Magento PWA: Overview and how to leverage it in ecommerce

Progressive web app, or PWA, has been an innovation with Magento developers and shop owners since 2015. It can bring in a lot of advantages for your website and business. As that said, in this blog, we will deliver you sufficient understandings about Magento PWA: What is it, why you need it and how to leverage it in eCommerce

What is Magento PWA?

Magento PWA

PWA stands for Progressive Web Application, a greatly responsive web application for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. PWA is one of the best alternatives to a native mobile application. Since PWA can closely resemble native applications of those devices, it can be the best alternative for those applications. 

For instance, PWA can have the look and feels of the native mobile app while using web app development technologies like JavaScript, or HTML. Moreover, PWA highly focuses on application style experience, such as push notification and low network use

Also, keep in mind that PWA is independent of the Operating system. Therefore, one PWA can be used for both Android and iPhone. 

Pros of Magento PWA

PWA has been an innovation during this period. PWA can bring you a lot of benefits. Here to list a few

Fast Speed

PWA is extremely fast. Particularly, it takes you less than 5 seconds to load on a 4G network. Besides, PWA has the cache to avoid troublesome and poor website performance. As a result, by using Magento PWA, you can deliver a better browsing experience to your customers

Offline usability

Nowadays, people often have their phone with them everywhere. Thus, they might want to make a purchase everywhere as well. For example, on the bus, on the train, etc. However, in some places, Internet connection is poor. Thus, PWA is necessary in those situations. It will use cache API and special scripts to repeat the components of the layouts stored in the browser cache

Better security

Magento PWA

When it comes to online shopping, payment security is one of the most important factors. In Particular, customers are always afraid that their information will be leaked. Therefore, they might hesitate to use their credit/ debit card on your online store. Then, this problem can be solved with Magento PWA. Thanks to Payment Request API integrated into the browser, you can enhance the payment security

SEO friendly


Firstly, PWA is extremely fast. Therefore, it can minimize the loading time of your page. Secondly, they have URLs which can be indexed in Google. Needless to say, these factors can boost your SEO to the next level

Highly responsive

The number of mobile users is increasing dramatically, and they likely bring their phone with them everywhere. As a result, more people are buying with their mobile phones. 

Progressive web applications have responsive layouts across all devices. Therefore, you can ensure that your website will look beautifully regardless of the devices

  • Better bounce rates
  • Also, it can greatly resemble native mobile applications
  • Independent of the operating system. Therefore, it can save users a lot of time and effort
  • Push notifications

Cons of Magento PWA

Everything has both sides, and PWA is not an exception. Despite all those benefits, there are still some factors you should consider when it comes to Magento PWA

  • Limited Browser support and Native API
  • Battery – consuming. Since PWA is written in complex codes, it will be harder for the phones to process PWA. Thus, PWA can consume more energy of your phone than native apps
  • Moreover, it can be unable to access some features on your devices. For example, Bluetooth, advanced camera control and so on

When do you need Magento PWA?

Since Magento PWA has both benefits and drawbacks, you’d better consider your current situations first before choosing to use it or not. Below are some scenarios you should use Magento PWA

  • In short of budget and resource to build a native mobile app
  • Also, if you don’t have much time for marketing, using Magento PWA might be a better solution
  • Your target audience mainly use Android rather than iOS
  • There is a decline in the conversion rate of your website
  • If you want to deliver better experience to your customers
  • Planning to re – design your eCommerce store

How to achieve Magento PWA?

Magento Extensions

This might be the easiest way to achieve Magento Progressive application on your website. Simply go to Magento marketplace and get the suitable extensions. There are many extensions that claim to bring you the experience of a progressive web applications. However, keep in mind that extension can’t deliver smooth offline usability as well as fast page load since these features are defined by front – end code

Magento PWA Studio


If you’re looking for an effective way to achieve Magento PWA, Magento PWA Studio will be an ideal solution. In fact, Magento PWA Studio is a package of Java – based development tools. It promises to deliver users the PWA experience to a Magento solution. In particular, your existing store front end will be replaced with Magento PWA Storefront. Then, this will communicate with your current Magento backend through GraphicQL – based Magento APIs

Magento PWA Storefront Showroom

There are a lot of Magento PWA Storefront demos for you to choose, including those created by Magento and by third – party developers. Looking at those demos, you’ll see the exact look and feel of already – developed PWA – optimized front – end. Overall, they are PWA “ Lumas” for your Magento with attributes and a customizable layout 

Magento PWA
Venia – one of the best Magento PWA storefont

In conclusion

Now, you might gain some basic and fundamental knowledge about Magento PWA. In order to achieve Magento PWA and get the best performance for your website, you’d better call for experts or professional developers. In this case, we highly recommend ArrowHitech

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