Mobile apps solutions for construction industry to streamline operations and save costs

Apps are often used in most people’s lives. Besides that, apps are a fast and simple way to obtain information, no matter if it’s an alarm clock app, weather app, or financial app. That is the reason why construction management tools are crucial. Construction management apps, like weather apps, can be a treasure of information in people’s pockets. According to the statistic, 80% of smartphone users look at their phones before brushing their teeth. Moreover, people spend about 4 hours every day on their phones, with apps accounting for nearly 90% of that time. As a result, the Mobile apps for construction industry are very necessary. If companies use the correct construction management tool for their business, they may save a lot of time and money.

Therefore, to help companies gain effective outcomes, ArrowHitech have already collected the information related to Mobile apps for the construction industry. Therefore, let’s start to explore it with us right now. 

Mobile apps for construction industry

How Mobile apps help the construction Industry?

Many companies today use mobile apps to maintain their workforce lean and flexible. Therefore,  it’s no different in the building industry. Construction companies are increasingly turning to mobile apps to save time and money.

Eliminate duplicate work with apps

Unfortunately, for many construction companies, those equipment checks and compliance documents are usually wasted time. The team shoots photos with their phones, fills up an inspection report, and then emails everything to the office, where someone has to convert it into a usable format. 

Apps for data collection on the job

Every day, business owners have a long list of tasks to perform. Daily job reports, safety forms, equipment checks, and much more are all part of the job. Keeping track of everything that happens on a job site on a daily basis might be nearly difficult.

Businesses may use data collecting apps like Device Magic to collect important reports, forms, and photographs and send them back to the office in real time. Moreover, construction of mobile forms can have a significant impact on operational efficiency.

Mobile time tracking apps

For a long time, paper timecards are used to monitor and record work hours. However, each industry has found a superior option. Mobile time card apps, like busybusy or a mobile forms solution, are popular in the construction industry.

Because collecting, reviewing, and entering data from paper time cards, payroll must be handled by numerous employees. Therefore, employees may clock in from anywhere on the job site using mobile apps. This allows for better job cost tracking and project progress.

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How to choose the right app for your business?

To get the benefits of Mobile apps for construction industry, a company must select the appropriate app. Here are some of the greatest methods for determining which app is ideal for you.

Determine the requirements

Every business has its own requirements. One business may only want an app for their field teams to capture field notes. However, another may only require access to drawings and designs. Therefore, making a decision on an app depending on its price isn’t the greatest way. Whoever makes the purchase must decide which features they require and how they will integrate them into their business. Therefore, it is highly dependent on the company’s requirements.

Test out the apps

Price is a motivating factor in business. However, you may get what you pay for. There are less expensive apps with less capability and a lot of double entering may be appealing. But they also cause delays. Besides that, many of those apps aren’t designed to assist with multiple aspects of a job site. Thanks to Mobile apps for construction industry, the business can immediately check drawings in the field and track time. Therefore, the business can lessen a lot of stress in the back office.

Advantages of using Mobile apps for construction industry

Mobile apps for construction industry

Increase the efficiency of your workforce and project management.

Construction managers may increase the efficiency and transparency of your construction project by using Mobile apps for construction industry. In order to progress, construction projects require several authorisation restrictions. For example,   for one layer of a road maintenance project, supervisors can offer real-time approval. As a result, it allows the next layer to be laid. They can also alert you to any issues that develop during the assignment.

Besides that, supplier scheduling and management are also supported by Mobile apps for construction industry. Furthermore, mobile applications also take the place of manual, paper-based data entry, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Paperwork can take days to complete and go lost in the process. However, mobile gives transparency of activities. This allows deadlines to be better managed. Moreover, integrating mobile apps into each process improves project sequence accuracy. This also increases workforce accountability, and gives hard metrics when each service is completed. All of them help to improve relationships between all parties engaged in the construction project.

Ensure safety compliance

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), o n any given day, about 6.5 million workers worked at around 252,000 construction job sites across the country. Because the construction industry’s injury rate is higher than the national average for all industries, training is a top priority. Therefore, construction managers can use mobile platforms to track the completion of regular job-training sessions. This will improve worker safety and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Keep project delays to a minimum

Delays and rework in commercial construction projects can cost a construction business millions of dollars in lost income and damage its reputation. Although most businesses cannot foresee weather or correctly prepare for permit and licensing red tape, managers may use mobile delivery apps to manage and sync their operational tasks in order to optimize the timetable. 

