Little Bird Tales app

Little Bird Tales app

Create. Engage. Collaborate. Share.

Kids all over the world are using the Little Bird Tales app to create their own stories, podcasts, presentations, journals and to share vacation photos. Now, they can also download lessons from their teacher, and send them back for review when complete! The Little Bird Tales app is easy, fast, and fun!


  • Fun, easy to use art pad for illustrations, and diagrams
  • Import photos from your device, or take photos on the fly
  • Record your voice and add text to each page
  • Save and use images to your gallery
  • Download lessons to your iPad, then upload completed lessons for review
  • Upload stories to to email, embed, edit and/or create PDFs and MP4s
  • Smooth playback with audio, text and images
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Free website accounts for individuals and teachers
  • Ideal for K-6+



March 7, 2019


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