Why Magento is the best choice for F&B industry as a ecommerce platform

Ecommerce F&B business is always known as one of the most potential and promising industries in the market. In order to own a successful online F&B store, first and foremost, you must choose the suitable ecommerce platforms. If you are new to this industry yet don’t know which platform will be suitable for your store. Then, you should take a look at Magento – one of the most popular and worth-using open-source ecommerce platforms. So, what makes Magento for F&B industry become the best choice? ArrowHiTech will help you clarify for you in the blog below. 

In the past, people used to hesitate when it came to buying F&B food online. However, this habit has changed in recent times. According to a Nielsen survey, one-quarter of buyers order groceries online, with 55% saying they will do so in the future. Once a consumer makes an online purchase, it is apparent that the internet channel will remain their preferred shopping site. With the same-day delivery services of many big ecommerce companies such as: Amazon, Google, and eBay, clients become more and more accustomed to the simplicity of placing an order online. What’s more, in grocery e-commerce, in particular the F&B industry, customers appear to be comfortable with quick click-and-collect purchasing and satisfied with such convenience. 

Ecommerce F&B industry Trends

According to the statistics of Business Insider, during the period of between 2013 and 2018, online grocery sales expanded at a rate of 21.1% every year. Meanwhile, during the same time period, offline grocery sales increased by 3.1 percent yearly.

Best of all, it is predicted that by 2030, the majority of food shopping will still be done in physical locations. But, many shoppers will relocate part of their shopping experience online. 

As a result of the burgeoning trend of online food and beverage sales, numerous food and beverage establishments have turned to e-commerce and found success. Therefore, e-commerce has increasingly penetrated the F&B market and then, become one of the most popular trends in the global market.

Why should the F&B industry move from traditional business to online?

In fact, if the F&B industry can go online, not only customers but also store owners will take a lot of  benefits from this. 

For customers

Instead of having to move to traditional stores like before, now, customers just need a device connected to the network and a few simple steps to place an online order. Especially, ecommerce shopping allows customers to browse without having to wait in a line and be frustrated. Furthermore, there is an online assistant that is frequently available to provide such solutions to their concerns.

Why should the Food industry move from traditional business to online

For store owners

It can be said that store owners are the ones who benefit the most from the online F&B industry. For more details, first and foremost, doing ecommerce will be less costly than traditional retail outlets. For instance, you don’t have to lease land, store rentals, labor costs and so much more. All you need to do is pay for the website’s development and upkeep. 

What’s more, ecommerce will help you grow your business as well, specifically attract more potential customers and then, have a bigger customer base. Following that, clients who are unable to visit the store in person can do so through the internet. All in all, as you can see, regardless of where they live or which language they speak, ecommerce stores still reach a larger number of customers. 

What are the challenges of online F&B business?

Along with significant benefits, the F&B business also faces many challenges. The main reason here is that F&B includes products that are very perishable and do not last long.

Logistics pose a Threat

The first difficulty you must know is the problem of Logistics. In reality, the complexity and high expense of logistics is the most difficult aspect of F&B e-commerce for store owners. Calculating the expected time and the best route for orders is a difficult challenge to solve. As a result, lowering logistics costs is a difficult task.

Furthermore, as a store owner, you need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of various shipping alternatives. For instance, home delivery, in-store pickup, delivery to a locker site, or a mix of these in order to choose the right method. In particular, the more bulk purchases you sell, the higher profits you will gain, and it also reduces the costs of logistics. This is because volume will undoubtedly play a critical part in the long-term success of F&B e-commerce, which some current e-commerce platforms can support.

Order Freshness is also a challenge

Magento for F&B industry packages

Maybe you don’t know, the order quality and freshness is one of the biggest concerns of customers that F&B ecommerce must pay attention to. To put it plainly, the majority of customers wish online grocers to not only provide same-day shipment, but also to protect the quality of easily-damaged commodities like vegetables. Thus, this requires store owners to consider modifying the way orders are packaged by incorporating some very protective materials that are still safe for the environment. 

Why is Magento for F&B industry the best choice?

Meet every customer’s requirements

As you know, each customer has a unique preference and requirement. So the F&B industry must be integrated on an ecommerce platform that can accommodate a large number of products. And, Magento is the most ideal choice for this because the latest version can carry up to 200,000 products. Besides, you can provide as many dishes and customizations as you desire in order to satisfy even the hard customers. Best of all, all user actions are automatically recorded on the Magento platform. Then, consumers can be segmented based on flavor profiles, pairings, preparation, occasion, and other preferences using these behaviors. Therefore, this will make it easier for you to serve each customer and give them the best shopping experience. 

F&B industry

Generate delectable mobile experiences in Magento for F&B industry

More than ever, mobile usage is a notable feature of customer behavior. Then, you can take advantage of this feature to boost sales easily by making the purchasing on mobile become convenient and easier for customers. 

