North Rope VoIP

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About US

We are a VoIP seller. We target businesses that our mainly based within the EU (Not UK thou) - that are looking for a virtual presence within the UK.

We do this by offering new businesses two UK geo-graphic telephone which can directed towards their main sales line.

Having a UK Geo-graphic telephone number allows businesses to have a virtual presence within the UK without the cost’s of having a physical presence there.

We offer customers a free 24 trial, so we give them a geo-number and an account to use we are that convinced they will love our service and wish to fund there account to continue to use the service

You will need to search out VOIP sites copy there design and change the content to match our own service. 99% of the content on voip sites is very generic so it will take very little editing (I of course will help with this once we have words on the page so to speak)


Project Overview

We are looking for an experienced website designer / developer to design and build a proof of concept website.

Existing websites focusing upon similar subjects can be used for both design and content. The successful winner will be given a basic design brief they will then design and build the site also providing content for the site. The content does not need to be original existing sites can be used and the subject that the site deals with is very well documented so lots and lots of sites to choose from. The site will be around 8 pages in size but will need to be able to be viewed in other languages. The translation thou does not need to be exact and Google translate can be used (copy and paste style )

Shouldn't take a pro too long to make a site like this - but the site needs to be very professional very modern and bright !

Key Assumptions

  • The website will be developed using Content Management System and Service Provider will install on hosting environment
    provided by Buyer
  •  The site will be designed to be used across a wide range of browser including IE7-11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Main Requirements

  • Wordpress latest version
  • Responsive
  • Unique layout - Modern, attrative, creative
  • Graphic Design and Web Design
  • Create and layout content for 8 pages.
  • Slideshow plugin for hompage.

45working days

5 developers

1 designer

1 tester