PHP framework: Top 15 powerful ones for your web development (2020)

We all know that any amazing, one-of-a-kind items are delicately made with solid foundation. Likewise, what plays a vital role in an appealing website? It is a quality PHP framework.

Today, ArrowHiTech will briefly explain PHP framework and we highly recommend some of the fastest php framework for you to choose from. And without further ado, let’s get started!

What is a PHP framework?

PHP is a server-side programming language that has witnessed a progressing growth. It is so popular that 82% of web servers use PHP as the development tool (W3Techs). Why is it so well-known in the IT world?

Why PHP framework?

Here is the list of PHP Framework benefits that can deliver outstanding results:

  • It is an open-source community and is validated by multiple developers
  • It is highly responsive and secured
  • PHP provides great database integration and HTML support
  • It is easy and simple to use and carry out
  • PHP provides effective tools with interactive features
  • Developers have full control of advertising, design, building blocks, etc.

With such striking advantages, PHP Framework is the ultimate choice of both developers and business owners thanks to its scalability, security and easy development.

Top 15 fastest PHP framework

Before jumping right into the main topic, we would like to show you what criteria to consider. These criteria are different to each framework:

  • Scalability
  • Functionality
  • Learning curve
  • Long-term Support
  • Strong Community Support

And now, get ready for the top 15 optimal and fastest PHP frameworks:

#1. Laravel

Laravel is a free, open-source framework that was released in 2011. With its latest 7.23 release in August 2020, Laravel remains its number 1 position as the most used and fastest PHP framework. By easing some common tasks namely routing, sessions or caching, it helps simplify the development process at a much faster speed when compared to other frameworks.

php framework  laravel

Laravel features

  • Database Migration: it syncs database in-between machines
  • MVC Architecture Support
  • Authorization and Authentication System
  • Better execution via Integration with Cached Memory

Therefore, Laravel is a perfect and fastest PHP framework for customizing complex apps and is suitable for B2B or enterprise websites.

#2. CakePHP

Similar to Laravel, CakePHP also uses MVC, but it is the first MVC-based framework that really made it into the market. Since its release in 2005, it has gained more components to better web performance.

php framework cakephp

CakePHP features

  • Modern CRUD framework, speedy builds and proper security
  • Great documentation and premium support
  • Broad, thorough set of components
  • Simple and easy to install

CakePHP is suitable for creating impressive and feature-loaded sites, especially hard-to-find features. Thus, many organizations use this fastest PHP framework to successfully boost traffic.

#3. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is another MVC-based PHP framework developed in 2006. Despite its small footprint of only 2MB, CodeIgniter is suitable for such dynamic websites.

php framework codeigniter

CodeIgniter features

  • Lightweight and straightforward: CodeIgniter requires such simple setup process that is perfect for starters
  • MVC Architecture, excellent documentation
  • High web performance

This PHP framework is very suitable for beginners because it is extremely simple to set up and use. Moreover, it still brings highly-scalable, lightweight web browsers and apps.

#4. Symfony – fastest PHP framework

Since its release in 2005, Symfony has developed a much better system of PHP framework. A great thing about Symfony is that although it does not deliver dynamic and trendy outcomes, rather more mature and professional layouts. Therefore, large enterprises and organizations often opt for Symfony to create their branding website.

php framework symfony

Symfony features

  • Easy to install and configure on most platforms
  • Reusable PHP components
  • Stable, fast and flexible web app development
  • Consume much less memory compared to others
  • Can integrate with big or independent projects

#5. Yii Framework

This Yii Framework was first released in 2006, around the same time as other PHP frameworks. Yii stands for Yes, it is! – simple and evolutionary. The biggest strength compared to other PHP frameworks is that Yii is highly secured.

php framework yii framework

Yii features

  • Amazing speed and performance
  • Super secure websites and apps
  • Simple installation process
  • Very extensible and widely customizable

Go for Yii – one of the fastest PHP frameworks if you want to visualize your creativity into the apps/browsers with high security level.

