Magento website development : why it is an effective solution in ecommerce

Magento is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world. It provides well – functioning, helpful features for users to build their own online web store. In this blog, we will dive deeper into Magento website development. Moreover, this blog will answer some questions that are on your mind. For example, how does Magento web development work, what are its functions and should you use Magento for your website.

What is eCommerce?

Magento website development

Let’s start with a common phrase – eCommerce. Simply speaking, eCommerce is the act of buying and selling online. Commonly, it takes the form of a product inventory/ shopping system integrated into the company’s website. Then, customers can buy products by going to your website. Moreover, they can pay for their bill through the checkout process on your website as well. 

Moving to the backend. An effective eCommerce system will allow you to log in and keep track of all your selling processes. Besides, shop owners can manage their orders and income. Thanks to that, they can come up with effective business strategies. 

Magento website development

Magento website development

Magento is an open source content management. It can deliver users a lot of great and well – functioning features. For instance, its highly intuitive administration interface will help you with content marketing and merchandising. Besides, there are many great marketing tools to help with your online business. Then, if you expect a smooth, exclusive online store, Magento might serve you well

In short, Magento is an effective eCommerce platform to consider. However, working with it requires a lot of time and experience. Therefore, although Magento is free, you will have to pay an extra fee for Magento developers. Looking on the bright side, there are numerous Magento third parties and developers out there. Thus, you can easily find a Magento partner.

Advantages of Magento website development

You might wonder: “ Why should I choose Magento over other eCommerce platforms?” Then, this part will answer that question for you. Here are some benefits of Magento website development, just to name a few

Great flexibility

Magento is an open source content management. Therefore, you can freely integrate third – party tools and access to a catalog of management tools. Moreover, there are many many customizable options for your online store. For example, customizable Magento 2 themes or extensions. Then, if you expect unique, exclusive and well – functioning website, Magento will be an ideal option

Open source platform

There is a large community of Magento developers and third – party, and this number is likely to increase even more. All of them are contributing to the development of Magento coding and security. Thanks to that, Magento is becoming one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world.

Also, there are a large number of Magento developers out there. Therefore, it’s not hard to find a Magento partner. 

Mobile friendly design

Magento website development

In recent years, more and more people use their mobile phones to shop online. Mobile internet usage will likely surpass that of desktop. Therefore, shop owners must consider mobile friendly design for their web shop. 

Realizing this trend, Magento delivers new responsive design features. For instance, they provide shopping carts and checkouts designed to work in any environment or screen size. With those stunning features, your website will look great on any devices, from mobile phones to desktops. But Magento can deliver you more than that. For example, better cashing management will reduce the response time. Then, your cart abandonment might reduce greatly

Easy Integration

One great thing about Magento website development is its easy integration. Users can easily integrate and synchronize Magento with many CRM platforms like Salesforce and Hubspot. Moreover, users are able to integrate third – party tools, like marketing tools. 

Effectively import data and manage catalog

Besides easy integration, Magento allows the import of existing customer information, image data, etc from other platforms and applications. Hence, it won’t take you too much time when moving from different platforms to Magento. This will have you a lot of time and cost. In case of larger applications, you can use available third – party catalog management solution

High security

high security

Magento has great security. Its security scan tool uses over 30 security tests to provide insight into the real – time status of your Magento store. Thus, it can immediately address security issues and act if required. 

What’s more, Magento has a big community of developers. Then, if there are any security problems, they will quickly acknowledge and fix them.

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Other highlights features of Magento web development

  • Multi store and multi site functionality 
  • Also, users can set up loyal customer program
  • Shop owners can use multiple accounts 
  • Easy and effective inventory management
  • Wide range of transaction options and settings

ArrowHitech – the perfect partner for Magento website development

It’s a fact that there are many Magento third parties and Magento developers out there. Therefore, you can easily find a Magento partner. However, choosing the perfect, right one for your business is not easy. 

First, they need to have valid and sufficient understanding about Magento functions and architectures. Secondly, your partner must have knowledge and experience in eCommerce as well. Keep in mind that Magento itself can’t bring you customers and grow your business. In fact, Magento website development is just a part of your eCommerce business. Therefore, to leverage your business to the next level, you should find a Magento partner that has experience in eCommerce. In this case, we highly recommend ArrowHitech.  



ArrowHitech has more than 14 years of experience working with different projects, including Magento development. After accomplishing thousands of Magento projects, we have gained a large amount of understanding and experience about this eCommerce platform. Besides, all of our developers have gained certifications approved by Magento such as Certified Developer, Certified Developer Plus and so on. Then, we can fulfil all your requirements with confidence. Therefore, we can not only deliver you smooth and well – functioning Magento website development, but also help you with business strategy. 

In our company, we always do our best to create a warm and hospitality working environment for our customers. When working with us, you’ll always be our priority. ArrowHitech will always listen enthusiastically to your needs and requirements and find the best solution for those. But we can deliver you more than that. We not only listen to your needs, but also deliver you helpful advice for your project. Moreover, we constantly keep track with the latest technology. Thanks to that, ArrowHitech can even go beyond your expectations.

If you need to know more about our work, check our portfolio here for more information

ArrowHitech will not only be your partner during your Magento project, but also afterward. If any problems come up, simply contact us via hotline, email or contact form. Our 24/7 all – year – through customer service will support you immediately. Moreover, there are no language borders when working with us. Besides English and Vietnamese, our employees can communicate fluently in different languages such as Japanese. 

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