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Nomad GPS Tours is the easiest way to take a tour of your favorite cities. Never waste money on boring tour guides and useless maps again. Stop the hassle of finding where you are on a map or struggling to hear a tour guide leading a group of dozens of people around congested city streets. Choose how long you want your tour to be and you are off! Experience all of the local flavor, arts and entertainment and historic landmarks that each city has to offer. For less than the price of one flimsy city map you can have billions of custom guided tours of all of your favorite cities and more!

Key Features

•Instant tours based on your GPS location no matter where you are.

•A bank of 30 cities to choose from so you can plan your trip ahead of time.

•Your choice of 1 mile, 2 mile or 5 mile tours so you can see as much as you want.

•A complex algorithm generates a loop that takes you on a tour and drops you off back where you started.

•Turn by turn directions guide you from site to site.

•An alert lets you know when you have reached each destination so you are sure to never miss out on anything.

30 working days

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Robert Douglas

“Outstanding workers, I am using them for a bunch of other projects. They are quick, responsive, learn as they go, and they are very skilled. I highly recommend them for iPhone Dev”

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