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General Requirement

This project has the goal to improve the current magento webshop of myfirstbuddha.com. Main tasks are adding a new structure for a multi language/region and improvements on the current website for conversion and resolving issues. We divide this project over multiple fases. Fase 1 is getting the American webshop ready and improve the dutch version.

Main Features

  • Multi language / region setup: Currently there are 6 languages installed, but not configured correctly. The setup should be: Dutch, French, German, English, English USA, Spanish,.. IP is used to determine region of the user
  • URL structure: Please change the url structure according to language and region and the top navigation level including 301 redirects for old structure.
  • Implement graphic design for magento template
  • OneStep Checkout extension:For Netherlands ideal should be visible when entering the checkout, but after typing the address details, make function like rbepxert.nl where you can click a text link “heeft u een kortingscode?” and display field including button to apply code
  • Dealer page: Auto fill country with country based on ip selection or choic of user, Investigate possibility to focus on are that is search for, in example when searching on postal area “1411EX” it should show results of Netherlands
  • Tax class settings: It is only required to use a 21% tax on the prices for the Netherlands, all other countries will have no tax percentage. All prices are shown on the website including taxes. This is necessary for administration purposes and not so much for the customer
  • Delivery costs & extension: For dealers there is no charge for delivery, consumers are charged. Therefore free shipping should only be available for dealers and not for customers in the checkout
  • SSL certicate: An ssl certificate needs to be installed by the current hoster, this wil mean some down time and therefore planned carefully.
  • Speed optimizations: Webpagetest.org scores are low on first byte time, progressive jpegs, and caching static content. Maximize magento settings and improve template as far as possible. Include advice for server settings optimizations for the hoster.
  • Delivery times extension / custom conversion booster: The same functionality as from the other three websites are used for delivery times, only the content changes.
  • Shipwork extension: Currently dropshipments is used for shipment within Europe, for USA and Canada shipwork will be used.

45 working days

3 developers

1 tester

From the client

The guys of AHT solutions did a perfect job and are real profesionals. Definitely recommend them and will use them again! - Paul Smit | twelve.monkeys -

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