In addition, mobile users rely on their devices to investigate restaurants for delivery or takeout, according to the report Mealtime Goes Mobile: 44% use a mobile device on a regular basis to obtain restaurant phone numbers. Besides, 39% use it to view a restaurant’s menu, and 38% to locate a restaurant. Then, Magento was created to solve this for you. This is because this ecommerce platform comes with a huge number of mobile-responsive designs. Then, you can easily choose the most suitable one for your store. Thanks to Magento, your website will always have a stunning appearance as well as run smoothly on every type of modern device not only on mobile phones, but also tablets, PC, desktops. 

Powerful Integration of Business Systems

Additionally, unique business systems, such as ERP, PIM, POS, OMS, CRM, and CMS solutions that use efficient web APIs, make running an online store simple. Then, the adaptable Magento foundation can assist F&B owners in orchestrating these interactions, processing logic and routing efficiently.

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What advantages does Magento bring for Food Delivery?

#1. Personalized Customer Experience

In fact, when consumers shop online, their mentality and conduct are different. So, their requirements are also not the same. Thanks to client personal profiles, Magento enables you to leverage this distinction to your advantage. Specifically, they give the following services:

Firstly, editing in order

Secondly, reordering of products

Finally, notifications and relevant reminders are provided.

Magento for F&B industry benefits

#2. Beneficial promotions

With the support of Magento, F&B online businesses will feel easier in developing effective, distinctive marketing plans and promotional campaigns. As a result, it will surely help you separate out compared to any competitors. Now, you can consider the following ideas for grabbing the attention of your customers:

  • Offer strong and attractive loyalty program

Loyalty programs that offer special discounts and coupons, such as 10% off a purchase or a free food item once a month, are a great way to keep customers coming back. 

  • Win-back emails

If you send customers an email with the best-selling products or a personal discount, they may pay attention to your products and then, you can boost sales with ease.

  • Product services labeled as “new”

In fact, the “New Arrival” label of any items means that your business is expanding, growing, and attracting new suppliers. What’s more, this is also applicable to services, such as contactless delivery, new payment methods, or paperless packing.

#3. Custom Merchandising 

The customization ability will boost your individuality and uniqueness of any ecommerce stores, especially the F & B industry. Following that, it will make you stand out among the crowd when displaying products on a website. Then, you should attention to the following tips to increase sales for your business:

  • Take advantage of filters and layers

The first tip you should know if you want to boost your sales effectively is using filters and layers. Simply speaking, using them to facilitate the process of searching products based on price, brand, or delivery choices.

  • Display products from a variety of perspectives

The next tip is showing items from every angle. By including numerous photos, a 360-degree view, or a video, you may offer your buyers the sensation of holding a thing in their hands.

  • Make personalized recommendations

Making personalized recommendations is also one the best tips for leveling up your sales. Simply speaking, the rapid, personalized, and to-the-point suggestions will be given thanks to utilizing AI-based engines. For instance, the “Best pairs with” offer can be ascribed to categories such as wine and cheese.

Magento for F&B industry

#4. Organizing Delivery

The final stage in online shopping is order delivery. In reality, this step is the most important one and it necessitates particular consideration. Furthermore, Magento facilitates the following two essential points:

  • Provide a variety of payment options

Customers would appreciate the ease of having multiple payment gateways. The ability to pay upon delivery and pre-paying the order on the website are two of the most popular payment methods. When ordering goods that are sold by weight, opt for a pre-authorized payment. Moreover, it enables you to put a hold on a customer’s credit card account for the utmost amount possible and withdraw the exact amount after the order is delivered.

  • Delivery and order tracking when delivery

Usually, customers will choose from three delivery options: express, door-to-door, and contactless. Besides, thanks to the Magento platform, customers can also be informed about the status of their orders in an online grocery store if this store is built based on Magento. What’s more, you can set up the system to send a message with the projected arrival time or to update the website’s delivery tracker.

Work with a reliable Magento for F&B industry development service company like ArrowHiTech

Because of the most necessary need of humans, F&B is always a promising industry in both the present and the future. With the development of the ecommerce business, the transition from traditional F&B to online is a must for any store owner. However, having a successful F&B ecommerce business is not fairly easy if you are a newbie or without having much experience in this field. Then, you should ask a professional Magento for F&B industry development service provider for help in this case. So, you should have a glance at ArrowHiTech – the leading Magento development services company in the global market. If you still don’t know anything about us, let’s check out our outstanding successful ecommerce customers thanks to our great help HERE. ArrowHiTech is proud to be one of the most reputable companies providing exceptional quality services at the most affordable prices in the market. 

ArrowHiTech company

To sum up with Magento for F&B industry

To conclude that, Magento is the best ecommerce platform you should use to build an F & B online store. With a lot of modern and powerful features, Magento brings a lot of benefits to the F&B industry. Then, it makes everything become easier than ever. All in all, ArrowHiTech hopes you will gain as much helpful information as you wish through this blog above. Then, you can get success on the nearest day. 

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