Node.js hosting: Top 10 platforms for creating your next application project

Node.js hosting

We all know the functional purpose of JavaScript as a programming language. To create a successful, high traffic website, we must use a decent, powerful language as the foundation, right? However, not every website runs smoothly all the time. That’s why we need Node.js hosting to eliminate waiting times. 

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment. In other words, it helps further work than just creating an interactive website. Today, ArrowHiTech‘s committed team focuses on Node.js hosting only. Let’s get started!

Why Node.js hosting?

Node.js Hosting is used to upgrade websites. In particular, a perfect hosting will make it faster and more scalable. As a result, your business will grow stronger and earn more profits.

There are normally 2 popular methods to host a Node.js app:

  • Cloud VM: utilize the preferred OS then install, deploy, manage independently
  • Managed: concentrate on the app’s code and a service provider will maintain the infrastructure

And now, let’s have a look at the top 10 most effective Node.js hosting platforms!

Top 10 Node.js hosting platforms

First, let’s have a look at some effective, free Node.js hosting platforms. Yes, 100% free, but that doesn’t mean they are not powerful enough. For newcomers, these are some of the best options for you to test them out.


AWS – Amazon Web Services

Node.js hosting aws

Amazon Web Services makes it super simple and easy to deploy, manage and scale Node.js. For that reason, AWS is probably the most popular option for hosting service in the world. It supports these programming languages: JS, Ruby, Python, .Net, Go, Java and so many more.

Along with AWS, you will get the ultimate Elastic Beanstalk service which comes for free as well. They help deploy apps with your chosen tools for such powerful development releases.


Glitch is a perfect and free tool for fun applications. In other words, it is not suitable for professional business apps. With Glitch, you can create an anonymous account to login in a very simple way. Yet, there are some restrictions such as:

  • Glitch does not allow user to use your own domain
  • 5 minutes sleep when inactivating and stop after 12 hours
  • Disk space: 200MB limit
  • Assets Storage Space: 512MB
  • 4000 requests per hour


Heroku is a Node.js hosting platform that supports many languages and environments. One of its best features is that Heroku can seamlessly integrate third-party software. What’s more, it also offers multi-region app deployment and proper documentation that suits both starters and experts.

Node.js hosting heroku

However, with a free Heroku hosting, there are some limits that you should know:

  • 512MB memory only
  • After 30 minutes without any options, it auto-sleeps
  • Can be used by only 1 user
  • Only 550 or 1000 ‘dyno hours’ (if charged) for the entire account

The paid Heroku plan only costs $7 and will provide endless potential.

GCP – Google Cloud Platform

Node.js hosting gcp

Google Cloud is another effective Node.js hosting platform because it also powers Google Search, Youtube and other Google products. Of those, you must consider Google App Engine that focuses on writing codes. Some options that you should keep in mind are:

  • App Engine: manage infrastructure with PaaS service
  • Compute Engine: use a VM so that you have full control on installation and management
  • Kubernetes Engine: run Node.js apps within containers
  • Cloud Functions: execute functions on Google infrastructure

Microsoft Azure

Node.js hosting ms azure

Microsoft Azure is another popular Node.js hosting platform that’s often compared with AWS. It is not free for life, but you can get a $200 credit for extra services within the first 30 days and 12 months of free core options:

  • Virtual Machines: setup with Linux or Windows
  • App Service: all you need is to deploy codes
  • Functions: serverless computing for scaling
  • Cost-effective Structure: only pay for what you use

Red Hat OpenShift

Node.js hosting red hat

Red Hat OpenShift offers auto-scaling functions. As a result, despite rapid traffic increase, your app still remains the same high speed. Furthermore, there is a privacy feature that lets you get access to data and host 3 apps with high security level.

Without a doubt, for corporations and developers, OpenShift is a great choice. But for newcomers, it is also effective as you can set up a custom domain for free.

That’s all the free Node.js hosting that can deliver powerful, efficient outcomes. Still dissatisfied? Well then, maybe some extra cost will give you more options like below!



Node.js hosting digitalocean

All you need is just $5 per month for amazing features from DigitalOcean. With a very affordable pricing, you can create your own (Node.js Ubuntu) droplet, build a fully functioned app, freely use the multi-infrastructure services, and many more. There are up to 8 data centers on 3 continents for you to choose.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a typical, traditional Node.js hosting that allows you to use its shared plans. However, it’s not as easy to scale your apps as others in this list. Some essential key pros of A2 Hosting are:

  • cPanel to manage server
  • Via Let’s Encrypt, you get a free SSL certificate
  • endless transfer and storage
  • 1 website and 5 databases

For those that do not want to manage infrastructure for Node.js apps, is a suitable choice! It handles all the hard work! Yet, we don’t refer it to a Node.js hosting, rather just an addition. partners with AWS, GCP and MS Azure to better run codes and improve availability. For $50 per month (with a free trial), you can get these optimized features:

  • Git integration
  • Agile Scaling
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Micro-services optimization
  • 24/7 support


This Node.js hosting platform is available on both mobile and web apps and supports numerous programming languages like Java and PHP. Some effective features of NodeChef are: real-time logging, global locations for data centers, one-click deployment and scalability.

What are the next steps? Having chosen the favourite Node.js hosting platform? It is time to install it – we will save it for another article in the future!

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Final Words

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