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Mobile Applications

Mobile applications

We are committed to offering you with our valuable iOS/ Android application tailored services and solutions which range from iOS/ Android applications, games and dedicated app developer hiring. Rest assured that our apps will get you entertaining moments with your device.

Check our list of featured apps to see whether we could level up together!

Our Products

iOS BareHero app

BareHero application is developed for Bars, restaturants introduction in San Diego, users can search deals, events and restaurents, bars via maps, they can order directly services.Project development & support:Man/Month: 24. Timeline: 3…

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Android/iOS Chip online app

It’s the native apps for the biggest chip portal in Turkey http://chip.com.tr: Open map to see the paid or free Wi-Fi access points in Turkey. Read the news, articles, product reviews on chip online.See the videos.Search news, product, video and…

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Little Bird Tales

Create. Engage. Collaborate. Share. Kids all over the world are using the Little Bird Tales app to create their own stories, podcasts, presentations, journals and to share vacation photos. Now, they can also download lessons from their teacher…

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Android/iOS McCausland Airport app

It’s the Car Park services application. App Features: Streamlined booking process, Manage My Booking, View current car park bookings, Promotional Codes. Project development & Support: Man/Month: 12,Timeline: 3 months, Project support: 1 man/ 3 months.

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Max Pipe Flow

Max pipe flow is a simple, relaxing and addictive puzzle game. You’re a Mad Max God to make water and revive plants when the earth’s temperature rise uncontrollably, the sea and all water sources had disappeared completely. You can revive plant…

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Whitebeard Adventures

Embark on your viking adventure sailing dangerous on seas, woods, frost. Bring glory to the Viking people once again! Build up your special heroes and powerful weapons to face the onslaught of attacks and mythical creatures. FEATURES: Simple, addictive…

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Let’s Get 45

Let’s Get 45 or number crush is a number puzzle game, the goal is to push the number on edge to column or row to the grid. Number will merge if their sum is less or equal 9, challenge you to place five 9 near each other horizontally or vertically …

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King of Pyramid Thieves

It’s an addictive game. it’ll make you want to break your phone: 90% of players were UNABLE to pass Level 5, 95% of player were GIVEN UP at Level 17.The goal is to steal gold from the Egyptian Pharaoh to become a king of thief. Play through over 90 levels…

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Jumping Sky

Jumping Sky: A new, simple but addictive jumping game. You can jump up the sky by tapping on the left or the right of the beanstalk; You climb up the beanstalk to escape the fire. Game Features: Get more diamonds to unlock a little fox, a cute rabbit…

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Note Record iphone application

A small place for great ideas! Featured in Appadvice! “Insanely intuitive”. Finally, a notes app that let’s you combine text, pictures, video and voice. And does it super easy. The way it is supposed to! Have you ever been in a meeting and needed …

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Nomad GPS tours app

Nomad GPS Tours is the easiest way to take a tour of your favorite cities. Never waste money on boring tour guides and useless maps again. Stop the hassle of finding where you are on a map or struggling to hear a tour guide leading a group of…

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Soletron iphone application

Key Features: Using mobile suite service to access to Soletron’s community forum & ability to create user accounts and post threads. Access to 3,500 sneaker shops in the U.S via google map. Type your zip code in or use our GPS finder to see the hottest…

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Foster’s Fitness iphone application

The application offers over 80 instructional videos, in which Foster demonstrates exercises to do both on the football field and in the gym. Users can watch the instructional videos, compile workout routines of the listed exercises, add new exercises,…

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