Outsource mobile app development: Pros&Cons and how to do it successfully

In this article, we are going to point out some kinds of outsource mobile app development and their advantages as well as disadvantage. So that you could know how to do it successfully.

If you’ve decided to outsource your app development, you have at least three options to choose from:

Choosing an outsource mobile app development company


  • Firstly, a complete team assembled right away
  • Secondly, everything is formalized, including the cost and scope of work
  • Thirdly, experienced, diverse specialists ready to help when necessary
  • Furthermore, organized development process

Cons (Outsource mobile app development)

  • more expensive than freelance developers and off-the-shelf solutions
  • companies can be less flexible in their work than freelancers

When your app is more complex, though, the advantages of outsourcing software development with a proper company become glaring. With a dedicated company, you get all the specialists you may need: Android and iOS developers, UI/UX designers, testers, and those rarely employed among freelancers, such as project managers and business analysts. A full team is more beneficial when you need to build a mobile application from scratch.

How about a freelancer?


  • Cheaper than most companies
  • There are some very talented developers out there


  • Firstly, freelance developers usually have narrow specializations in platforms and technologies
  • Secondly, lack of guarantees and client protection measures
  • Thirdly, with freelancers, communication and time management are sometimes an issue, especially if you’re in different time zones
Outsource mobile app development

Choosing to outsource mobile app development with freelance developers can also be a worthy idea for a simple app. Freelancers usually have one or a couple of niches they work in and are good at. Moreover, if features you need fall into the app developer’s area and level of expertise, you can score big in terms of cost savings.

Some freelancers also work in collaboration with others, forming teams resembling those at outsourcing agencies. In this case, you might not need to search for developers, designers, and QA specialists separately.

Off-the-shelf software – the last option


  • Most important, usually the cheapest option
  • Then, fast to launch
  • Finally, a lot of features are included right away


  • Firstly, not always possible as there might not be a solution that can implement your idea
  • Secondly, difficult to customize and transition from if you decide to move to another system
  • Then, may include more features than you need
  • Next, UI/UX design will most probably be standard
  • No swift updates and changes in response to the market situation

If you’re making an app for an existing business and you don’t need anything too extravagant or totally unique, an off-the-shelf solution might be the one for you. More so if you’re time- and budget-strapped as well.

How to get the best results when working with a outsource mobile app development?

Having a clear brief of your app

Having your own clear vision of your product will make it imminently easier to find a service provider as well as the establish expectations of what you want to receive at the end. Furthermore, if you choose to work with individual app developers instead of a company, the clarity of your outlines becomes even more invaluable. Therefore, miscommunication can deliver you an app completely different from what you wanted.

Estimate the cost and your budget

Depending on how much money you can allocate for the app, the companies at your disposal will differ. Sometimes, the difference will be quite significant. As we’ve touched upon, off-the-shelf apps are usually the cheapest. However, they’re also the least unique and rarely stand out from the crowd. So, when you need something special, a better choice will be to choose either an app development company or freelance developers.

Despite the popular misconception, the difference in prices between freelance developers and companies is not always huge. It’s possible to find an outsourcing company whose prices won’t break the bank and who will still deliver a worthy result.

Examine the developers

Your first list of outsourcing providers that seem to match your needs, be they agencies or freelancers, might be pretty long. Maybe even too long to contact each of them personally. If that’s the case, it’s time to check them more thoroughly to narrow down the list.

Outsource mobile app development

First of all, go through the portfolios. For a company or an individual app developer to claim they have what it takes to build your app is one thing, but do they have proof? Have they worked with similar apps or technologies before? If they don’t have actual experience, maybe they at least have some sort of certification? It’s important to check this if you want to build a top-quality application.
If relevant experience does indeed exist, we’d recommend investigating further. Moreover, you can always download the app and see how it works.

Therefore, deep research of service providers on your list will most probably make that list much smaller.

Contact the remaining companies and/or individual developers

It’s ideal to narrow your list down to about five options. This way, you won’t spend too much time contacting each company or developer for a quote and a consultation.

Upon establishing contact, you can ask your prospects for more information, such as what they’ve been working on that’s not featured in the portfolio, whether they can offer references, what they’re good and bad at, and what means of communication they use. Ask about anything you haven’t found information about online so you can make a well-informed decision based on all the data.

To sum up with outsource mobile app development

Outsourcing mobile app development is not an easy task, what with the number of companies and individual developers on the market. But working with a good company is not only beneficial for your product and your business, it’s also a pleasurable experience. 

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