Welcome to ArrowHiTech and achieve business success!

Welcome to our new office! It has become a rule that every 2-3 year we moved to a new place bigger in space and more comfortable to afford our spreading of human resource and facility equipment.

This October, a gorgeous building has just made us a new “home”. How fantastic it is! The 400-square-meters floor is designated and equipped with modern furniture to accommodate more than 100 staff members. In this new, open space of the head quarter, the members are given the best opportunities to promote their talent and creativity into their digital programming artworks. Moreover, once you give us a visit, you will see what blows your mind right here. That is the in-house built gymnasium which is located next to a picturesque bar. While some people are gossiping small jokes and sipping their coffee and tea during the break, some others are doing their breathing, stretching, cycling, kick-boxing or relaxation exercises over there.

That’s it. That is what we are aiming to build AHT to become a comprehensive company where our people are fostered better in both their personal skill and their physical and spiritual lives. Surely, it is our philosophy that AHT JSC should be a second HOME for everyone working here and a convenient room for our partners and friends.

Least to forget, the building is located by a huge botanic park. It means we are having a spectacular park view over here. Fantastic, isn’t it? Want some jogging now? Go ahead!

View some images inside and outside the company.