Order form: How to create for conversions in WooCommerce stores

WooCommerce is undoubtedly one of the leading eCommerce platforms, along with Magento, Shopify, Drupal, etc. Depending on what you’re selling on your website, there are a variety of methods to increase your sales and conversions. Yet, a usual store may not be enough for your revenue. Instead, a WooCommerce order form can sometimes be a more efficient way to showcase your wares.

For many online stores, adding a WooCommerce bulk order form is a must. By optimizing product layout, you’ll provide a quicker, more logical, and user-friendly shopping experience for customers. These improvements can significantly increase conversions and profits. So now, we – ArrowHiTech would like to introduce to you guys the steps on how to create your own form for sales and conversions in WooCommerce.

But first, you may need to know what this kind of form is.

What is an Order Form?

Order form

An order form is a document buyers use to request merchandise from a wholesaler, manufacturer, or retailer. It’s mostly used by businesses that buy products in higher amounts. You’ll never have to complete an order form in a store as a person unless the store-clerk has to make an order for you from a vendor. This kind of form will help you not only on selling goods, but also may be used to sell services.

How to create your own order form for WooCommerce?

First, we’ve been through the definition. So now, let’s move on to the main idea: The steps to create your own form in your WooCommerce website. If you want to accept online payments for orders through your site’s form, this is the place to be.

Step 1: Getting started

To get started, you’ll first need to download and install these two plugins on your WordPress site:

  • WooCommerce (free)
  • WooCommerce Product Table (paid)

Before using the WooCommerce Product Table, you’ll need to add your license key. In your WordPress admin, head to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product tables. You’ll also need to have set up WooCommerce and added your products.

Step 2: Create an order form page on your WooCommerce website

You can add this kind of WooCommerce form anywhere you’d normally add content on your site. The example could be such as a page, post, or widget. For this example, we’ll create an individual page, especially for this kind of form. To do that, just head to Pages in your WordPress admin, click Add New and name your page. You can name your form page anything you want, such as “Quick Order Form”.

Step 3: Add product table shortcode

You can add a product table to your chosen location using a shortcode. You can type the shortcode, [product_table] or, even easier, add it to a page or post by clicking the toolbar icon labeled Insert Product Table. The shortcode tells the page to display your product table and pulls in the default options from the plugin settings page.

Feel free to add more text or images, either above or below the form shortcode. You could even have multiple order forms for different categories, with headings for each. How you structure will enable your store to do other different things. When choosing the layout, it’s crucial to consider the way your particular customer’s shop.

Step 4: Choose your order form’s columns

By default, the WooCommerce order form plugin will display everything about your products, along with a name, description, price, and Add to Cart button. Yet, it’s simple to edit which columns you include in your order form. You can do this either in the shortcode itself or in the plugin settings.

To do that, head back to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product tables. Under the heading Default options, you’ll see the Columns box. We just need to add – for example – ‘categories’ to the comma-separated values. Moreover, you should check out the plugin documentation of the WooCommerce Product Table for all the different columns you can add.

Step 5: Customize your order form

All of the following options are customizable from the product tables settings page (under WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product tables):

  • Customize table design: Change colors, borders and fonts to blend with your website design.
  • Edit image sizes: Make images smaller or larger depending on their importance in selling your products.
  • Product links: Include or exclude links to product pages depending on whether customers require extended product information.
  • Lazy load: For large product directories, lazyload can help avoid performance issues and slow loading times.
  • Quantities: Speed up bulk ordering by displaying quantity selectors in the Add to Cart column.
  • Add to Cart button: Include a checkbox so customers can add multiple products to the cart in one go, speeding up the checkout process.

A lengthy checkout process is one of the biggest causes of abandoned carts. As you can see, these customizations of your order form are geared towards. This will make the checkout process as speedy as possible, then increase your WooCommerce conversions.

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Final words

That should conclude the steps on how to create the best order form to increase sales and conversions in your WooCommerce store. This kind of WooCommerce form gives customers a transparent, quick and user-friendly checkout process – crucial to boosting online sales. So, we hope this guide has been helpful in setting up your WooCommerce store for success.

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