#6. PHPixie – fastest PHP framework

PHPixie was first introduced in 2012 and it has been using the HMVC pattern. This PHP awesome and fastest PHP framework is made for such a high-performance framework for read-only web browsers. Especially for social networking sites, PHPixie does an awesome job on app and web design.

On the other hand, it is rather new. Thus, there are not as many community users as others.

php framework phpixie

PHPixie features

  • Strong foundation for development
  • Simple to study and perform
  • Built via independent components

#7. FuelPHP

This PHP wonderful and fastest PHP framework was developed in 2014 with the latest version in 2019. Similar to PHPixie, FuelPHP also implements the HMVC pattern. As a result, the content is not duplicated on multiple pages like MVC, which saves time and expenses. If you want to create something new and exciting, go for this framework.

php framework fuelphp

FuelPHP features

  • 360 degree support for HMVC
  • Effective RESTful implementation and URL routing system
  • Extensive security

#8. Zend Framework – fastest PHP framework

Zend Framework (or Laminas) is one of the highly customizable frameworks by implementing interfaces and inheritance. With over 60 professional PHP packages, Zend offers a wide range of options for different purposes.

Zend Features

  • Codes are surely reusable
  • Simple integration with external libraries
  • Removal of excessive “care” of exponents (which means you can ignore the components that you don’t need)
  • Simple cloud API, session management and data encryption

#9. Slim

As the name tells you, Slim is a micro fastest PHP framework that can create powerful web apps and APIs. Being a micro framework does not mean Slim offers fewer features. In contrast, it produces such light-weight apps and web browsers, specifically SEO-friendly URLs.

Slim features

  • Secured Cookies with AES-256 encryption to improve security level
  • Dependency injection to control external tools
  • Active maintenance and user-friendly documentation
  • Effective error treatment and debugging

#10. Phalcon – fastest PHP framework

Phalcon was first written in C language, which saves you time on learning C. This framework also employs MVC design patterns and web architecture. Not only is its simple installation, Phalcon is, until now, the best framework for php that we have ever experienced.

Phalcon features

  • Good content results on light resources
  • Great memory utilization
  • Powerful asset management and caching

#11. AjaxAC

The ordinary Ajax app already offers numerous smooth features by AjaxAC. This fastest PHP framework develops quality apps of all sizes: from desktops, tablets, phones to smartwatches.

AjaxAC features

  • Effective handling of Javascript events
  • Easy hooking process with PHP classes or MySQL
  • One self-contained single class for all app codes

#12. Fat-free Framework

Developed in 2009, Fat-free is another micro PHP framework with less memory intake. For dynamic, fast and robust web apps, this is a great choice! The biggest characteristic is that Fat-free offers so many available plugins for extensive needs, namely SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DB2, Sybase, CouchDB and Flat File.

Want to learn more about SQLite? This useful article will help you out!

Fat-free Framework features

  • Simple and quick to learn and implement
  • Multiple view engines
  • No directory structure or “canned” coding
  • Detailed yet comprehensive, user-friendly documentation
  • Impressive high speed

#13. Flight

Here comes another micro fastest PHP framework. However, Flight allows programmers to create heavy web apps quickly and effortlessly. The thing to consider is that Flight’s only available for PHP 5.3+

Flight features

  • Static methods
  • Flight filters – they can change parameters and functions.

#14. Zikula – fastest PHP framework

In fact, Zikula is another open-source PHP framework but based on Symfony and Doctrine. Zikula offers exclusive and powerful features namely its theme system, WYSIWYG editors, ModuleStudio, chat and galleries.

Zikula features

  • Availability for all project sizes, both personally and professionally
  • Dynamic content block creation
  • Quality ecosystem and components

#15. Kohana – best framework for PHP

Lastly, we recommend another light-weight fastest PHP framework. Kohana was developed in 2016. Despite being relatively new, its dependencies on other libraries and extensions delivers such optimized solutions.

Kohana features

  • Safe and secure database
  • Simple and easy to extend
  • Very short learning curve
  • UTF-8 compatible

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