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Unleashing the Power of BigCommerce Apps: 10 Must-Have Apps for Your Store's Success

With the help of convenient interfaces and powerful features, BigCommerce has become one of the most well-known options for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, taking advantage of the BigCommerce apps’ potential is significant if you want your online store to be at another level. In this article, the world of BigCommerce apps will be uncovered, as well as the way to advance the store’s functions and success.

Understanding BigCommerce Apps

BigCommerce applications are third-party store add-ons. Sales, marketing, inventory management, delivery, analytics, customer service, and commitment boost online business. Your store's operations, customer journey map, and success may improve. 

Key Categories of BigCommerce Apps

Sales and Marketing Apps

For your BigCommerce store, customer acquisition and rates of conversion are led by sales and marketing applications. Your business would be offered many functions and features in order to advance both sales and marketing efforts, leading directly to revenue growth. Several functions are included such as automated email marketing, integrated social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Email Marketing Automation

You are able to launch target email campaigns, customized customer relationships, and follow-ups automation with running email marketing apps automatically. To help you cultivate prospects, interact with clients, and encourage repeat business, several features are offered such as email layouts, segmentation, drip campaigns, and A/B testing. While optimizing the rates of conversion, this will advance your email marketing efforts, time-saving and resources. 

Social Media Integration

BigCommerce stores may integrate social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These apps allow shoppable post creation and social sharing. They increase interaction, traffic, brand visibility, and social media customer purchasing experience.

SEO Optimization‍

SEO optimization apps can improve your store's search results. Meta tags, XML sitemaps, and website performance development can improve search engine rankings. Proper SEO will enhance online visibility and audience reach.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tool

CRO tools help you to increase the rates of conversion by leveraging your website’s design, template, and customer experience. Several features are offered such as heatmaps, A/B testing… to allow you to gain deeper insights of customer behavior, potential areas for development, from that driving more conversions. This also advances your store’s sales potential.

Inventory and Order Management Apps

To succeed in running an ecommerce store, you should consider some crucial factors such as the effectiveness of inventory management and the process of streamlined order fulfillment. Comprehensive solutions are offered to enable you to have efficient inventory management, stock levels tracking, and streamline order workflow.

Inventory Tracking and Management

Inventory tracking and management software lets you manage stock, product variants, and low-stock notifications. SKU management, barcode scanning, and ensuring inventory data is accurate across channels can prevent overselling and stockouts. 

Order Fulfillment Optimization

Order fulfillment optimization apps improve order processing workflow. Order routing, automatic order splitting, and other functions simplify order fulfillment. They reduce manual errors and late deliveries. Improve order accuracy, customer experience, and operational efficiency.

Shipping and Fulfillment Apps

To maximize your shipping processes in a simple way, consider the solutions from shipping and fulfillment applications. Several functions are offered such as label generation, update tracking automation, order fulfillment optimization…

Real-time Shipping Rate Calculation

The integration between real-time shipping rate calculation and shipping carriers offers you proper shipping rates which are based on weight, size, starting point, and ending point. They help customers track real-time shipping costs during checkout and make wiser decisions. This also advances customer experience and prevents cart abandonment.

Label Generation and Printing

The creation of order shipping labels are run automatically by label generation and printing applications. They coordinate with shipping carriers to help you get quicker shipping labels, packing slips, and label returns. Along with label creation, this will advance time-saving and prevent manual mistakes.

Automated Tracking Updates

To store owners and clients, real-time tracking details are offered by automated tracking update applications. Order statuses are kept up automatically and notifications are sent to customers. This will get their shipments quicker as long as they prevent customer’s order status requirements. Thus boost transparency, trust, and post-purchase experience that would lead directly to better customer satisfaction.

Analytics and Reporting Apps

You will be offered valuable insights of your store’s performance by utilizing analytics and reporting applications. Data related to sales, customer behavior, etc… are collected and analyzed to help you make data-driven decisions, from that using the max potential of your ecommerce strategies.

