Mobile apps company: How to choose the right one to build your dream apps

mobile apps company

In 2020, more than 3,5 billion people will be having a mobile phone- which takes up half of the world (Statista). It seems to be a must-have item in everyone’s pocket thanks to its amazing convenience. Thus, with increasingly high demand, mobile, particularly mobile applications are used more and more in the eCommerce industry. Starbucks, McDonald, Nivea,… all types of businesses are hiring a mobile apps company to boost revenue.

So, what exactly is mobile applications and how to choose the best mobile apps company? Our committed experts from ArrowHitech are here to help you out!

Mobile apps

The most common ones are iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). Yet, each has their own unique strengths in separated areas. Here is a detailed article that compares the two systems!

Globally, Android is way more popular, with over 72% of the total devices have it installed. Some obvious examples are Samsung, Nokia, Oppo and so many more.

On the other hand, iOS applications are mainly used in the U.S and China. Yet, the number of users changing from Android into iOS is rapidly growing. 

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Different unique features on each system

Each system has its own exclusive features and functions, and both remain the top contenders in the world of mobile applications. Therefore, most companies target launching applications in both systems to receive the maximum usage.

Now, let’s have a brief look at its benefits before examining some factors that help you choose the mobile apps company!

Mobile Benefits

All of us must know that mobile plays a vital role in our lives. Besides having a means of communication, mobile devices allow us to relax and entertain. However, before we go off topic, we would like to highlight its advantages on eCommerce business. It enables firms to improve networking abilities and grant access to modern apps and services. As a result, mobile boosts the productivity of staff by letting them work both online and offline. In terms of customers, it also provides high quality services and increases communication even out of the workplace.

In short, the benefits of mobile are numerous and valuable. 

Types of Mobile apps

  • Native: It is mostly created for one operating system only, which means the application is fully extended to its top potential.
  • Semi-native: Luckily, this serves the purpose for two operating systems in an organized way.
  • Hybrid: Simply put, it is a combination between Native and the low expense of web apps. Yet, it does not support offline functions.
  • RWD (Responsive Web Design): This type works on both mobile devices and computers. For that reason, it is becoming more and more popular with big businesses.
  • PWA (Progressive Web Apps): Unlike RWD, PWA is a type of website that bears similarity to mobile apps. In other words, it is faster and has more handy duties but still functions like a website.
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Choose the perfect type for your needs!

For a clearer view on mobile app and mobile website, you can check out another article: Mobile app vs Mobile website: Which is the better option for your company?

Seems like you have gained a solid understanding about mobile applications. Now, it is time to start researching about our main topic: Mobile apps company.

Mobile apps company

Let’s break down into 4 main types of mobile apps company

4 Types of apps company

#1. Design

Here, developers mostly design UI (User Interface) applications. Via GUI (Graphical User Interface), they can create visual components such as buttons, menus, or fonts. To create an attractive and easy-to-use product, a design mobile apps company must have a UI connected with UX (User Experience) as well.

#2. Development

Remember the 5 types of mobile applications? These companies create and develop them on their own. What is more, some experienced mobile apps companies even deliver applications in various types and languages as well.

#3. Design and Development

They are skillful enough to both design and develop their apps. Therefore, if you need to hire any company for designing and developing functions, this is the perfect choice. With just one company responsible, the working process will surely be more thorough and complete. However, for starters there is another option that optimizes the mobile apps ability that we would like to introduce below.

#4. End-to-end

Yes, this is the best solution for anyone that does not know how to start. Besides designing and developing, End-to-end companies also offer strategy and marketing services. In this case, you and the company can share the same vision from the beginning and can become a long-term partner in the future. 

Different companies offer different results!

ArrowHitech are proud to be the ultimate choice of many clients. Founded in 2007, with vast experience and dedication, we have become one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam. Therefore, if you have any mobile applications issues, feel free to contact us. In addition, we also offer React Native Apps Development, Flutter Apps Development, Swift & Object-C iOS Apps development, Kotlin,Java Android Apps Development and any further services that work best for you.

How to create mobile apps

  1. Customer Views: discuss with clients to gather necessary data.
  2. Research: analyze information to form potential and key ideas. If possible, the mobile apps company can also examine their competitors.
  3. Design: a mobile apps company starts to plan out the basic application scheme based on their complete research.
  4. User Flow: create an easy and smooth navigation flow.
  5. Wireframe: define structure and how different elements affect one another.
  6. Prototype: in this stage, a mobile apps company can present their basic work to clients.
  7. User Interface: deliver the planned application shape.
  8. Development and Testing: the final step to guarantee the process will run smoothly.

If you make it this far, congratulations because you have managed to gain a deep understanding of mobile apps and mobile apps company. Last but surely not least, we present you some key factors when deciding which company to hire.

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How to choose a suitable company?

How to choose the most suitable mobile apps company?

First, the Preparation step. It is best to list out all of the requirements of yours. The more detailed, the better. With this step, you can present a clear vision towards a mobile apps company to receive the best results. Prepare lots and lots of questions to ask because they are important. Ask about the working process, price, quality, again, try to be as specific as possible.

Next, do some Research about different companies. Check out their quality and customer’s reference to see if they are suitable or not. You need to be extra careful in this step because some may fake some comments and services just to attract easy-going clients.

Finally, Communicate with them! Deliver your ideas and requirements to see if that mobile apps company will give any feedback or not. Balance out the time and price to better the working experience.

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Wrap up

Our today article has guided you through basic and detailed information on mobile apps and mobile apps company. We hope that you will find the perfect mobile app partner to receive excellent results. As always, ArrowHitech wishes you and your business the best of luck and success!

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