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Ray-Ban magento multi store

Ray-Ban magento multi store

The below briefing is based on a currently running multistore Magento installation. The installation runs on a Dedicated Private server in the Netherlands. The main installation is top40zonnebrillen.nl and the second shops are raybanspecialist.nl We will want to add an additional shop to this installation rbexpert.nl. Besides, we want to have a one-step checkout installed plus some additional fixes/ improvements on the installation and shops itself.


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Website’s Main Functions

  • View all the products at one time with Mega menu Magento 2
  • Seach box
  • Presents products pictures vividly with Image Slider
  • Sort products by many criteria
  • Zoom in product pictures when hovering
  • Link to the social network site
  • Display reviews and rating


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September 19, 2018


ECommerce, Magento