Mobile app solutions for oil and gas industry to empower businesses and get cost saving decisions

Oil & Gas enterprises have a huge opportunity to transform their operation processes by implementing of mobile solutions. Industry leaders are using oil and gas apps to transform their businesses upstream, midstream, and downstream. Therefore, if you are planning to empower your business, it is high time to quickly conquer the market. You are a oil and gas industry or just interested in how exactly mobile apps help to improve reach and retention, this post is just the key for you.

Mobile app solutions for oil and gas: : Market Overview for 2021-2026

Expenditure on mobile solution for the oil and gas industry is anticipated to reach $22.99 billion by 2026. By the end of 2019, Oil & Gas firms are set to invest around $18 Billion on mobile apps along with $190 Billion on Enterprise Mobile Applications. According to many Oil & Gas company CIOs, IT directors, mobile technology is the #1 priority for them in 2018. 69% of the CIOs agreed that mobile solutions will greatly improve operations. Oil & Gas enterprises have a huge opportunity to transform their operation processes by implementing of mobile solutions

Furthermore, Global energy market forces are forecasting that Oil & Gas customers increasingly look to grow newer & better streams of revenues, optimized operational cost and improved methods to become environment-friendly. In this way, the business need deeper investments in technology for supporting real time visibility into discovery, extraction & delivery operations which in turn make sure compliance and a much better overall productivity.

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Benefits of Oil and Gas apps in the Oil and Gas industry

Here are few benefits of implementing mobile solutions for the consumers and oil and gas business.

Enhanced Safety

Working as a field executive in the oil sector can be life-threatening at times. They have to encounter environmental and health, and safety problems regularly. By deploying of the mobility solutions, relevant teams can stay informed about field safety concerns. As a result, technicians and the inspection team will track on the vehicles’ condition and prevent tragic incidents.

Capturing Accurate Data

Accurate data collection is very important for improving business efficiency. Field executives, geologists, environmental specialists, managers, and other specialists work in the oil and gas industry, which employs many people at a time. With the support of the mobile apps, they can easily capture precise data instead of carrying around paper and a pen.

Better Trouble-Shooting

Furthermore, another troubles that this industry often deal with is equipment failure. Reporting and troubleshooting issues might take a long time. With a mobile app, such troubleshooting and fast reporting can be solved with ease

Real-Time Data Tracking

Powerful mobile apps comes with data tracking and analysis in addition to data collection. These oil and gas apps can help to improve the company productivity by enabling users to make decisions and modifications on the go.

Improved Communication between Field & Office

The communication is the most important factor for a company’s development and success. When employees are required to work on the same projects at various website throughout the country. Communication between field executives and other office workers may be improved by using a robust mobile solution.

Better Inspection and Situation Monitoring

Moreover, the oil and gas industry requires frequent and continuous inspection of pipelines and environmental assets to maximize productivity. Therefore, the mobile applications for monitoring and situation inspection can decrease costs. Also, it helping the appropriate professionals to keep track of the data for future action.

Reduced Network Failure

In the oil and gas sector, one of the most popular problems is a network breakdown. Once professionals leave a network’s coverage area, the networks stop gathering and sharing data. Moreover, Network failures are less likely to happen when mobile solutions have offline capabilities. Even if they are out of range, these mobile applications are effective enough to gather and sync data automatically.

Types of Mobile app solutions for oil and gas industry

oil and gas apps

There are a lot of types of apps which can be developed for O&G industry, basing on the specific requirement.

Asset management

Including all processes related to maintaining offshore and onshore assets, this solution would include the order management, maintenance management, assets and inventory management, and engineering data management. Mobile applications solution offer pronounced advantages by allowing rapid responses to unforeseen risks and timely preventive maintenance. Furthermore, from drill rig and well maintenance to pipeline construction and vehicle maintenance, mobile solutions for asset management can be applied to accelerate scheduling and completion of work and monitor technicians’ access to all the parts, applications, and information they ask to complete assignments.

Inspections, condition monitoring, and assessment

Data gathering can use bar coding, radio-frequency identification (RFID), or global positioning systems (GPS) to identify the asset, and then utilizing touchscreen menus, cameras, and other peripherals to record the observation. Data-entry methods, including clickable image control, to identify problem areas, boosting inspection processes and uniformity to inspections data.

Energy business can gain significant cost savings and enhance operations by using mobile apps for inspecting pipelines, environmental assessments, refinery equipment, and other areas. Moreover, the principal advantages of these mobile solution is that they enable technicians to easily gather large volumes of data and immediately take the necessary corrective action.

