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About Cashmere
We are based in Christchurch in New Zealand, so I really know how super warm and cosy a 100% cashmere garmet can be. I wear a cashmere sweater, paired with jeans and boots most winter days!
I am starting with cashmere sweaters & cardigans because they are my all time favourites, in fabulous colours. I love the softness, the cosy warmth without the weight, and the simple beauty. I have designed the styles to be feminine and have a flattering fit. We also have some gorgeous jewellery to complement the cashmere, and soft, fine modal & cotton tee's to wear underneath. Cashmere scarves top off the initial collection. - From our client -

General Requirements

  • Implement new design to magento framework
  • Build OneStep Checkout and add payment, shipping methods
  • Implement multi stores: and
  • Implement a lot of new functions such as: Tell a friend, Drop A Hint, Track my order, size chart, shipping, SCHOOL FUNDRAISING,...
  • QA, Testing, installation and maintenance

Some main features


  • This form can be reached either from the top link ‘TELL A FRIEND’ or by selecting ‘Tell a Friend’ on the MY ACCOUNT page. The user must be registered and logged in to send a ‘Tell a Friend’ email.
  • Once the friend registers using their email address the site needs to send an email to the recommender thanking them for the recommendation. Once a purchase is completed and the warranty period expired, the site will send the recommender an email with a $25 Gift Card. The recommender will need to log on and use the Gift card purchase something from the site.
  • Create a list of friends including first name, last name and email address, date emailed, date friend responded, and Not Interested. If the friend does not respond within XX days (parameter) create an email to the person to asking them if they want to send another email to the person. If they respond No then set Not Interested to ‘True’. If they respond yes then send a follow up invitation email.


  • Drop a hint is allows a registered user to send an email to a friend telling them what they would like for their birthday or other special occasion. Save the friends First Name, Last Name and emails. First page above has a list of current hints, reported based on the person’s first and last names. Click on ADD HINT or Edit/Remove to go to the Drop hint detail page. The user can select any number of check boxes, if they select My Birthday, our anniversary or Another Special day then the date field must be completed. The date format should be dd-mmm and not include yy. First Name, Friends Email Address and at least on date must be checked.
  • The user clicks on ‘Submit’ to save the hint and it is then displayed on the My Hints Page. When the friend links back to the website through the email they will need to register or buy without registering, they need to see the same wish list as the person who dropped the hint. In the right hand column display the Items on the user’s wish list. If there are no items the recommend the user adds some items to their wish list. The user will have to specify the size and colour when the product is added to their wish list. Add a ranking function with a drop down list displaying ‘Most Favourite’, ‘Favourite’, ‘Also Great’, ’ Nice Extra’ as options against item. The option text should be editable by the Administrator. The user should select the ranking here.
  • When the friend receives their email it will include each of the heavenly choices, the used will click on these to come to the individual product. The friend will register and login in the normal way. They will then complete the purchase including setting up the address details etc. As a promotion the administrator should have the option to include a gift card with the drop a hint email.


  • The Size Chart page is the first part of a continuous page containing all the customer service information. Clicking on each menu item scrolls the page to the correct point. The ‘Track My Order’ is moved from here to the Account Area. (S9 above).
  • All customer service pages will be three column with the menu in the left column. The right hand column will be blank initially, but may later include special offers and recommendations…


  • This page contains text and a list of Schools we are sponsoring. The user will be invited to send us an email by clicking on one of the school they wish to sponsor and we will send them the promotion code. When the user returns to buy something on the website they will be prompted to enter the School Promotion Code during the check out process. Only one school promotion code can be used for an order.
  • We will provide html format emails to the schools to send out to the people in their database advising them of the Promotion code and how long it runs for.

50 working days

3 developers

1 tester

From the client

“ Very talented team. Created professional looking website we all our requests. Thanks again for everything. ”

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