Outsourcing in Vietnam: Why it is the best decision for outsourcing IT projects

Over the last 30 years, Vietnam’s development has been remarkable. It turned from one of the low – income countries due to wars to middle – income one. According to World Bank, 2020, Vietnam is one of the most dynamic emerging countries in the East Asia region. Moreover, Vietnam has a large number of adequate laborers, open to foreign companies and so on. What’s more, foreign companies can outsource in Vietnam at an affordable price, but they still get great performance. In this blog, we will show you why outsourcing in Vietnam is ideal for most IT projects. 

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing in vietnam

Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring external companies to perform tasks or create products. These tasks were traditionally performed by the company’s employees and staff. Most of the time, outsourcing is a great alternative when a company wants to cut down on cost or in short of labor. Therefore, when a company decides to outsource, it can affect a wide range of factors. For example, labor, support, cost, etc

China and India are the top countries for IT outsourcing. However, recently, many companies and brands have shifted their manufacturing and outsourcing tasks to Vietnam. There are many reasons for that. We are witnessing the dynamic surge of technological development in Vietnam. Especially during COVID – 19 pandemic, Vietnam is one of the countries that can effectively control the pandemic within the community. Thanks to that, they are still able to maintain production and development during this time. As that said, Vietnam is an ideal place for outsourcing IT projects. In the next part, we will deliver you more detailed reasons why you should choose outsourcing in Vietnam

Why Outsourcing in Vietnam?

Outsourcing in vietnam


Young population is one of the biggest advantages of Vietnam. According to Indexmudi, 45.7% of Vietnam’s population are in the 25-54 years ( July 2020). Thus, nearly half of Vietnamese population are in the workforce. As a result, when you choose outsourcing in Vietnam, you hardly need to worry about the lack of laborers. Moreover, Vietnam has the literacy rate of 97%. Hence, almost all the Vietnamese have basic and fundamental education.

Outsourcing in vietnam

Education level

Each year, Vietnam has more than 280,000 college and university graduates, and 80% of them have degrees in science. Needless to say, companies and brands can easily find potential employees for their IT project when outsourcing in Vietnam


When outsourcing in Vietnam, you nearly don’t need to worry about the price since labor costs here are 90% less than in the US. Despite the low cost, you will get the best performance in required time. 


IT Specialized school

One greeting about outsourcing in Vietnam is that we have many IT Specialized Schools, including University, Colleges and Vocational Training School. Throughout the country, there are over 250 universities that offer fields in Information and Technology, and this number will increase even more. 

Low turnover rate

Vietnamese labor force has lower turnover and higher stability compared to other countries. In fact, when it comes to IT related – work, the turnover rate of Vietnam is only about 5%, whereas that for India is about 10%, or even higher. Therefore, if you’re looking for stability and professional, you should choose outsourcing in Vietnam

High socio – economic stability

If you want to develop your company to a higher level, the socio – economy is extremely important. Crimes, protests, terrorists, etc. are the factors that have a great negative effect on your project. Your project might not finish on time, or your information will leak. However, when it comes to Vietnam, you hardly need to worry about those issues. Vietnam has an extremely high stable socio – economy. We barely have any protests, terrorists and low crime rate. Thanks to that, when choosing Vietnam for your outsourcing project, you can fully focus on your project. No need to worry about other tasks

Stable economy

Besides socio – economy, Vietnam also has a stable economy. Vietnam’s GDP growth rate is about 7.4%, which is quite high for its geographic location. Even during COVID – 19 pandemic, Vietnam can still manage to minimize the effect of the pandemic. Hence, in 2020, Vietnam is the only country in SouthEast Asia on track for growth in 2020. 

Ethnic/ Religion 

In Vietnam, 95% of the population are Vietnamese. Also, 80% of the Vietnamese don’t identify them as any particular religion. Thanks to that, there was nearly no ethnic/ religious conflict in Vietnam. This helps Vietnam become one of the most stable and safest countries in the world


The current government has held this position since 1975. This means that we have had only one stable party for over 30 years. Therefore, there will be no conflict between parties, which can easily lead to protest. The last major conflict with a neighboring country happened in 1978, which has been more than 30 years ago. Hence, as that said, Vietnam is such a stable, hospitality country to outsource your IT project

Business environment

Nowadays, Vietnam is joining with other countries into the “ flat” world. They create a warm and hospitality environment for foreign companies to work and provide service in Vietnam.  



English is the second most popular language in Vietnam, besides mother – tongue – Vietnamese. Most Vietnamese universities and colleges require B2-level English before graduating. Moreover, with many IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam, there are no language borders when working with them. They can communicate not only in English, but also in other languages such as Japanese, Chinese and so on. 

Great place for investor

With all those outstanding advantages, Vietnam has attracted many brands and big investors. For example, many big names in the technology industry have already invested in Vietnam such as Intel, IBM, Fujisu, etc. 

Since many big names in the tech industry have invested in Vietnam, foreign companies will be capable of outsourcing in Vietnam. 

The best option for outsourcing in Vietnam

Outsourcing in Vietnam can bring in many outstanding benefits that you can’t find anywhere in the world. However, choosing the right partner for developing your IT project in Vietnam is not an easy task. In fact, if you choose the wrong partner, you might end up with dissatisfied results. 

To select the right partner for your project, you should look for professional developers, or companies with much outsourcing experience. In this case, we highly recommend ArrowHitech

ArrowHitech – A great choice when outsourcing in Vietnam


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