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An overview of Protein King website

An overview of Protein King website

Company overview

Protein King is an online supplement retailer based in Sydney, Australia, specializing in bodybuilding supplements, diet and weight-loss supplements, women’s health supplements, clothing and fitness accessories.


Its main objective is to provide the customers with the very best quality brands with the most competitive prices, and lightning-fast delivery.



Website: Protein King


Website overview

This website is based on Magento 1 platform. Hence, the admins can upload their products and relevant information. Also, this permits the buyers to wander the web and pick some items to their online cart.


Website elements

Top bar
  • The admins can easily add symbol pictures and links to their social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.
  • It provides customers with information about Free Gifts as well as allows them to Login/ Sign up and observe their Order Tracking, Wishlist and the number of items in their Cart.


Main navigation bar
  • With the support of Mega Menu Extension, the main menu displays a range of information like Home, Categories, Brands, Article & Videos, On Sale, Shipping and Contact.
  • The Mega Menu Extension drops down all the main categories and sub-categories by smaller layers at one time. Therefore, viewers can have an overall look at all the products. Looki Fashion is a fashion website using the similar function.
  • Search box helps users quickly find a product just by dropping its name.
  • Let’s discover an amazing world of shopping online supported by Magento Extensions:
  • All the items on the menu are supported by Breadcrumb which locates where you are now on the website.
  • Brands are arranged by Alphabet so you can easily recognize it.
  • Admins can add hard-to-find articles and videos by the function of searching term and selecting author and topic.
  • Price Slider is a useful tool for helping buyers filtering products that meet their demands. Plus, with the support of Ajax Extension, they can browse the products more smoothly and quickly without reloading the website.
  • Customers are also allowed to sort products by brand or price from the highest to lowest and vice versa.


Main screen
    • Sliding pictures: The admins can add eye-catching pictures about their products to the main display thanks to Magento Image Slider extension with spots used to highlight number pages.
    • Countdown: Customers can know how much time left to the next couriers visually.
    • Latest Products and Best Sellers:



  • With a click on functional symbols on the pictures of a product, customers can know its price as well as add this item to their wishlist or cart, or share this on their social networks.
  • Customers are free to rate and leave feedback about the products.


Bottom navigation bar

It is divided into 4 columns which instruct buyers to observe their orders & shipping track, provide customer service phone number and quick links to shop contact, sitemap, and social networks, visualize payment methods and allow them to leave and submit their email.



















March 26, 2019


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