For example, managing inventory and material distribution and delivery can be tracked in real time. Because construction managers are able to control  two different job sites. The manager also can allocate more materials to the Work zone in real time and receive an electronic proof of delivery in any location .

The distribution and monitoring features of cloud-based project management software enable managers to follow projects through to completion and even completed work. Thanks to tracking and data collecting, you can reduce delays and increase awareness of project goals.

Implement cost-effective mobile selections

Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and cloud technology, the process of integrating a mobile application model is quicker. Apps for types of smartphones and tablets, including Apple, Samsung, and LG, can then be downloaded and used. Mobile apps are also available as software-as-a-service, which enables for a low-cost monthly fee.

Construction involves a lot of moving elements. Therefore, mobile delivery apps help consolidate management data into a single operational view. Furthermore, with the expansion of smartphones as well as the availability of comprehensive end-to-end mobile apps for the industrial sector, this industry has new options.

Improved communication

The lack of communication and understanding between project managers, owners, and supervisors is a common issue among them. Because owners may be unaware of what project managers are doing. In contrast, project managers also may be unaware of what occurred in the field. Therefore, communication between the three can help each of them feel more involved in the project and better know what resources are required. Apps for construction management help to increase communication between project management divisions. So construction management apps boost communication and provide all three parties a better understanding of the project.

Improving communication not only makes project stakeholders more visible, but it also makes them feel more involved. People are more willing to work together if they feel involved and heard, and they know where things went wrong. As a result,  this reduces time when making decisions and promotes positive relationships, making stakeholders more eager to collaborate.

Analytics, reporting, and big data

You can analyze and report on a lot of real-time data with a digital workflow. This information can be used to create dashboards, graphs, and tables to show your progress. Tasks can be tracked, costs can be forecasted, and places where action is required may be easily identified.

Furthermore, you’ll also have access to advanced reporting. Therefore, it allows you to track employee performance, discover bottlenecks, and come up with innovative strategies to boost productivity and efficiency.

ArrowHiTech – the perfect option for the mobile apps for construction industry

Clients become irritated by perceived delays, and project managers lose money in the long run. Therefore, to solve that problem, ArrowHiTech also brings to you a new opportunity. Our Mobile Application Development Services definitely make you satisfied. Our app enables task site managers to create detailed lists of what is required and to ping any contractors who are accessible on the app to perform the pickup. Therefore, a nearby contractor who is suitable to the requirement can accept the project and come to the job site for working as soon as possible. 

So there is no interruption. Besides that, the little delivery charge handled by the app is a small amount to pay for the contractor to maintain productivity and progress on the project site moving forward.

Are you interested in learning more about how our apps work? So let’s explore more about our Mobile apps for construction industry

Communication with team members while on the move

Construction managers can use Mobile apps for construction industry with GPS capabilities to keep track of or send new work to the nearest specialist. Besides that, technicians can perform service orders directly from the field. This will help to save time and money in the long run by eliminating costly errors.

Plan, quote, and order access in real time

Apps can give two-way information access. Therefore, it allows construction companies to save electronic versions of work orders, plan clarification, building code references, bylaws, and other documents for easy access by field teams. This boosts overall productivity.

Improve team member accountability

Time is a valuable thing. Mobile apps for construction industry can track GPS positions, travel timings, and time spent on job sites in real time. So this increases team member accountability while also lowering labor expenditures. Moreover, clock-in/clock-out times are recorded using mobile timesheets. Thanks to Mobile apps for construction industry, labor costs can be reduced. Because staff can also log their work progress using images available via an app to promote transparency with clients and management.

Effectively manage costly equipment

The cost of equipment maintenance and scheduling can have an impact on a construction company’s bottom line. It’s easier to track and control equipment usage with a smartphone app. Therefore, to better planning and use, users can log equipment hours and monitor locations.

Providing safety and clear training

Our custom app can simply bring out up-to-date training materials (including video) to employees on their mobile devices.