Magento specialist: Why should hire them for every Magento project?

Magento is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world. However, working effectively with Magento is not easy. Therefore, you might need some help from Magento developers, in particular, Magento specialists. In this blog, we will deliver you some basic, yet essential understandings about Magento specialist and why you should hire them for your Magento project

What is a Magento specialist?

Firstly, you need to know what Magento specialists are. They are not merely Magento developers. Magento specialists understand deeply and thoroughly about Magento features and architecture. Most of the time, they work directly for a merchant, via an agency or freelance consultant

Solution Specialist represents a cross – functional group of professionals that learned through their experience. Therefore, specialists’ job titles can vary depending on their exact roles and responsibilities. For example, Magento Architect, Solution Consultant and so on. 

As a result, Magento Specialists can do different jobs and have different roles. For instance, a specialist can work in the admin panel, managing the operation process. On the other hand, another specialist can be Certified Magento Developers.

Magento Solution specialist certification

Magento specialist

To get Magento Solution Specialist certification, you will need to take the Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist exam. This exam will verify and test a wide range of Magento skills and knowledge of candidates. In particular, you will not only need to know how to set up a Shopping Cart Price Rule, but also how to use it for specific purposes.

Until March 2019, there are about 694 Magento specialists in the world, and this number is expected to increase even higher in the upcoming years. 

Why should you hire Magento specialist for your Magento project

Now, you might have some basic understanding about Magento specialists. Then, we will show you why you should hire them for your Magento project

Avoid unexpected problems

This might be one of the biggest advantages of hiring Magento specialist. Since they have great skills and expertise, they can cope with your requirements with confidence. Thanks to that, with the help of Magento specialist, you can get the best performance within a short time. 

On the other hand, it’s very risky to hire non – certified Magento developers. Firstly, they haven’t gained sufficient experience and skills. Therefore, it might take a long time for them to accomplish your project. In worse scenarios, they can even break your entire website. Then, why don’t you give your Magento project to Solution specialist instead

Save time

Magento specialist

Needless to say, hiring Magento specialist will save you a great amount of time. With their expertise and experience, specialists can easily identify your problems, and how to cope with it. Moreover, you hardly meet any unexpected issues when working with them. Thanks to that, you don’t need to spend time solving afterward problems.

Cost – efficiency

Magento specialist will make your website run smoothly and can avoid as many issues as possible. Therefore, you don’t need to spend time fixing bugs or problems again and again. 

What’s more, specialists can identify the core problems. Hence, you might not need to pay for extra cost. Thanks to this, you can save a large amount of money  

Verify the quality of the company


When a company announces that they have Magento specialists, or gain Magento certificates, this can be an indicator showing that the company is high – quality. From this, customers will feel a lot safer when choosing your company for their Magento project

In fact, no companies want to show their bad sides to their customers. Then, how can customers verify the quality of the company? Yes, it’s Magento Certificates

Catch up with Magento development


Technology is constantly moving forward. Hence, during 2019, Magento has released some helpful new features such as Page Builder, PWA Studio, Amazon Sales Channel and Google Ads integrations. Therefore, it’s important to keep up with the changes of technology.

Magento specialist have great knowledge and understanding about Magento features. They also keep up and learn new things about this eCommerce platform. Thanks to that, they will not only prepare you with those changes, but also help your company adapt quickly with them. As a result, you’ll never be out of date

Get outstanding result

Last but not least, when working with a Magento specialist, you surely get outstanding performance for your project. Firstly, since they have wide knowledge about the eCommerce market, they can deliver you some helpful advice about your project. Secondly, specialists can deliver you clean coding. Then, you don’t need to worry about buggy or broken websites. Moreover, clean code will be beneficial for maintenance and update in the future.

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