Sales Analytics and Reporting

Your store’s sales performance will be reported by sales analytics and reporting applications. By using these applications, you would get various insights such as sales trends, revenue analysis,  identified sales drivers, marketing campaign effectiveness… as long as inventory management, pricing strategies, etc… From that, you could advance your sales and revenue from making informed decisions.

Customer Behavior Tracking

Customer behavior tracking gives you the ability to perform customer interactions and customer insights better, as well as conversion rates and customer experience.

Website Traffic Analysis

Website traffic analysis gives you the ability to advance your website and customer engagement better, as well as customer experience and organic traffic.

Customer Support and Engagement Apps

Customer support and engagement apps give you the ability to advance customer relationships, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction better.

Live Chat and Helpdesk Integration

Live chat and helpdesk integration give you the ability to perform prompt help and reduce errors better, as well as advance customer satisfaction and customer trust.

Customer Feedback Management

Customer feedback management gives you the ability to perform valuable insights of customer experience better, as well as development areas and customer concerns identification.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards‍

Loyalty programs and rewards give you the ability to perform  relevant offers to customers better, as well as advance customer loyalty and customer retention.

Choosing the Right Apps for Your BigCommerce Store

BigCommerce Store will give your business the ability to advance the functionality and success to the best if you select the proper applications.


Functionality is significant for you in addressing your businesses’ needs if you want to optimize your business success and capabilities.


Integration gives you the ability to perform conflicts-reduced and operations better, as well as store’s appearance.

User Reviews and Ratings

User reviews and ratings give you the ability to perform customer reliability and satisfaction better through valuable insights.

Developer Reputation and Support

Developer reputation and support give you the ability to perform customer support, technical issues and additional assistance needs.

Pricing and Cost

Pricing and cost give you the ability to perform payment types, models or options better, as well as cost concerns and financial budget.

Tips for Evaluating App Quality and Reliability

Trial Period or Demo

Trial period and demo give you the ability to perform feature and function exploration better before making a purchase.

Appstore Approval

App store approval is significant for your store as it could perform the assurance level and standard qualities.

Apps Update and Support

App updates and support give you the ability to perform functionality better, as well as issue identification and additional features.

Customer feedback

Community feedback such as forums or social media groups give you the ability to perform valuable insights and perspectives better, as well as decision making.

Top 10 Must-Have BigCommerce Apps

Product Upsell

Product upsell gives you the ability to perform order checkout and value better, as well as conversion rates and income.


Mailchimp gives you the ability to perform customer engagement, customer retention and prospects nurture better, as well as email campaign automation.

Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo reviews give you the ability to perform customer feedback, customer trust and sales better.


ShipStation with several features such as real-time tracking, etc… gives you the ability to perform customer experience, operations and mistake-reduced better, as well as customer satisfaction and time-saving.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping gives you the ability to perform customer engagement better, as well as search engine rankings and traffic.

‍ gives you the ability to perform customer loyalty, brand position and customer retention better, as well as customer engagement and referrals.

Persistent Cart

Persistent cart gives you the ability to perform customer satisfaction and customer experience better, as well as conversion rates and  prevent purchase friction.


Klaviyo give you the ability to perform customer data and customer behavior better, as well as their engagement and income, with the help of various features such as personalized email campaigns or post-purchase emails.


Privy offers several features such as ads or pop-ups to give you the ability to perform customer relationships, subscriber rates and email interaction better.


Omnisend integration with various things such as email, SMS, etc… give you the ability to perform campaigns and conversion rates better, as well as customer engagement and marketing optimization.


In conclusion, your BigCommerce store should be based on proper apps and top10 programs in this article in order to optimize success and goals. With the help of our support and guidelines, it is easy for you to select the most proper apps for your store. If you have any questions to develop your store more in the future, do not hesitate to contact us!