Maintenance: Every important point you need to know for your App

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Any objects that last long require such high demand in maintenance. Likewise, a mobile app will be everyone’s favorite if it is constantly well-maintained.

As a matter of fact, a successful app should not be calculated through its download number. Otherwise, an app with a large number of active users should be considered successful. And how to achieve success? Simple, have the best app maintenance!

What is Mobile App Maintenance?

According to Oxford, ‘maintenance’ is the process of preserving something or keeping it in the state of being maintained. Sounds theoretical, isn’t it? In short, the act of supporting an ‘object’ and keeping it like the initial form is maintenance.

Regarding apps, the process includes monitoring, fixing and updating. As a result, it leads to a smooth and error free user experience.

That is for what Mobile App Maintenance is. Until this point, you may know Why it is essential in general. To be specific, we will now deliver a list of its superb benefits that you may not know yet.

Why App Maintenance?

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It brings lots of amazing benefits!
  • Integrate Technologies
  • Keep up with Updates
  • Add new Features
  • Improve UI
  • Downsize Uninstalls

Let’s dive into each pros of Maintenance!

1. Integrate Technologies

  • AI: Maintenance changes the code directly to make AI algorithms easier to access.
  • IoT: Allowing the operation of daily chores is beneficial to any IoT apps.
  • Blockchain: Maintenance ensures the Blockchain will get updated all the time.
  • AR: How can AR work without calibrating images? Thanks to expert teams, deploying and versioning the app is no longer a challenging task.

2. Keep up with Updates

  • Technology

It will provide a much better user experience. Take the iPhone for example, if you update the iOS 13 or above version, you will have dark mode – which makes everything more modern and easy to the eyes.

  • New Hardware

Different components will likely either upsize or downsize in latest versions. Likewise, from iPhone 8 to iPhone X, we can easily see that by removing the fingerprint sensor and front camera, the screen grows bigger in size! In this particular case, Adaptive Maintenance can do its job effortlessly. 

  • Software Libraries

Maintenance keeps your app stay in sync with software updates. Because most developers use pre-coded libraries for productive outcomes in a short amount of time. For this reason, it helps ensure continuity as well. 

  • Store Policy

The top 2 most common application stores – AppStore and Google Play update and change their policies regularly. Because they prioritize customer’s data security and privacy, updates can prevent hackers from using the same code to break the rules. Therefore, automatic maintenance keeps your app safe and secure. 

3. Add new Features

When working with app developers, Maintenance policy is the key to help you adjust and update any app elements at low or zero cost! Standing from the point of a developer, ArrowHiTech knows that making a change or adjustment is not always simple because it relates to other nearby issues. However, as we always prioritize client’s needs and desires, we constantly revise the development process to your personal preference.

4. Improve UI

An attractive app must have attractive looks and designs, right? In this day and age, trending and functional features take the lead! That’s why you need to plan out general and detailed maintenance to always make your app stand out.

maintenance ui
It creates better UI!

5. Downsize Uninstalls

This will make your app run swiftly and smoothly. Once customers download the app, they will discover and make some excessive moves. In here, Maintenance plays the role of clearing the extra useless factors.

How many types are there you ask? In fact, App Maintenance does not exist in one type only (general). Most developers divide it into 5 main types as follows.

Types of Maintenance

There are 5 types of maintenance.

To make it short, mobile app maintenance usually divides into 5 parts:


Similar to daily situations, emergency maintenance works when unexpected issues take place. Furthermore, it even goes as urgent as losing all data and figures and being deleted from App Store or Google Play. To conclude, any sudden issues that demand immediate solution must avail emergency maintenance.


Overall, we apply Perfective Maintenance when the app is deployed. This process involves functional changes in the source code. Moreover, perfective maintenance also takes feedback on new requirements into account. As a result, app users will have the perfect user experience! 


Corrective Maintenance means repairing faults and errors in design, logic or coding. For this reason, this type of error must be detected and fixed as soon as possible. If you don’t have time, hiring an app developer can solve the case fast and easily.


Just as technology keeps advancing, your app should also be ready for any changes. Continuously updating to the newest version is one method of this type.  clarify, the changing environment and working conditions are what impact the app’s system. 


This type of maintenance does the understandability/maintenance improvement and app reduction. Thus, the Preventive type can get rid of errors and mistakes via intervention. Therefore, Developers must keep in mind when the new operating system versions get released to plan beforehand. 

Cost of Maintenance

Everything comes down to the cost, will maintenance be expensive? The answer is yes and no because it all depends on the volume, complexity and urgency of the project. Some developers break down the cost into each section like these:

  • Hosting
  • Monitoring and Crash Analytics
  • Optimizing
  • Licenses
  • New Content
  • Marketing
  • Emergency
  • and many more…
The cost depends totally on your demands.

You may spend around $500 to launch the mobile app. But if you want to grow and scale it, the cost will double to about $1000 and $2000 respectively. Furthermore, most developers offer 2 to 3 maintenance methods with different price ranges.

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To Sum Up

We hope that you have understood why Maintenance Apps are important!  Lastly, ArrowHitech truly wishes you the best of good luck and success in the long run! If there is any problems regarding IT Outsourcing, check out our portfolio and we’d love to hear from you at: