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Singapore Music Lessons

Singapore Music Lessons

Company Overview

 This company is about connecting students to the right teachers within the neighborhood. It was founded by a group of passionate musicians who understand the difficulty of finding the right teacher. Where to find good teachers in my neighborhood? How much will it cost? How qualified are the teachers?


Website: SGMusicLessons.com.sg


Website Overview

This website is to connect students who want to learn music instruments with the right teachers. Importantly, this platform will allow teachers to maximize their earning potential by uploading their profile and reach out to as many students as possible.


Website Elements

  1. Top Navigation Bar: Links to the company’s social networks, Login, Basic Information about its business in the main navigation menu
  2.  Main screen:
  • Dropdown selection: This part allows visitors to choose types of instrument and preferred location and place. It helps them to access to the most suitable teacher
  • Products: Many photos of the different instruments are displayed here.  After clicking on them, people can view the profiles of teachers having experience in the instruments. Visitors can sort music teachers by name, price or experience.


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  1. Bottom navigation bar lists a wide range of necessary information that links to the internal part of the website such as blog, referral program, FAQ, contact, sitemap.


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September 19, 2018


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