion of this on its own once a customer wants to order your items online. 

For instance, before making a purchasing decision for any product on your website, customers should be able to review your shipping rates, see how much inventory is available of their preferred product, find out when the product will be delivered to their home, etc. 

Easily help you migrate from a competitive platform to Magento if you wish

This will sound quite difficult with anyone who doesn’t have much experience as well as knowledge in this field. So, to migrate from the other platform to Magento, you need to hire a Magento development agency. For example, with ArrowHiTech, our knowledgeable experts assist online merchants of all sizes in migrating to Magento from another platform. Not only that, our experts will help you with technical optimization, UI/UX/CX design, and maintenance in addition to Magento migration.  

Boosting SEO for your website


Even if you build a complete, eye-catching ecommerce website without SEO support, your website will not be widely known. This will result in losing a huge variety of potential customers. Simply speaking, enhancing code, using relevant material, minimizing errors, removing flaws, optimizing pages, and other ways to increase both the number and quality of traffic to a web application are all part of SEO optimization. Therefore, hiring a Magento development melbourne agency that specials in SEO optimization is extremely necessary, in particular with newbies as well as small businesses. 

As your digital marketing expert, ArrowHiTech will work with you with the goal of expanding the reach and size of your Magento ecommerce business. In fact, we create a work plan that takes into account your entire digital marketing strategy, ensuring that the approach is harmonious and consistent. Then, this will bring you various great opportunities to access a bigger potential buyer’s base, and boosting profits will be easier than ever. 

Maintenance & Support

#1. Proactive Magento website monitoring & Health check regularly

In order to make sure that your Magento website always runs perfectly and doesn’t have any unexpected issues, we regularly check the health of your site. Simply speaking, we monitor the status of the website server to provide early warning before any problem appears. Not only that, in order to maintain the long-term health for your site, we backup data on a regular basis and test the restoration capabilities.

#2. Ongoing support

If Australian retailers wish to develop their ecommerce solutions and track their website’s performance as well as stability in a consistent manner, this great method will bring benefits for them. Besides, we are also entirely accountable for the process of solution optimization and backup your business growth as soon as we cooperate.

#3. Magento Audit Support

Our Magento development melbourne experts will search the server and database. Then, they can detect faults, security flaws, and performance gaps by using both manual and automated methods. What’s more, we can also quickly establish the genuine picture of security weaknesses. This is thanks to utilizing the scanning, penetration tests, and vulnerability tests.

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How has ArrowHiTech helped Magento ecommerce stores succeed? 


#1. Increase great performance

We have various skilled and talented developers that will always ensure your website runs smoothly. The overall performance of your site will wow your visitors whenever they visit your site. 

#2. Drive conversion rate

It can be said that the conversion rate represents the success of an ecommerce website. ArrowHiTech always ensures to maximize the conversion for your store. We summarize and resolve conversion issues based on website data analytics. Then we rebuild the UI/UX to lower the bounce rate and conduct a UX audit. Hence, we can identify and correct usability issues. 

#3. Grab more customer’s attention

Thanks to creating excellent analytical solutions, we assist store owners to see the big picture and stay on top of trends. We also provide automation tools for customer segmentation and marketing operations so that you may attract your customers more effectively.

#4. Reduce development cost

Surely, if you don’t use our all-in-one services, you will have to pay separately for each part. For instance, design, maintenance, support, etc. This will not only cost you a huge amount of money, but also takes a lot of your time. 

To sum up with Magento development Melbourne

To conclude that, if you can’t develop your Magento store well on your own, hiring a Magento development service provider is the best choice. In this blog above, ArrowHiTech delivers several outstanding reasons why we are always on Top of the best Magento development Melbourne providers in Australia. We hope this blog is for you. In case you have any questions about our Magento development services, let’s CONTACT US to be clearer. 

In fact, we create a work plan that takes into account your entire digital marketing strategy. Then, ensuring that the approach is harmonious and consistent. Thus, this will bring you various great opportunities to access a bigger potential buyer’s base. And, boosting profits will be easier than ever.

Aside from Magento, you can refer to another ecommerce platforms through our article of Top 10 best ecommerce platform Australia in 2021 for more details.