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Transform Your Business With Digital Workplace


The wave of technology growth has always changed rapidly over the centuries, especially in the past 10 years, if a business does not adapt to the transformation to survive and drive sales, they will disappear completely. In fact, there are already many global businesses adopting digital workplace instead of just physical ones to increase efficiency and bring digital solutions in for the purpose of intercontinental connectivity. In this article, let's learn the picture of a digital workplace and its advantages, and how it can be applied to your business.

What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace is aimed at an innovative working environment where advanced technologies can be applied to make interactions and work exchanges smooth through digital applications. It can be said that this is a network that allows personnel to work in any state, such as remote, hybrid, or overseas. 

Applying digital workplace transformation for businesses will improve the working style to become more professional, flexible, and proactive. Moreover, engagement and work efficiency are also maximized, which is suitable for the fast-paced environment in the world.

Why is Digital Workplace Important?

Post-pandemic, 60% of businesses will opt for a hybrid work model. Thanks to digital workplace tools, businesses can optimize costs for management activities, processes, and internal systems and grow revenue quickly.

When businesses can cut costs in terms of office space and maintenance, staff travel costs, facilities, etc., a digital workplace can help you turn the old approach into a new virtual environment that still ensures high interactivity. According to Forbes, 66% of employees say they are comfortable with their employer monitoring their digital activity as long as they are transparent about it.

Benefits of Digital Workplace

Everyday tasks like task management, progress tracking, organizing team meetings, exchanging working documents, managing OKRs, etc., will still need to be carried out in a digital workplace. However, this will be accomplished entirely through the Internet, requiring a highly adaptable platform that runs without a hitch. Learn about the benefits a digital workplace brings to your successful operations.

Flexibility in various ways

Digital workplaces allow employees to get their work done wherever they are. Having a device connected to the Internet, communicating with colleagues, and getting work done are more convenient than ever through their phones, laptops, or desktop computers. 

Efficiency boost

When employees can freely choose their own workspace in a remote or hybrid state, this can reduce distraction compared to traditionally working in an unsuitable environment. Work processes are also streamlined and systematic due to the all-in-one and easily-accessible digital workplace tools. This will improve productivity for both individuals and businesses. Remote workers report higher levels of happiness, engagement, and productivity than office workers (Forbes)

Unified Connectivity

When a business owns and accesses within a working network, a digital workplace simplifies the process of information sharing and brainstorming ideas among employees. Especially for remote individuals, even if they are on different continents, access and information remain intact to avoid misalignment. Platforms that deliver digital workplace services can ensure this while creating a culture of inclusion and accountability for businesses.

Higher Engagement 

Sometimes employees working remotely or for foreign offices will inevitably feel a lack of attachment and unfamiliarity with colleagues. Meanwhile, a digital workplace can help them with face-to-face interaction, and work through an internal network, making them feel part of the business. Some digital workplace solutions offer fully featured employee profiles, and convenient built-in messaging, calling, and file-sending apps, making it easy for employees to get acquainted and achieve good results.

Enhanced Retention

According to Forbes, up to 66% of employees say they are comfortable with their employer monitoring their digital activity, as long as they are transparent about it. Giving employees full control of the work helps them feel that management has trust and will be motivated to complete the work without being too constrained and controlled in terms of space. This result will lead to the tendency of employees to stay with the company longer, even they are willing to accept a salary that is not too high in return for comfort in the working environment.

Innovative Digital Workplace Examples 

After learning about the concept of digital workplace and understanding how it works for your business, now let's move on to the ways this model is applied in the management process across digital workplaces examples

Employee Training

Training programs on specialized skills or orientation sessions are a form of investment for their own businesses, and many companies are increasingly promoting this training element. Programs designed by the company itself or by an outside expert can be hosted and used by employees in any way. Working remotely or with time zone differences, employees can fully access the company's internal system and participate in the training process. Administrators can also track training progress through the platform.

Human resources Management

Every employee, when joining an organization or business will have folders containing information and documents related to their work for HR purposes and legal issues. An internal data storage platform will allow employees to access soft-copy documents to maximize work, with only an internet-connected device. In addition, the issues of leave and employee benefits will also be managed on the systems for management or personnel to approve sick leave applications, and personnel will also have access to read the content about benefits and tax information.

KPIs tracking

Digital workplace will provide dashboards and tracking tools to track individual or team performance and progress. Real-time updating and monitoring helps to promote the project's goals and promptly provide solutions if there are problems.

Thanks to this KPI measurement tool, businesses can adjust tasks to suit each individual's performance to maintain efficiency.

CRM Improved

Tracking and managing customer data has become convenient and syncs quickly due to digital workplace. Data on customer's purchase history, personal information and preferences will be recorded when employees interact with them. This process will boost customer retention as you build a seamless service experience and capture customer insights. At the same time, every time a customer edits information on the system, it will also be updated in real-time so that employees can access and contact them at any time.

How to Improve Your Digital Workplace

Building a digital workplace will be a springboard for your business to go far and be sustainable, but not stopping at setting up a mere virtual environment, business owners need a strategy to deploy digital workplace that are effective and appropriate.

Implement a suitable digital workplace for business purposes

The company's development orientation and goals will also change over time to match the needs of the market. So, when the strategy is unchanged over the years, the business will forever be stuck in place and be left behind over time. Make sure that the systems or software your company uses to implement digital workplaces are continuously audited. And don't hesitate to change if digital workplace solutions have become outdated and no longer meet your work needs.

Choosing a scalable digital workplace

When businesses are oriented to scale and grow globally, the digital workplace must also meet this criterion to serve the business process. Look for services that can help businesses deploy with more users and integrate more functions to enhance the human resource experience. The robust and scaled-up solution is ideal for a long-term companion on your growth journey

Go for an easy-to-use digital workplace

Not everyone will get used to the digitalization of the job quickly, so for those new to it, a simple digital workplace will take less time to become proficient. Give your employees a professional, easily accessible digital workplace and make them believe it's the best solution for working off-office.

Wrapping Up

Finally, organizations have recognized the significance of successfully integrating digital workplaces to enhance job efficiency and improve remote management operations, wherever employees are. Employing the proper digital workplace technologies will help enterprises cut expenses while establishing a hybrid working environment and enhancing employee happiness and engagement.

If you are still struggling to find the right solution to implement a digital workplace in your business strategy, contact AHT Tech today for consulting on this service. We offer multiple all-in-one solutions for businesses in the digital transformation era.