Maintenance Cost: How to reduce it for ReactJS App and increase profit?

Needless to say, ReactJS is one of the most popular open source libraries for building UI. In addition, React also provides services on servers (via Node) and on mobile apps (via React Native). As a result, it boosts your web app’s performance and productivity. With such heavy duty, it comes with high cost. How to reduce Maintenance Cost you may ask?

This article will present you some reasons for high expense as well as simple and useful ways to cut it down. ArrowHiTech hopes that you will learn lots of new ideas to fix your own issues! It is best to read till the end to avoid every common mistake.

Why minimize costs?

Spending the smallest possible amount of money for the same results is every developer’s wish. Specifically for starters and newcomers, lowering every bit of expense is important. As a result, you can optimize the expense for other use or areas.

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Slowly and little savings lead to lots of money in the future!

And without further ado, let’s begin with some factors affecting your maintenance cost!

Key reasons for high Maintenance Cost

Apparently, each site is affected by different factors to different extent. In this article, only list out the most common elements you may recognize:

  • Outdated technology version
  • Third Party Add-ons
  • Third Party IT developers
  • New features
  • Bad coding approach
  • Unclear documentation
  • And many more…

After seeing that long list of reasons, you don’t need to be worried. The more reasons we can find, the better. At least we now know what area should be closely checked. Otherwise, if you don’t have much time nor technical skill, you can contact us for the best solutions.

Top 7 effective ways to cut down Maintenance Cost

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1. Mobile-friendly Design

In today’s high tech world, many IT agencies have not adopted Responsive Web Design (or Mobile-friendly one). They don’t know that having it now will save lots of time and cost in the future because it’s getting more and more popular. For that reason, integrating it now is the first effective thing that you can do.

Unless you did develop the app, you can strongly build the CSS in your web app by using mobile-friendly design. With 12+ years of expertise, ArrowHiTech always guarantees the most optimal solutions to minimize maintenance cost!

2. Coding

Having a well-written code is the key to downsize your cost. Just imagine when buying clothes, spending a good amount of money for higher quality will let you use it much longer than cheap ones. Likewise, a good quality coding system in the first place may cost you more but in the long run, you won’t be spending tons of cash to replace and repair it.

Good quality coding is important!

Here are some criteria you should keep in mind:

  • Identical records
  • Consistent indents
  • And Consistent semicolons ( ; ) 

As an IT professional, we follow the Clean Coding standard which provides multiple tools and devices. In fact, they help compare every code with the defined style guide in an automatic way.

3. Documentation

Because unexpected problems and issues are unavoidable, you are highly likely to ask for the help of experts. In this case, you must ask for their documentation and check every detail carefully. 

A clear documentation includes quality, ability to detect and history. Moreover, the project arrangement must be clear, easy to read and understand, or else you will get into their hidden ‘trap’. Lastly, a fair documentation will save you both time and cost. At the same time, it will show the dedication and commitment of the developers and can lead to long term working partners.

4. Third Party

Hiring an outsourcing agency and using their solutions or suggestions is asking for help from ‘third party’. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the agency itself as well as its offers and packages.

Firstly, check the packages or libraries updates and durability. (If possible, please check for its future updates!).

Next, check for compatibility with ReactJS to see if those packages can receive updates alongside it.

Finally, ask the IT developers! Assuming that all the above issues (or more) occur, do they provide any help or alternatives? Can they fix and justify the problem?After all, a good developer is the one that always tries their best to satisfy every client. In fact, that is ArrowHiTech’s ultimate goal since our establishment!

5. Testing

maintenance cost
Proper testing helps save time and lots of expense!

Certainly, proper testing is important in any development process. As a result, you can avoid tiny to major problems, or even worse, they can crash your web app. We highly recommend testing right after completing small steps because waiting till the end is super risky. Overall, this is a good investment to avoid the worst scenario where you end up spending more money for nothing but maintenance cost. For that reason, having an automatic testing system saves time and energy that you will spend on other sections.

6. Maintenance

Yes, maintenance may sound strange here but listen! The vendor cannot get back to its maintenance once the web app is deployed. Therefore, you must keep maintenance on for some reasons:

  1. Defects always happen despite careful testing!
  2. Continuous updates can clear bug fixes, safety patches, and many more.
  3. IT developers like us can find and fix the roots more quickly and easily.
  4. Version

7. Version

Last but not least, always go for the latest ReactJs version. We always say ‘The newer, the better’ and this is not an exception. Besides all the benefits we have mentioned above, it consistently provides new functions, features and so on. As a result, it will boost your web app performance and productivity. For starters, adopt the newest version right away, and for others, always keep up with the latest one! Again, a significant amount of maintenance cost will be saved.

That’s all about top 7 simple and useful ways to reduce maintenance cost! If you want to know more ideas and tips, or simply need help from professionals, don’t hesitate to contact ArrowHiTech.

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That’s it for today’s topic: Minimizing Maintenance Cost. We hope that you have learned new ideas to adapt to your own. Thanks a lot for joining us, and as usual, we wish you the best of good luck and success!

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