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Biciclop Magento store

Biciclop Magento store

Company Overview

Biciclop began as a bicycle repair shop for sale. Then it has developed online and offline stores in Romania. Biciclop is now the sole important supplier for many stores across the country.

From September 2012 the brand became the official importer Razor American producer of scooters, sole–skates, ripstiks and other “tools”innovative eco-transport.

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Website Biciclop Main Functions

  • View all the products at one time with Mega menu Magento 2
  • Seach box
  • Presents products pictures vividly with Image Slider
  • Sort products by many criteria
  • Zoom in product pictures when hovering
  • Link to the social network site
  • Display reviews and rating


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September 19, 2018


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