Biciclop Magento store

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Project Overview

Biciclop began as a bicycle repair shop for sale. Then it became an online and offline in Romania town bike new and SH, are now the sole importer and supplier for their brands in many stores across the country.

From September 2012 the brand became the official importer Razor American producer of scooters, sole-skates, ripstiks and other "tools" innovative eco-transport.

Main Features

  • Custom layout design from Arrowhitech.
  • Wordpress blog integrated to feed blog info to Magento homepage and manage all Wordpress aspects from Magento back-end.
  • Synchronize product data between Woocommerce with Magento configurable products.
  • Featured product slider with custom order stick.
  • Live chat integrated.
  • Login and checkout with social account: facebook, twitter, google.
  • Custom testimonial module.

38 working days

2 developers

1 tester

From the client

Very talented team. Created professional looking website we all our requests. Thanks again for everything.