Foster’s Fitness iphone application

Let us help you grow your business through the iOS/Android application



The application offers over 80 instructional videos, in which Foster demonstrates exercises to do both on the football field and in the gym. Users can watch the instructional videos, compile workout routines of the listed exercises, add new exercises, and create personal workout logs to track their progress.


Furthermore, users receive an additional feature—a meal-plan generator. The meal-plan generator suggests healthy menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Six meals are sent out in three-hour intervals, starting 30 minutes after the user sets his wakeup time. By simply turning on the feature, users receive notifications at specified times that offer nutritious food suggestions.


Race Arian” another feature of the app, allows users to compare their 40 and 100 yard dash times with the Houston running back by pressing the start button when they take off. The application will track the runner’s speed and then provide a comparative result with that of Foster’s time. Users also have the ability to directly connect with Foster through his Twitter and get live sports updates, along with other features.

45 working days

3 developers

1 Tester

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