Mobile app solutions for beauty salon & personal care industry to gain an edge in the digitalized market

Beauty salon app development is growing rapidly every day. It helps your business simply increases your bookings, gets you more customers, and boost the overall ROI. In addition, your brand value increases. In short, a mobile app solution will not help you miss any opportunity. It’s not only a methods to connect to more customers but open up new marketing solutions. If you have a beauty salon or personal care business, you will be ahead of your competitors.

beauty salon app

The beauty salon industry continues to grow at a fast pace. Few estimate that the global salon market size will rise from $69 billion in 2017 to  $87 billion in 2023. Besides, customers are always seeking the newest trends and the best hair care products and services. Their requirements are always changing. To facilitate these trends, the beauty salon & personal care industry continues to develop and evolve.

How mobile app solutions can solve the Problems of beauty salon industry?

Beauty and hair salon services providers are a main part of the on-demand niche. And these business are speedily looking for mobile app solutions to expand their business. It doesn’t matter whether you have a standalone small salon or a large one with different branches. Building a salon mobile app solution would have a direct impact on the development of the business. Moreover, all crucial tasks such as managing a staff of beauticians, tracking their work record or solving multiple customers at a time, and advance appointment booking are made easily through the app.

Customers save time

The time-saving functions can value the customer’s time. It is very helpful to offer real-time information. Besides, it permits the customers to schedule their appointments worldwide at any time by eliminating the ” wait for your chance” concept.

Manage all Customers List

By having an app for your salon business you can effortlessly maintain a record of your customers on one screen.

Improve brand reputation

Each business owner likes it when their business becomes recognized by the entire world. Salons that do not have apps are regarded as to be a little behind for upgrades. Therefore, building an app is more than enough for lots of customers to choose your shop instead of your competitors due to the ease of use you offer

Automatically send reminder to customers

Push notifications allow you to send automatically reminders to customers which helps a dynamic notification system. To target specific customers we can apply geofencing technology. Moreover, we can send important information and update customers regularly. applying and managing push notifications for both iPhone and Android platforms can support your salon business.

Take customer appointment Fast

Appointments can be managed by integrating a calendar module. Customers can access mobile reservations linked directly to your in-house calendar. Moreover, they can look for open slots and book appointments easily . This mobile app solution permits your new and existing customers to come back by offering them the option to book their salon appointments directly through their mobile app 24/7.

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Must- have features for your beauty salon app

beauty salon app

The below list consists of the essential functions for your beauty salon business app.

Appointment System

The customer book appointments system function should top your priority function list as it permits businesses and professionals to manage online salon booking with ease. Not only that, but you can also integrate functions in salon booking app for,

  • Upcoming booking system – book appointments,
  • Cancellation of booking on no show, or no shows,
  • Rescheduling appointment,
  • Special appointment booking options such as appointment styleseat, and
  • Book a demo styleseat.

The more varieties and VIP access you offer your customers through the salon appointment booking app, the more they feel interesting and convinced.

Loyalty Program and Special Offer

As you know that the customers’ loyalty comes from reward programs. Therefore, you need to include the special offer to your salon app with pricing information match for fees, like ‘Buy 3 pedicures and get 1 nail art absolutely free!’  This mix match discount program will help to attract more customers and encourages existing customers to sustain. 

In-app Payment

The API provides the in-app payment interface that permits the consumer to enter the required prices, contact and credit card payment information easier than ever before.  Moreover, the API can also invoke native payment apps that permits them to pay through credit card, debit card, and more user-friendly payment solutions. Therefore, the developer needs to add this functions in the checkout process for the beauty salons business app. Even if you plan to create the most basic version of the app just like a beauty salon app named Salon Iris.


This is the most innovative system that should be included by every beauty salon business app.  It will support your new customers to identify your company location easily.  Besides, having their locations, geofencing can also support in reaching some different customers through a specific target of location. 

Customer photos

This is one of the important features of this platform for building a reference database and service history as a photo gallery.  The hair salon apps solution will help in testimonials and permits the customer to recall what his / her hair looked like last year . This function helps your customers never miss booking appointments to keep up the look, fitness and magic.

Save favorites

Customers will be able to save their favorites from the photo library and reference database into Wishlist by including the save favorites.  This permits the customer to add or delete favorites and supports the customers notes, further improving the reputation of your beauty salons.

Push Notification

This function works as a reminder as well as texts marketing method in the form of notifications.  Push notifications support you to stay in contact with consumers for an appointment and generate links.

Things to consider when building mobile app for salon

beauty salon app

Knowing your target customers and their requirements

Knowing your target users and their needs is a very crucial aspect of making a salon app. The information like in what beauty services they are interested in, how often they go to the beauty salon, which beauty products or service they use often and how they use to book the appointments in a salon is quite crucial information to be taken into consideration while making a beauty app. Therefore, you can read their reviews and get into a conversation with them can help you out doing it better.

Proper competitor analysis

Checking out your competitors is not always a bad ideal. You need to solve your problems by knowing their methods. Taking the benefits of your competitors may get you a huge methods to solve your problems that were troubling you for long.

Make an attractive app design

Designing is the most crucial part of beauty salon making. You can customize the design which the audience likes. For instance, using vibrant colors, proper symmetry, and appealing photo galleries to make the app look more beautiful to attract more users and stay on your app for a longer period of time.

Reviews & feedbacks of customers

Checking your mobile app out with the eyes of the user will support you to make a better review of the app. Outsourcing the review process to the salon app development company may reap you the maximum benefits. After reviewing it successfully and have it a copywriter check you can launch your app and make an ice-breaking entry to the app store or play store.


Beauty salon mobile solution offers comfort and rewards opportunities for beauty device customers.  So what are you waiting for?  Let’s make the beauty salon industry even more effective and continently by owning a salon scheduling app today for any mobile or iPad. By getting started and teaming with experienced experts, you’ll build the best automotive apps that succeed across platforms. So, what’re you waiting for? Contact us today!  We at ArrowHiTech provides various creative and innovative mobile app development services with the latest technological trends, and help you take advantages of the rapidly segment of mobile application development