Mobile app solutions for manufacturing industry to prosper in business

Mobile app solutions come in many forms that support the manufacturing industry to resolve some of the pieces of the digitalization puzzle. For example, Apps can improve the user experience for both the customers and businesses. Also, using apps as a part of a business model brings your business a competitive advantage in terms of forward-thinking, creativity, and accessibility. In this post today, Arrowhitech will show you the powerful app solutions for the manufacturing industry to prosper in your business

What’s the mobile app solutions for the manufacturing industry? 

You may have heard about mobile solutions for the manufacturing industry. They are just popular apps that look and feel like apps you use on your phone or tablet. Actually, these apps help to turn analog processes into data-gathering, digital processes. Using mobile apps for the manufacturing industry may seem small, but these enhancements are actually kind of major. And here are reasons:

  • Support processes transparent
  • connect with the tools and machines, sensors on the shop floor
  • Support employees to produce more products
  • Make it harder for employees to make mistakes
  • Enhance the skills of the workforce
  • conquer the factories all over the world

Mobile apps solutions in the manufacturing industry aren’t hype or a recent trend. Back in 2015, Canvas made a survey, and manufacturers have already Adopted mobile apps for:

  • inspections (48%)
  • work orders (36%)
  • checklists (28%)
  • surveys (23%)
  • invoices (15%)
  • inventory (8%)

Safe to say, most manufacturers invest in mobile apps solutions. Especially, mobile apps will improve performance and deliver higher returns.

How mobile app solutions can solve the problems of the manufacturing industry?

Mobile app solutions

That all sounds promising and how do mobile apps support this manufacturing industry? What kind of value can they offer? Let’s enlist the advantages the mobile software solution for the manufacturing industry brings:

Visual manuals

 Alling the industrial apps help to reduce the repeated, manual work, as well as reduce paper-based manuals. For example, the interactive, AR-based instruction via a mobile app can support the employee in adopting the tool at the assembly line. No detached theory and instructions can be updated in real-time. The employee works more effectively and makes fewer mistakes.

Real-time data updates

Now, you can remove a clipboard and a stopwatch during the performance, time-consuming and delayed spreadsheet with data that keeps lagging. The mobile apps solutions can help to create data on every step of the workflow. Moreover, you can use that data to enhance workflows, offer feedback for a line manager, have a real-time perspective of what’s going on on the shop floor.

Enhanced training

Managers will have a full picture of the workforce and training process. Indeed, the training is crucial for the fresh employees, as well as those who’ve been working for a long time. Releasing a new product, apps or process brings along a re-training course. The training app solution improves the overview of the employee’s progress, behavior, and productivity. Therefore, the learning doesn’t interrupt the factory workflow.

Improve resource management

No more cases when the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. You enhance quality checks, data accuracy and stop chaos at your facility.


The barcodes and scans support checking the order quality and status, the product location, and delivery status too. Moreover, with the support of manufacturing tracking apps solutions, businesses can also succeed in cancelation management and input real-time data on changes in CRM or ERP.

Enhanced processes

The workflow has many stages and quite often each one needs to develop a product’s physical object. That’s expensive. Therefore, the apps solution for the manufacturing industry helps to develop digital simulations that help to reduce the expenses and to-market time. Besides, in the end, the goods have better quality.

Data storage and analysis enhancements

Now, you can forget paper, excel spreadsheet, or third-party software to store your data with the support of the machines, operators, and sensors. Moreover, by adopting the manufacturing apps, you get a birds-eye view of the process and production. Also, it helps to prevent most of the lost- data or mistakes. More importantly, the analytics and dashboards support visualization and analyze the data in real-time, as well as sharing it with higher management.

Safety compliance

Mobile apps solutions help to prove the safety and quality regulations checks. And compliance with the security regulations in common.

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Top mobile app solutions in the manufacturing sector

Mobile apps with customer relationship management (CRM) software 

A CRM integration mobilizes your client relationship management portal, making it easy to communicate with clients or process orders on the go. This is a major benefit since many manufacturing facilities and warehouses are so large that employees need golf carts, bikes, and Segways to get around.

The integration makes faster order fulfillment and reduces response time on client queries or concerns. Moreover, a prompt response can go a long way toward boosting sales or turning a one-time customer into a returning customer. And when a single order can turn into a sale worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, these types of manufacturing app solutions can considerably impact your bottom line.

Real-time inventory and order fulfillment mobile solutions

In the past couple of decades, goods-producing industries used hand-held scanners to manage inventory and perform order fulfillment. But today, smartphone and tablet technology allows producers to use a single device to solve all tasks, whether it’s sending an email, joining a virtual meeting, fulfilling a shopper’s order, or taking inventory of stock.

Moreover, using one device for multiple tasks saves a lot of money and time on hardware purchases. Also, a real-time inventory and order fulfillment mobile solution permits your staff to perform tasks while automatically updating your databases, order tracking software, and website.

Furthermore, the improved order accuracy and faster status notifications for orders will bring satisfaction to your customers. Plus, there’s no substitute for giving a more up-to-date inventory database. You can prevent a missed sales opportunity due to a product being incorrectly labeled as out of stock or avoid a scenario where your sales staff must contact a customer because the product they ordered online is discontinued.

Mobile apps to create price quotes

The producer can offer a price quote in moments with a configure, price, and quote (CPQ) mobile app. This supports sales representatives to create a quote while on a sales call or during a meeting with a prospective customer.

The ability to offer an accurate price estimate is essential, and according to Forbes, some manufacturers see a 75% conversion rate for prospective customers who have a quote during or immediately after the sales pitch.

Production monitoring and management solutions

Suppose you could program a production run from a remote location using your smartphone or tablet. With modern mobile apps and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology, that’s absolutely possible. Moreover, you’re meeting with a customer to approve the mock-up for a manufacturing run. Even, just enter the specs and print-ready files into your device, and it can support to transfer of the data to your IoT-enabled manufacturing equipment. The production run may be completed before you even arrive back at headquarters.

As a result, a shorter production time lead to higher customer satisfaction. Also, more money in aituations where you can justify including a surcharge for expedience.

Connecting with the IoT for real-Time machinery monitoring and repairs

Just a few minutes of downtime can impact your producing facility’s bottom line. Therefore it’s very important that your technicians are alerted instantly when a piece of machinery or equipment goes offline. What’s more, mobile apps solutions offr you the ability to tap into the sensors you’ve installed as part of your IoT interface. Also, it supports your team to identify machinery needing preventative maintenance or servicing. There are many mobile apps solutions for supply chain and delivery logistics, too. Apps can manage inventory, track products, and ship the right products to the right location. These are areas of equal concern for companies that solve both manufacturings and distributing those manufactured products

Getting Started With Developing a Manufacturing Industry Mobile App

manufacturing app

As you begin building a customized mobile app, consider the following points:

  • Issues are you trying to solve?
  • What funtions do you need the manufacturing app solutions to perform?
  • What existing systems or technology does the app need to interact with?

The app development company will need this information to decide if they’re best-suited for your project and build project specs and a price quote. By getting started and teaming with experienced experts, you’ll build the best mobile apps that succeed across platforms. So, what’re you waiting for? Contact us today!  We at ArrowHiTech provides various creative and innovative mobile app development services with the latest technological trends, and help you take advantages of the rapidly segment of mobile manufacturing app development