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Magento computer store

Magento computer store

The design is based on the existing wordpress website at www.cloudwise.nl. In the psd file you will find the main pages like home, categories, product, etc. Please use these designs as the basis for any other pages like: login, wishlist, thank you page, etc



  • Slider: the homepage has a carroussel / slider function with at least 3 banners. The text and button are html and the whole banner is clickable
  • Prices: the “special price” function is not used. On the ages you see in green the price exlcuding 21% tax and in grey the price including the 21% tax
  • The banners (and beloning text) in the categories and pages can be set in the backend/CMS by the user (see examples)



September 19, 2018


Custom Software, ECommerce, Magento, Shopify