Why need to switch to Shopify mobile app builder and how to implement it

Most of us think that mobile apps are just an extension from mobile websites. In other words, we believe that the former are not as important as the latter. However, with nearly 3 billions smartphone users in 2020, no business can ignore the power of a mobile app as well as shopify mobile app builder, especially one that already has a Shopify store!

Overall, an appealing mobile app will attract clients and receive profits much better. But, What is a mobile app? How does it help compared to a website? And how can you convert an existing Shopify one into an app? Today, all of those questions and more will be answered clearly by us – ArrowHiTech devoted team! We hope that you will read until the end to fully understand this topic, in particular is shopify mobile app builder.

Now, let’s begin by analysing mobile apps!

Mobile App

What is it?

Simply put, a mobile app is a software application or computer program that runs on mobile devices namely phones and tablets. You can easily download them on App Store or Google Play – 2 most common operating systems.

mobile application 3
It runs on every mobile device!

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In this field, social media takes the lead as the top 5 most popular are Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat. However, lots of popular eCommerce brands have stepped up their game lately. Amazon welcomes just under 200 million visitors a month. Sephora, Walmart, Nike and H&M all upgrade their app consistently and all have raised sales,… Those examples are proof of how mobile apps are taking over every industry on a global scale!

mobile application 2
How many social media apps can you recognize?


Firstly, a mobile app builder acts as a means of communication, entertainment and a way of getting new knowledge. In terms of online business, around 80% of total purchases are made on a mobile device! (Outerbox Design)

Users like us always prefer a more handy and helpful device and a mobile app is one of them. After the simple login process in the beginning, we can literally purchase anything at any time! Therefore, more and more are switching to mobile apps for better profits and this trend will last in the very long run. 

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Mobile App vs Website

Overall, mobile apps and websites are more or less better in terms of design complexity, maintenance – support, functions, purposes and branding opportunities. Each has its own strengths and advantages, however, mobile app does lead the game. As a matter of fact, people spend at least 90% of their time on mobile devices on applications (Buildfire).

mobile application aht
Webs VS Apps

In addition, using a browser is way more time consuming as we need to type the Urls, then login while just a single tap on an app already solves that problem! Besides, in web browsers, the interaction between two parties ends at the moment when clients shut down Chrome or Safari. On the other hand, a mobile app will lengthen the exchanging process until they completely close the app!

What’s more, do you know that the site developers also prefer us using apps? Just as many websites often link us to apps for better features, we now confirm that mobile apps are superior!

An example of developers prefer us to use apps!

Why is the Shopify mobile app builder better than Website?

After showing the general pros of apps over websites, we are now focusing on Shopify apps only. As many businesses are selling products and services on Shopify sites, they will be convinced to change into shopify mobile app builder by the following conveniences:

  • Higher Performance: A mobile-friendly app is undoubtedly very handy. But an app built on Shopify is even finer and will lead to higher productivity.
  • Better User Experience: Obviously, clients will not spend as much time on logging as on websites. Moreover, Shopify apps offer private messenger chat, wishlist or bucket list,… which a website cannot provide.
  • Easier Access: Apps are available offline is a huge plus to every client, and Shopify apps are not an exception!
  • Stronger Brand Awareness: Among competitors, your brand will stand out if you get the application. Also, after downloading the app, clients are more likely to check, rather than leaving it on web browsers.

3 ways to transfer into a Shopify mobile app builder?

Here are the top 3 common and useful ways to adopt the shopify mobile app builder. However, we will also list the pros and cons of each approach so that you can choose the most suitable one for your own needs!

1. Using Shopify Plugins to transfer into Shopify mobile app builder

Using Shopify Plugins is an easy and simple way that you can do yourself. Some great examples must be Vajro, Shopney and MageNative. All 3 options are available on both iOS and Android platforms. What’s more, they have a higher than 4.7 rating with lots of satisfaction from clients. Therefore, you can trust on their plugins to make a change.

mobile application 1
Vajro – an outstanding Shopify plugins.

The good thing is that you can adopt Shopify plugins at a very low cost with faster development. In contrast, you will receive zero technical support and plugin adjustment because only the owners have the plugin.

2. Using 3rd Party Shopify Mobile App Builder

The only difference is that you will have options from experts to choose from. The best app builders are Plobal Apps and Tap Cart

mobile application
Plobal Apps is an amazing Shopify mobile app builder!

A Shopify mobile app builder means an affordable price, fast launching, easy maintenance and more features.

You can also check out our portfolio and  mobile app products to find a suitable one!

Otherwise, it also leads to more cons. In addition to 2 down sides above, adopting a shopify mobile app builder results in less data security and unnecessary template designs and features. Because the app is built for everyone, not every function is what you need and not all your needs are on the app. For this reason, we highly recommend hiring a company for custom-made apps!

3. Custom apps by Shopify App Development Company

Having custom apps may sound tricky and expensive, but trust us, this is a very reasonable investment. Why? Because of these valid reasons:

  1. Uniqueness: A one-of-a-kind app is totally yours with no competitors.
  2. Ownership: Yes, this is superior as you can do whatever you want with the app as it is 100% yours.
  3. Security: Data is very safe and secure because only you and the company have access to private processes.
  4. Ability to customize: You want to have more products on one page? You love to have fewer purchasing processes? Life is simple with a touch of experts now!

After all, hiring a web app company will lead to better targeting and higher efficiency. Limits are non-existent and you are free to think and execute outside the box! 

Yet, the only cons are cost and time for the company. However, we are here to help:

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Are you convinced? Call an expert now!

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That’s all about today’s topic. We hope that you have learned many new ideas to help transform your Shopify sites into apps. As always, ArrowHiTech truly wishes you the best of good luck and success!

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