Regulatory compliance

Most oil and gas companies deal with compliance reporting and management in discrete categories – by geography, business unit, or business functionalities. Therefore, mobile apps can simplify compliance processes by allowing accurate monitoring and streamlined reporting on regulatory and safety problems.

Because these apps pro – vide frontline managers and executives with real-time access to reliable, accurate information, they also allow rapid responses to potential compliance or safety threats.

Materials management

Mobile devices can be applied for materials management features such as procurement, reordering, and stock transfer orders; gathering and quality assurance and quality control inspections; stocking; and issuing.

For example, the field-force personnel can use ruggedized mobile devices to gather, update, and synchronize (in real time or batch) to back-end ERP and EAM systems. Moreover, the service firms and supply chain officers can leverage mobile apps for supply and rental inventory management with high-cost rental products.

Mobile supply chain collaboration

More than that, mobile solution support specialist workers to collaborate in real time across the global supply chain without requiring to be physically present at the plant. This helps to increases plant availability and cut down time to market and money that goes into oil and gas app development.

Workforce management and field-force enablement

Energy companies often have hundreds of technicians working on assignments worldwide. Besides, managing these resources is complex and time-consuming. Therefore, travel documentation need to be kept up-to-date. Also, certification and schedules need to be aligned to priority, avail- ability, and skills. To solve this problems, mobile applications that take all these problems into account can support services firms to predict demand. Also, this solution helps identify, validate, deploy, check, and manage people in the field and on vacation.

Mobile analytics and dashboards

Analytics-based mobile solution can be used to allow precise monitoring of key business indicators, with executive and operations dashboards offering real-time insights to inform effective decision making.

In upstream situations, consumers can monitor drilling operations via smartphone from almost any location. In addition to logging in online, customers can access a snapshot of drilling operations, with job cost, mud weight, daily drilling progress, production reports, and operations summaries all uploaded to the mobile application

Fuel management

Tracking fuel consumption and monitoring timely replenishment is an essential function to seamless and cost-efficient operations. Oil and gas mobile apps can provide features including demand forecasting, fuel order forms, consumption tracking, remote monitoring, delivery management, alerts, reports, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Top Best Free Apps For Oil & Gas Companies

oil and gas apps

Free Oil & Gas News

This free mobile app connects the reader to local and national news about anything covering the oil and gas industry. Also, it is a great tool for anyone looking to stay updated in the industry.

Oil & Gas ( free)

Have you ever been stress about the day-to-day gas price fluctuations? Stress no more. This app permits you to check the everyday natural gas prices along with the current shares of Dow Jones and NASDAQ. Besides, it shows you the difference between today’s price and yesterday’s and calculates the percentage and projections of rising or falling prices.

Baker Hughes Rig Count ( free)

This mobile app offers an interactive map that displays every oil, gas, and thermal rig that Baker Hughes owns. The map allows you to select a particular rig and views the depth, well type, location, and trajectory of it. Also, you can also choose a satellite view or standard map.

Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary ( free)

This app offers a complete dictionary for any word imaginable that relates to the oil and gas industry. It even has a list of possible acronyms. Moreover, this tool will allow you to impress your partners with a plethora of industry-related vocabulary.

Oilfield Patch Pro ($19.99)

Explore and search active and allowed well locations in Texas, New Mexico, North Dakatoa, Oklahoma, California, Wyoming or Colorado with the touch of a button. Then, easily touch another button to share the location with your team. This tool is great for the techy oilfield worker or manager that need to quickly communicate and locate teams without the too-often confusion associated with Western wells.

Oilfield Calendar ($1.99)

Keep track of various projects integrating this inexpensive app. This tool allow you to schedules, customize the oil and gas hitch. Also, you can easily show what days your team is drilling or doing production work. Especially, it is great for offshore workers and those who work for weeks at a time on site — knowing when you have days off is important to scheduling time with relationships

Natural Gas Royalty Calculator ($1.99)

You are struggling with your royalty estimations? This mobile solution uses your royalty interest, natural gas wellhead price, well production rate, the number of acres in the production unit. Besides, the number of production acres that belong to you to estimate your natural gas royalty income.


Mobile solutions make sure workforces collaborate effectively and execute duties remotely through devices such as phones, tablets and other handheld computers. Therefore, to improve the safety and efficiency of operations, you energy business need to invest in Mobile Application Development Services which will impact the workflow. Our talented team can build an app to make your O & G business a high-performance unit. Contact Us today to avail latest offers.