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DX Unlocked

Big Digital Transformation
Now Come In ONE Package

Unlock unparalleled productivity and efficiency with our groundbreaking combination of Odoo, the all-in-one business management software, and Lark, the seamless collaboration and communication platform.

DX Unlocked consists of four extraordinary packages that are meticulously designed to revolutionize the way you run your business, taking it to new heights of success.

Is your business facing these problems?

Manual processes and repetitive tasks drain valuable time and resources

Costly fragmented software applications for different tasks

Scattered data making it difficult to get a holistic view of the business

Inefficient communication and collaboration among team members

Software does not align with business evolving requirements


The all-in-one solution designed to streamline your operations, boost productivity, and fuel your growth.

Odoo is more than just software; it's a complete ecosystem that encompasses all aspects of your business. From CRM to sales and marketing management, accounting, and beyond, Odoo's extensive suite of integrated applications has you covered. Experience the power of seamless automation, robust scalability, and unparalleled efficiency.

With Odoo, you gain access to a comprehensive set of tools that consolidate your business operations into one unified platform.
Say goodbye to fragmented systems and data silos as Odoo seamlessly integrates every aspect of your business.

Website Builder

Create stunning websites easily with a drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates.


Sell products/services online, manage inventory, and provide a seamless shopping experience.


Strengthen customer relationships, streamline sales processes, and track interactions.


Efficiently plan, organize, and collaborate on projects.


Take control of finances, track expenses, and generate accurate reports.

Human Resources

Streamline HR processes, from employee management to performance evaluation.


Optimize inventory management, track stock levels, and automate order fulfillment.


Say hello to Larksuite, the game-changing collaboration platform that will transform the way your team works.












Work Smarter, Not Harder

Built with a focus on seamless communication and enhanced productivity, Lark empowers your team to collaborate effortlessly and achieve remarkable results. Experience real-time messaging, HD video conferencing, document collaboration and many other collaboration apps all in one place.


Connect and communicate like never before

Stay connected and collaborate seamlessly with real-time messaging, file sharing, and video calls, keeping your team in sync and productivity soaring.


Powerful virtual meetings made effortless

Conduct virtual meetings effortlessly with HD video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, and interactive features, enabling efficient communication and fostering collaboration across teams and locations.


Harness the power of centralized information management

Centralize and organize your team's knowledge, files, and resources in one secure location, allowing for easy access, efficient collaboration, and streamlined information management.


Simplify approvals and empower decision-making

Simplify and expedite approval processes by creating customizable workflows, tracking progress, and facilitating timely decision-making, ensuring efficient task completion and reducing bottlenecks.


Automate tasks, boost Productivity, and focus on what matters

Automate repetitive tasks and workflows, saving time and effort, while improving accuracy and efficiency, enabling you to focus on high-value work and boosting overall productivity.

Unleash Peak Productivity

Introducing the Seamless Integration of Odoo and Lark

Experience the power of synergy with Odoo x Lark integration - a comprehensive solution to elevate your project management, customer relations, and team collaboration to an all-new level.

Unified Task Management

Create project tasks directly in Lark and sync them with Odoo Project Module for a streamlined workflow.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay abreast of all the updates. Receive instant notifications in Lark for any changes to tasks in the Odoo Project Module, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Effortless CRM Search

Perform quick searches for records within Odoo CRM right from your Lark platform. Save time and boost productivity by having all information readily accessible without toggling between apps.

Enhanced Information Sharing

Keep your team in the loop effortlessly. Share customer records from Odoo CRM to your team on Lark, promoting transparency and timely updates.

The integration of Odoo and Lark is here to redefine your work dynamics, fostering a cohesive, agile, and efficient work environment. Whether it's a startup eager to streamline processes or a multinational corporation aiming for enhanced efficiency, the Odoo x Lark integration is a powerful tool ready to take business productivity to the next level.

DX Unlocked Packages
Choose Your Path to Success

Step into a world of limitless possibilities with our DX Unlocked packages. Compare the offerings & capabilities to find the perfect match for your business.



Up to 50 users

50 business emails

Full Lark e-office apps

2 Odoo eCommerce package

10-hour onboarding


29.9 $

/ user/ month

Free domain

Full Lark e-office apps

Full Odoo ERP apps

20-hour onboarding

Odoo-Lark integration


38.9 $

/ user/ month

Everything in Standard, plus:

Large group collaboration
(up to 50,000 users)

Unlimited email storage

Multi company (10TB storage)

Not sure which package to pick?

Let us do the hard work so that you can focus on the stuff that matters most.

Why Choose DX Unlocked Packages?

Unleash Unparalleled Collaboration

Bid farewell to communication gaps and scattered information. With Larksuite's cutting-edge communication tools seamlessly integrated into Odoo's powerful business management platform, your team will be more connected than ever before.

Automate for Unmatched Efficiency

Wave goodbye to mundane, repetitive tasks that drain your resources. Odoo's automation capabilities revolutionize your workflows, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on what truly matters

Gain End-to-End Visibility

No more searching for information across various systems or struggling with outdated data. With Odoo, you'll have the insights you need to steer your business towards success.

Scale with Ease

Leave behind the worries of scalability. As your business grows, our flexible Odoo-Larksuite packages grow with you. Whether you're a small and medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation, we've got the perfect package to meet your evolving needs.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

DX Unlocked offers a range of packages designed to fit every budget. From the free package for SMBs to the ultimate package tailored to your unique requirements, we've got you covered, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.


Our Customers

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1. In which industries is DX Unlocked suitable for?
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DX Unlocked is suitable for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to: eCommerce, Service, F&B, Retail, Distribution, Banking & Finance, IT, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Construction.

2. Can I switch to the DX Unlocked package if I am already using Lark or Odoo?
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Absolutely! If you are currently using Lark or Odoo but would like to transition to the DX Unlocked package, it is indeed possible. We can provide you with a customized quote that caters to your specific needs and aligns with your budget.

3. Can I upgrade from one package to another as my business needs change?
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Yes! You can seamlessly transition from one package to another and leverage additional features and functionalities to meet your expanding requirements.

4. How secure are Odoo and Larksuite for my business data?
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Both Odoo and Larksuite prioritize data security and have robust measures in place to protect your business information. They employ advanced encryption, secure protocols, and adhere to industry-standard security practices to safeguard your data from unauthorized access.

5. Can I integrate Odoo and Larksuite with my existing systems and tools?
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Yes, Odoo and Larksuite are designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems and tools. They provide APIs and integration options, allowing you to connect with your existing software stack and leverage the combined power of multiple tools.